SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with T

SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with T

SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with T

SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with T
SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with T


  1. Tacky-looking – Something cheap and in poor taste
  2. Tail between your legs – Running away in fear someone superior to escape
  3. Take a beating – Just as one may take a physical beating, so one can take a beating financially, when business does not go your way.
  4. Take a breather- Take a moment to catch your breath; take a break, pause, rest.
  5. Take a cat nap- a short light sleep
  6. Take a chance -Take a risk
  7. Take a crack at it -To try to see if you can do something.
  8. Take a dim view -Disapprove.
  9. Take a drubbing -Be defeated
  10. Take a hammering -Subject to criticism
  11. Take a hint -Understand the clue and act accordingly
  12. Take a licking by some– To be given a thrashing
  13. Take a liking to someone -After meet someone, begin to like the person immediately.
  14. Take a load off your mind -Be relieved of a psychological burden.
  15. Take a long hard look at -yourself.
  16. Observe and analyze -yourself and act in accordance with what you see.
  17. Take a shine to someone -Develop a liking for; become fond of; become partial to;
  18. Take a shot in the dark -To take an uncalculated risk
  19. Take a stab at -Give it a try; make an attempt
  20. Take a stand -Take a position on something
  21. Take a telling-off Be scolded
  22. Take a tip from me -Let me give you a hint and a bit of advice.
  23. Take after someone -Resemble in appearance or behavior.
  24. Take by storm -Make a vivid impression on, quickly win popular acclaim
  25. Take center stage -Make yourself the center of attention.
  26. Take comfort in -To find satisfaction in something
  27. Take credit for -To falsely claim that you performed work that was actually done by another.
  28. Take exception to -Be offended; take offence or umbrage.
  29. Take for granted -Fail to appreciate properly
  30. Take great pains to -Make a big effort
  31. Take it back -Apologize for what you said.
  32. Take it from me -Listen to my advice; let me tell you what I know from experience.
  33. Take it in stride -Accept the setback as if you expected it and move on.
  34. Take my word for it -Trust me in this
  35. Take no account -Don’t believe it; pay no attention.
  36. Take offence -Feel offended, feel insulted by something.
  37. Take over -Seize control.
  38. Take pride in -Feel nice about something
  39. Take sides -Support one person or cause against another or others in a dispute or contest.
  40. Take someone for a ride- To cheat someone of money by leading him along a path of false hopes.
  41. Take someone to task -Reprimand or criticize someone severely for a fault or mistake.
  42. Take something in the wrong way -To misunderstand
  43. Take the bait -Fall in the trap
  44. Take the bull by the horns -To handle a problem directly
  45. Take the easy way out- Choose the path that requires the least effort.
  46. Take the heat -Bear the criticism
  47. Take the plunge- Commit oneself to a course of action about which one is nervous.
  48. Take the rap for someone -Take the blame for someone else.
  49. Take the weight off your feet -To sit down and rest when one is tired
  50. Take things as they are –To accept things as they are and take things as they come.
  51. Take time out -Take a short pause or break from sport or work for rest and recreation.
  52. Take to something like a duck to water -To be very comfortable doing something.
  53. Take to task- Blame someone for something he has done wrong.
  54. Take turns -First one and then the other, one-by-one.
  55. Take umbrage -Take offence.
  56. Take your breath away -breathtaking.
  57. Taken at face value -Believe that what the person is saying is truth and not looking for the hidden meaning
  58. Taken by surprise -To cause to feel wonder at something that was not anticipated
  59. Taken for a ride -Taken for granted
  60. Taken in by someone- Fooled and deceived
  61. Taken in small doses- Bearable in short periods of exposure.
  62. Taken seriously – to think seriously about something
  63. Taken to task -Criticized for one’s action.
  64. Takes two to tango -It takes two to fight.
  65. Talk of the town -Something which everyone is talking about
  66. Talk gibberish -Unintelligible talking
  67. Talk out of -Convince someone to change his mind and not do something he intends to do.
