SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with W

SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with W

SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with W

  1. Wad of money A bankroll of paper-money carried loosely in the pocket.
  2. Wait in vain To wait uselessly
  3. Wait until hell freezes over Things will not happens in the way that you wish no matter how much one waits.
  4. Wait until I get my hands on you When I catch hold of you I will punish you so you will be sorry for what you did.
  5. Wait until the heat is off  To become inactive until the matter cools down.
  6. Waiting game A situation in which action is delayed, so that we can watch how a situation develops and see what it is best for you to do.
  7. Walk all over someone To treat someone very badly.
  8. Walk away from Turn your back and “walk away” from trouble or opportunity.
  9. Walk away Scott free Get off the hook without any punishment
  10. Walk of life Profession; career path
  11. Walk tall Hold yourself tall and look proud.
  12. Walk the floor all night Remain awake; restless with worry.
  13. Walking disaster A disaster that can happen any moment.
  14. Walking on air extremely happy.
  15. Walking papers Notice of dismissal; written notice of termination of employment.
  16. Wallop someone Hit someone with a very hard blow .
  17. Wallowing in self-pity Enjoying feeling sorry for your self.
  18. Wandering aimlessly Walking about with no goal or purpose in mind.
  19. Wanton ways Immoral, unjustifiable, wasteful habits of behavior.
  20. Wash and wear Not necessary to iron after washing.
  21. Wash one’s dirty linen in public Tell your dirty secrets in front of others
  22. Wash your hands of Disclaim responsibility
  23. Washed-up Ruined, finished
  24. Waste away Slowly lose strength and energy to the point of dying.
  25. Waste of breath No use in talking to
  26. Waste of energy No point in making the effort to
  27. Watch like a hawk observe sharply and closely.
  28. Watch out Danger
  29. Watch your mouth. Be careful of what you say.
  30. Watch your step Be careful what you do.
  31. Watch your tongue Watch what you say.
  32. Watch yourself Observe you motives and actions and be careful of what you do.
  33. Water under the bridge Something that happened that cannot be be changed in the present.
  34. Water-tight argument An argument that cannot be proven wrong.
  35. Waver between Be undecided between two choices
  36. Way the wind is blowing The popular trend of opinion.
  37. We go back a long way We have known one another for a long time.
  38. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it We’ll have to wait and see what happened and make decision depending on the circumstances.
  39. Weak point Vulnerable point.
  40. Weak-kneed Lacking resolution and conviction.
  41. Wear and tear Damage or deterioration resulting from ordinary use
  42. Wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve To display one’s feelings openly and habitually, rather than keep them private.
  43. Wear out your welcome A visitor staying for long is not welcome.
  44. Wear the trousers in the family controlling authority at home.
  45. Wear your heart on your sleeve to make your feelings and emotions obvious rather than hiding them
  46. Weasel out of a situation Back out of a situation or commitment, especially in a sneaky way
  47. Weather the storm Survive by coming out of difficulties.
  48. Weaving in-and-out To move in and out of something
  49. Web of deceit Too many lies and treachery
  50. Wee hours the early hours after midnight
  51. Weed-out the weakest Sort-out and discard
  52. Weep your heart out To say and cry out everthing.
  53. Weigh one’s words Think carefully about what one says before speaking
  54. Weighty argument a valid point that has substance
  55. Welcome with open arms openly welcome someone
  56. Well-rounded Developed and well balanced in a numerous aspects.
  57. Well-to-do Affluent.
  58. Wet blanket One who spoils the enthusiasm or enjoyment
  59. Well-versed Well-read Very well-informed in many areas of knowledge.
  60. Went Scott-free Was released an let off the hook without being charged or punished.
  61. Wet blanket A person who discourages others from having fun.
  62. Wheels within wheels A series of intricately connected events.
  63. What can I say There is nothing more to say.
  64. While the going is good Now, during the time when things are going well.
  65. Whisper sweet nothings in my ear Affectionate but unimportant or meaningless words spoken to a loved one
