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SSC CGL Idioms And Phrases For Tier 1 Examination

SSC CGL Idioms And Phrases For Tier 1 Examination


  1. A bundle of energy A person who is packed-full of power and energy.
  2. A bundle of nerves A person who is very stressed.

  3. Above board Honest and straightforward.

  4. A cipher An insignificant person.

  5. A clean break A clear and final breaking-off of relations; finally finishing and leaving for good.

  6. A clean slate Starting off with a clean record.

  7. A close call A narrow escape.

  8. A close shave A close call; brush with danger.

  9. Achilles Heel Weakness that proves to be fatal.

  10. A crushing blow A hurtful action.

  11. A crying-shame A disgrace; something unfair that makes us feel sorry for the victimized.

  12. A cushy job An easy job that is not demanding or difficult.

  13. A cut above the average Higher than normal ;Better than normal standards.

  14. Add fuel to fire To make matters worse.

  15. Adam’s sale Pure water.

  16. Add a feather in one’s cap To acquire a new honor or distinction.

  17. A drop in the bucket Very little compared to the total amount.

  18. A drop in the ocean Just a small amount compared to the size of the whole.

  19. A free bit of advice A suggestion given that isn’t requested.

  20. A frog in your throat A physical condition that makes your voice sound deeper.


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