  68. Talk rot -Speak nonsense
  69. Talk sense – Sensible talking
  70. Talk shop – Discuss matters concerning one’s work, especially at a social occasion when this is inappropriate.
  71. Talk through your hat – Talk foolishly wildly ignorantly.
  72. Talk turkey – Talk straight and bluntly about the problem.
  73. Tall order – An order that is hard to fulfill.
  74. Tall story/tall tale – A tall tale is a story with unbelievable elements, related as if it were true and factual.
  75. Tangible evidence – Concrete, physical, solid facts and details to prove a point.
  76. Tangle with someone – To talk of matters which confuse.
  77. Tangled-web-  A very complicated situation
  78. Tart-up – Try to make something ordinary look beautiful
  79. Tasty morsel – Tasty tidbit
  80. Teacher’s pet – The teacher’s favorite pupil.
  81. Tear down – Just as one may knock or tear down a building, so one may tear down another’s argument.
  82. Tear holes in – To find fault with something by pointing out its defects.
  83. Tear into somebody-  To scold someone severely.
  84. Tear to pieces – severe criticism
  85. Tear up – Just as one may literally tear up a piece of paper, so one may be said to tear up a contract when the parties are in an irresolvable dispute.
  86. Tearing my hair out – To worry a lot about a problem.
  87. Tearing my heart out- something that makes one very sad.
  88. Tear-jerker -Sob story; sad story that is sure to make you cry, usually a lie.
  89. Teed-off -Upset
  90. Teeming with activity -Full of activity
  91. Tell someone off -Give them a verbal reprimand; a tongue lashing
  92. Tell someone what’s what -Explain the way things are; how the situation is; the way it is.
  93. Tempest in a teapot -To make a big issue out of something very small
  94. Test balloon -A business venture may be said to send up a test balloon when it does preliminary market research.
  95. Test the waters -Try something first before deciding whether to get involved in it.
  96. Testing times -Difficult times.
  97. Testy situation -Highly-charged emotional situation.
  98. Thank your lucky stars -To be very thankful for something.
  99. That cuts no ice with me -I am not impressed with that.
  100. That doesn’t faze me- I am not impressed.
  101. That hits the spot- Exactly how one wants
  102. That rings a bell- That sounds familiar.
  103. That’ll do the trick -That’s just what is needed
  104. That’s a lot of garbage- A lot of lies and nonsense
  105. That’s a novel idea -An original idea
  106. That’s all- All one has to say and there’s nothing more to say.
  107. That’s it -Now I’ve finished talking and that’s what I wanted to say. That’s it.
  108. That’s life -Said after something bad happens, to express your feeling that such events are a part of life.
  109. That’s my boy -Good boy
  110. That’s not what I was -That’s the opposite of what I was hoping for/expecting.
  111. That’s stretching it a bit -Exaggerating somewhat
  112. That’s the size of it -That’s the way that it is.
  113. The apple of my eye -Object of my love and affection.
  114. The ball’s in your court -The decision is upto you.
  115. The best of both worlds- A situation where in one can enjoy two different opportunities
  116. The birds and the bees -Sex and reproduction.
  117. The bubble -Breaking of one’s dreams.
  118. The butt of the joke -The reason or aim of the joke (esp if it’s a person)
  119. The coast is clear -No danger in sight, go ahead; nobody id looking
  120. The crux of the matter -The heart of the matter
  121. The genuine article- The real thing as opposed to being a fake or a copy.
  122. The grim reaper -The figure of the angel of death.
  123. The icing on the cake -An extra-special, unanticipated part.
  124. The more the merrier- The more people who join in the activity the more fun there will be.
  125. The point of no return- The time in the process that there is no possibility of turning back.
  126. The right spot at the right time -at the right place at the correct time.
  127. The shoe is on the other foot -The situation is now the opposite of what it was before.
  128. The time is ripe -Now is the time to act.
  129. The whole nine yards -Everything, right through to the last possibility right through to the end.
  130. The whole she bang -Everything all together
  131. The wrong crowd -A bad group of friends with the wrong sort of people who will be a bad influence and lead one astray.
  132. There’s more than meets the eye -There are hidden inner meanings that cant be seen visibly.
  133. There’s not a lot to be said- nothing more to say
