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SSC CGL JobAssure Tier 1 : 90 Days I Best online course for ssc cgl

SSC CGL JobAssure Tier 1 : 90 Days I Best online course for SSC CGL

What is JobAssure Tier 1 ?

Best utilization of 90 days means 90*10 hours = 900 Hours. It is a day wise schedule having relevant contents based on TCS pattern. It will cover entire syllabus of all the subjects topic wise and subject wise. In one day exams practice is the key and plays the most important role in success. So 100 Live TCS tests will be a part of this course. Infact 60% time will be allotted to  practice only.


Why should a student join this course?

Now a days students face a problem of excessive contents , misguidance, irrelevant contents , distraction from so many sources or marketing , a lot of time wastage on youtube and other platforms, so many teachers are mostly not completing the course, not at all practice. So a student needs peace , focused and relevant contents , practice platform, guidance, proper planning and scheduling. Pinnacle JobAssure Tier 1 fulfills those requirements.

SSC CGL JobAssure Tier 1

How will the course be completed and who will be the mentors /teachers?

This course is designed by Baljit Dhaka sir and Neeru Madam having lot of experience and supported by  and backed by a team of 40 comprising research analysts, contents developers, tests creators , backend support team. The course will be taught / presented by Baljit Dhaka (Maths) , English ( Neeru Madam) , Reasoning ( Mamta Madam) and GK by Shruti Madam, Annu Madam, Neeru Madam, Baljit Dhaka sir. 99% course is already ready to use.

How is this course different from other courses in the market?

No other course in the market covers all TCS questions of SSC recent exams while Pinnacle Maths 3200 MCQ chapter wise and varieties wise , Reasoning 2800 MCQ Chapter wise , GK All MCQ around 2800 MCQ are TCS only. Along with all TCS questions chapter wise 100 Live TCS tests along with proper schedule and these 100 live Tests will have all new questions  on TCS pattern. Not a single question of these 100 live tests will be repeated from previous years / current year. So will be extremely important for practice.

Who should join this course?

Anybody whether full time or working professional who will appear in SSC exams should join this course.

How will student access this course?

Student will get an email in which he will be provided a link of the dashboard through email. Dashboard will have master card of the course, schedule, PDF links, Videos link.  The contents are integrated with Gsuite -so all google tools are used. Students can run this course on Laptop, Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, TV etc. For any difficulty they may call / write to support team 9am-5pm on working days. Since videos and PDFs are hosted on google drive , so all are downloadable and google drive and google tools all students are familiar with them.

SSC CGL JobAssure Tier 1

How many times videos can be played?

There is no limit. From Pinnacle side there is no restriction. Students from their official G-mail ID will be able to access the contents. No other email ID will work accept the one which the student used to purchase the course.

Is there any Sample or Demo? 

For demo /sample students may visit Pinnacle Youtube Channel , videos are recorded on PPT with digital pen. It will consume less data and no issue in playing as size of a video is around 50 MB to 100 MB unlike whiteboard video in which a single video consumes 2-3 GB and creates a problem in playing.

How to access Live TCS mock tests?

100 full length mock tests based on TCS pattern will be provided. Students will be given user ID and password for Pinnacle online test portal through email. Students can take tests through mobile app or webapp.

 What is the language of the contents?

Mostly contents is bilingual i.e. English and Hindi. However students are expected to know elementary English to understand various terminology of science, Math , English and Reasoning. 

SSC CGL JobAssure Tier 1

What is the price of the course and its validity?

Students are highly recommended to join our umbrella course(s) which cover all tiers and 2 years/sessions validity. 

1. SSC CGL Online Coaching course Tier1 + Tier 2+ Tier 3+ Tier 4 2019 & 2020. RS 7000/-  RS 1000/     Link to join 

2 SSC CGL Hard Drive Course Tier 1 + Tier 2+ Tier 3+ Tier 4 2019 & 2020.

Rs 8400/-  RS 14000/-  Link to join 

3. SSC CGL JobAssure Tier 1 : 90 DAYS  validity till  6 Months

Rs 4999/-        Rs 7000/-    Link to join 

How to Purchase the course ?

Click here. Pay the fees. You will get receipt immediately.  However you will receive dashboard link in your email manually by our support staff during working hours 9 am-5 pm on working days. 

What is the support ID and numbers?

You may call 9817390373 or whatsapp 8295688244 or write at [email protected] for any sales or service related issues.





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