  66. Whistle-blower One who reveals the wrong doings in an organization etc.
  67. White elephant Something of high value that is hard to maintain
  68. White lie A lie which is clearly seen
  69. With a grain of salt To accept with misgiving.
  70. With one accord/in one voice Unanimously.
  71. White trash Low class, unworthy people.
  72. Whitewash something Cover up
  73. Whiz kid A brilliant and accomplished person
  74. Wild goose chase Waste of time trying to
  75. Will to win Desire to win
  76. Willing and able Not reluctant
  77. Willing-victim A supposed victim of a bad action or crime, in which one is in fact a willing-participant.
  78. Will-o’-the-wisp Unobtainable.
  79. Win hands down To win something very easily
  80. Window of opportunity A short time period during which an otherwise unattainable opportunity exists.
  81. Wink of the eye The time it takes to blink your eye.
  82. Wipe off the map Attack and totally destroy and wipe-out an enemy strong hold so it no longer exists any more.
  83. Wipe your slate clean Clear off your past record and start anew.
  84. Wise advice Sensible advice
  85. Wise up Be clever
  86. Wise-up Smarten up and don’t be so stupid.
  87. Wishful thinking Formation of beliefs and making decisions according to what might be pleasing to imagine instead of by appealing to evidence, rationality, or reality.
  88. Wishy-washy Indecisive.
  89. Wistful sigh A sigh accompanying a wishful but melancholy moment of memory.
  90. Wit’s end Not knowing what to do or how to proceed.
  91. With all your might With all the power and strength that one has
  92. With flying colors Great success
  93. With no frills Very basic; with no extras or benefits.
  94. With no respite Without let-up.
  95. With no trace … disappeared without a trace
  96. With one hand tied behind my back Very easily because you know it so well.
  97. With reservations With some doubt in the mind.
  98. Wolf in sheep’s clothing A malicious person in harmless or benevolent disguise.
  99. Word for word In exactly the same word.
  100. Word of mouth In an informal way
  101. Without a care in the world Totally free of any worry.
  102. Without a leg to stand on With no basis or justification for an action
  103. Without a second thought Before taking even a moment to think.
  104. Without blemish Absolutely pure and perfect.
  105. Without flinching Without moving a muscle to show fear or pain.
  106. Without letup Continuously without pause.
  107. Woman’s prerogative A woman’s right or privilege.
  108. Won’t budge an inch Is inflexible and stubborn.
  109. Wonders never cease Unusual occurrences often happen
  110. Word gets around News travels fast; rumors spread rapidly.
  111. Word of mouth Told or passed on orally through speech.
  112. Work over Give a beating and questioning.
  113. Word to the wise Word of advice; a word of warning; a bit of wisdom for those ready to listen.
  114. Work ‘til you drop To work non stop for a very long time.
  115. Work for peanuts To work for a very low pay.
  116. Work for pittance Work for almost no pay; for peanuts.
  117. Work in Fit into a schedule or timetable.
  118. Work like a charm Work as if by some supernatural spell
  119. Work out Solve in the sense of to work out a solution.
  120. Work things out Come to an agreement and settlement.
  121. Work things through Settle a disagreement by going through point-by-point and working things out.
  122. Work wonders something that works very effectively
  123. Work your way through Start at the beginning and work your way forward
  124. Worked-up Excited; agitated; angry; upset. “ into a frenzy…”
  125. Working against the clock Trying to meet the deadline, as time is running out
  126. Wrap someone around your little finger. Have influence over someone who will do anything you say because he is so fond and devoted to you.
  127. Wreak havoc prove to be ruinous
  128. Writing-on-the-wall Something you can see coming.
  1. Written-in-the-wind Something predetermined by fate; decided beforehand
  2. Wrong side of the bed A figure of speech meaning someone woke up in a bad mood this morning.
  3. Wrong side of the tracks Poor section of town
  4. Wrong-headed Stubborn
  5. Wrong-minded Someone who enjoys holding the wrong attitude and won’t compromise his view.

SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases
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  2. […] SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with W […]

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