  134. They’ll cut you to pieces -Sharp criticism.
  135. Thick as a brick -Not very smart.
  136. Thick-as-thieves -Display honor among thieves
  137. Thick-skinned -Insensitive; unfeeling; impervious to injury
  138. Thick-skulled -Stupid
  139. Things look grim -Not very hopeful situation
  140. Think again -Think again about something
  141. Think nothing of -Not to consider something worth anything
  142. Think-nothing-of-it- Not at all
  143. Thin-skinned -Oversensitive
  144. Third degree -Intensive questioning.
  145. Thirst for knowledge-Desire to learn more
  146. This is the pits- This is as low as you go.
  147. Thrash-it-out -Settle a disagreement
  148. Thrilled-to-bits -very happy
  149. Throttle someone -Choke by the throat.
  150. Throw a scare into someone- Make someone afraid of the consequences
  151. Throw caution to the winds- No more careful
  152. Throw it back in your face -To say unkind things about one’s behaviour in the past in an argument.
  153. Throw someone off balance- To upset someone for a short time by saying or doing something that they are not expecting.
  154. Throw the book at someone -To charge or convict someone with as many crimes as is possible
  155. Throw up your hands -To show through body language that you have given-up
  156. Throw your weight around-Use your strength and power in an aggressive manner to get what you want
  157. Throw-in-the-towel- Give up the attempt.
  158. Thumbs down -To dislike
  159. Ticked-off -Angry; resentful; annoyed; irritated.
  160. Tickled-pink- Pleased, happy and delighted
  161. Tied-up -busy
  162. Tighten the purse strings-Start saving money, cut costs; economize
  163. Tighten the screws -Increase pressure.
  164. Tighten your belt -A notch Learn to economize; live on less income.
  165. Tight-fisted -Too stingy to part with his money.
  166. Time is of the essence-Act quickly to avoid failure or disaster.
  167. Time is ripe -It’s the right time.
  168. Time is ticking over -The clock is running; we are running against time.
  169. Time lapse -The time that has passed since a certain moment.
  170. Time on my hands- To have plenty of time.
  171. Time to bow out- Often a person in a high rank or position decides or is forced to bow out (Compared to a performer in a show)
  172. Time to turn-in -Time to go to bed and sleep
  173. Time will tell-Wait and watch.
  174. Time-consuming -It involves a lot of time
  175. Tip of the iceberg – a small, noticeable part of a problem, the total size of which is really much greater
  176. Tit for tat -Reciprocity
  177. To a ‘T”- Perfectly, without a fault.
  178. To blame for -To be responsible for the bad effect
  179. To cut a long story short -Say in few words what normally takes many.
  180. To each his own -Everybody is entitled to his own opinion; live and let live.
  181. To err is human –It is only human to make an error or a mistake.
  182. To have good connections -To have right links.
  183. To make a laughing stock of yourself -To do something that invites ridicule and laughter
  184. To put it bluntly- Say clearly even if its rude.
  185. To put it mildly -To understate; without exaggeration
  186. To say the least -To say the bare minimum and to put it mildly
  187. To spice it up- To add excitement or interest in something.
  188. To the best of my knowledge- As far as I know.
  189. To the end of my days till the very end -As long as I am alive
  190. To the ends of the world -Ready to do anything
  191. To the max -To the maximum.
  192. To top it off -As thought that were not enough.
  193. To your heart’s content- As much as one desires
  194. To your last gasp -Up until your dying breath
  195. Tongue tied -Speechless
  196. Tongue-in-cheek- Spoken in jest
  197. Tongue-lashing -A good scolding
  198. Tongue-wagging- Gossiping; talking about people behind their backs.
  199. Too big for your boots- Too much
  200. Too clever for your own good -Overconfident
  201. Too little, too late -Not enough help to save the situation, and arriving too late.
  202. Too many irons in the fire- Involved in too many things at the same time.
  203. Top drawer -Best quality; most valued; most high class.
  204. Top notch -The very best, highest possible level.
  205. Top of the heap- The man who worked his way to the peak of success in his profession.
  206. Top of the pops -Number one in the popular music hit parade
  207. Top-of-the-line -The best and highest quality level or item in the product line.
  208. Topsy-turvy -Upside down
  209. Torn between two evils- Torn between two bad alternatives.
