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SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with Y

SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with Y


  1. Yackety-yak -Talks a lot
  2. Yearning desire -A persistant desire
  3. Yellow press -It is a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers
  4. Yellow-bellied -Cowardly
  5. Yeomen service -Excellent work
  6. You deal with it -It’s your problem.
  7. You hit the bull’s eye -You hit the answer right on target
  8. You light up my day -Seeing you makes me feel cheery and bright.
  9. You lily-livered coward -A faint-hearted, spineless, timid coward.
  10. You look like a million bucks -You look just great
  11. You make me sick -Your behaviour is so disgusting.
  12. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch your back- You do something for me and I do something for you.
  13. You took the words right out of my mouth -Those are the exact words I was going to say myself.
  14. You wiped-out.-You failed completely in front of everybody;
  15. You worm -You are the lowest of the low because of your behaviour
  16. You’d better be on time.- Don’t be late or else
  17. You’ll get yours. -You will get what’s coming to you; you’ll pay for the harm you have done
  18. You’re a godsend -You come at a time as though God himself had sent you to help
  19. You’re a lifesaver -A person who proves to be healthful in times of need
  20. You’re an angel -You are a very nice person who came to me in my troubled times.
  21. You’re chicken -You are afraid; a coward.
  22. You’re cracked -Crazy
  23. You’re nuts!- You are crazy; mad
  24. You’re on your own -Now, there is no one to aid and assist you; you are all alone on your own.
  25. You’re pulling my leg -You are joking; you are kidding me.
  26. You’re putting me on -Fooling; joking; lying; pretending;
  27. You’re welcome -Never mind; think nothing of it
  28. You’re yellow -You are a coward
  29. You’re-up-next.-Get ready.
  30. You’ve got a lot of nerve.-Bold
  31. Your best bet The best option you can choose for your own benefit.
  32. Your fate is sealed. -Your fate has been decided and cannot be changed.

SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases

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