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SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with V

SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with V


  1. Vagabond life -A wandering life moving from place to place
  2. Vain attempt- Useless effort
  3. Vandalistic Action -Action due to anger or envy, or to spontaneous, opportunistic behavior.
  4. Vanishing act -To disappear; vanish into thin air.
  5. Variant behavior -Behaviour that deviates from the norm.
  6. Variety is the spice of life -Trying something different for a change is what makes life interesting.
  7. Vehement argument -Passionate, heated, violent argument.
  8. Velvet gloves- Suggestive of handling with care.
  9. Vengeance is mine -I will seek revenge and punish you for your wrongdoings.
  10. Vengeful attitude -An attitude to seek revenge
  11. Vent your frustrations- To show one’s  emotions
  12. Verbal abuse -Use of abusive and demeaning language.
  13. Verging on madness -Almost at-the-point of becoming crazy; or an idea that comes close to being insane.
  14. Very slow-going -Proceeding with difficulty at a very slow rate
  15. Vested-interest- personal interest
  16. Vexing behavior -Annoying, troublesome worrying behavior.
  17. Viscous circle -Unbroken sequence of cause and effect that keeps coming back to the same place, leading nowhere.
  18. Vivid memories -Not very clear memories
  19. Voice an opinion -Give vent to one’s emotions and feelings
  20. Voracious appetite -Consuming large quantities of food
  21. Vouch for somebody -Give assurance; guarantee; speak for someone’s integrity.
  22. Vow of allegiance -Swear, promise or give your word to be loyal and faithful.
  23. Vulnerable point -Weak point
  24. Vow of vengeance – Swear to punish and take revenge

SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with V
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