  210. Toss and turn all night -Unable to sleep due to a lot of stress and tension
  211. Toss your hat in the ring -Make a gesture showing that you want to compete or give something a try.
  212. Tossup between -Cant decide between one thing and another.
  213. Totally above-board -Honest and transparent as compared to corrupt and under the table.
  214. Touch-and-go -Uncertain which way the result will.
  215. Touching scene ….move the heart
  216. Touchy situation -Very emotional situation
  217. Tough act to follow -A difficult presentation or performance to follow or improve upon with one’s own
  218. Tough as nails -Very tough
  219. Tough going -Trying very hard to keep ahead of the work or the problem; very difficult to make progress
  220. Tough luck -too bad
  221. Tough-it-out -Keep on struggling even when the going gets tough
  222. Tow the line -To do what you are expected or ordered to do.
  223. Tower of strength -A person who can always be depended on to provide support and encouragement, especially in times of trouble
  224. Track down -To search out where someone or something is
  225. Track record -A record of actual performance or achievements.
  226. Traffic congestion -Traffic deadlock
  227. Trash can -Dustbin; garbage can.
  228. Trashy talk -Low dirty conversation
  229. Tread on someone’s toes -Dirty conversation
  230. Treat someone like dirt -Behave towards someone in a demeaning and cruel fashion
  231. Trend-setters -Someone who sets a trend
  232. Trial and error -Looking for an answer by trying and seeing your mistakes.
  233. Trial balloon -An idea or a plan advanced tentatively to test the reactions of other people.
  234. Trials and tribulations -Testing one’s patience
  235. Trick of the trade -Special skills and knowledge associated with any trade or profession.
  236. Trickle down -To seep or dribble downward to reach someone or something.
  237. Trigger a reaction -Initiate a reaction
  238. Trigger effect -One impact affecting the other
  239. Trivial remarks -Trifling, silly, petty, insignificant, unimportant comments.
  240. Troubled waters -A terrible situation
  241. Troubling thought -Something that disturbs you.
  242. Trudging along -Moving along.
  243. True blue -Loyal and faithful to the end.
  244. True grit -Strength of mind and the courage to see through one’s convictions even in the face of strong adversity.
  245. True to nature -the real appearance of a person or thing
  246. True to one another -Loyal
  247. True-to-life representing things or actions or conditions as they actually are.
  248. Trump card Strongest and best support.
  249. Trumped-up charges Made-up, invented, fabricated, false accusations of wrongdoing,
  250. Truth or consequences Tell the truth or pay the consequences. ..
  251. Try in vain To try uselessly.
  252. Try one’s hand Try one’s luck
  253. Try one’s patience To test one’s calm
  254. Try your utmost To put in maximum effort
  255. Trying situation Testing times
  256. Tune in on the conversation
  257. Turn a blind eye Refuse to see
  258. Turn a deaf ear to Refuse to listen to a request
  259. Turn out for the best To turn out fine towards the end.
  260. Turn over a new leaf Change your behavior
  261. Turn the other cheek Do not react with anger when people hurt or insult you
  262. Turn the tables To change the situation.
  263. Turn up your nose at To dislike something
  264. Turn upon someone Turn around upon an ally of friend and suddenly be against him/her.
  265. Turns my stomach Makes me feel sick.
  266. Twelve sharp Exactly midday
  267. Twist of fate Turn of fate
  268. Two’s company and three’s a crowd Said when two people are relaxed and enjoying each other’s company but another person would make them feel less comfortable.
  269. Two-faced A person saying something in front and something at the back of a person.

SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with T

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  2. […] SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with T […]

  3. […] SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with T […]

  4. […] SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with T […]

  5. […] SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with T […]

  6. […] SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with T […]

  7. […] SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with T […]

  8. […] SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with T […]

  9. […] SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with T […]

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