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 SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with O

SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with O

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  1. Oasis of calm – A place of absolute quiet
  2. Obsequious manner – Submissive
  3. Occasion to celebrate – A happy occasion
  4. Occupational hazard-  A risk due to the occupation
  5. Odd jobs – Random jobs
  6. Oddball character-  Eccentric person or individual
  7. Odds and ends – Bits of this and that
  8. Of no account – Not important
  9. Of sound mind – Mentally normal

    SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with O

    SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with O

  10. Of the old school – Conservative; old-fashioned
  11. Of unsound mind – Not mentally stable; mentally imbalanced.
  12. Off on a tangent – Get off topic and go in another direction
  13. Off the beaten-track -Far away from where others usually go
  14. Of two minds- Cannot decide one way or the other.
  15. Off the cuff -Speak spontaneously.
  16. Off the deep end -Gone crazy.
  17. Off the record -To speak unofficially; coming from informed-sources;not to be quoted
  18. Off the top of my head –Fail to understand
  19. Off-beat -Unconventional
  20. Off-color remark -To say something not in good taste; using bad language
  21. Offer an olive branch – Make an offer of peace.
  22. Offer you cannot refuse –Attractive and tempting
  23. Off-hand remark- Careless comment.
  24. Off-the-wall-Illogical
  25. Off-your-rocker -Crazy
  26. Oil the wheels -Pay bribery money to get thing started.
  27. Oily tongue -Flattering words
  28. Old hand -A man who has been on the job a long time and knows all about it.
  29. Old hat- Old-fashioned; not up-to-date; a thing of the past.
  30. Old maid -Unmarried spinster.
  31. Old money -Money that has been in the family for a long time.
  32. Old-fashioned -Traditional; conventional; behind the times; outmoded;
  33. Old-timer -An old man who has been around for a long time and has a lot of tales to tell
  34. On a collision course- Directed towards a head-on crash.
  35. On a hunch -Resulting from a sudden thought or idea.
  36. On a power trip -Ego
  37. On a shoestring -Starting with nothing
  38. On a whim –In a sudden state of mind
  39. On account of -Due to the reason
  40. On alert -To be careful
  41. On an on-going basis – Continuing
  42. On bad terms with -Not getting along because of bad feelings.
  43. On easy street -Living well
  44. On good terms -with Having good relations with; getting along well with.
  45. On hold -Postponed for a while.
  46. On ice -Suspended; pending
  47. On impulse -Without thinking
  48. On its last legs -About to collapse
  49. On my honor -Honestly
  50. On one’s guard -Vigilant.
  51. On one’s last legs -On the verge of collapsing
  52. On pins and needles- Excited
  53. On purpose -Deliberately; intentionally
  54. On rare occasions -Only rarely.
  55. On second thought -After considering carefully.
  56. On speaking terms -Having a friendly and cordial relationship with.
  57. On the brink of -Coming near to
  58. On the button -Exactly right
  59. On the carpet -In trouble
  60. On the dot- Exactly on time
  61. On the down side -The disadvantages on the one side
  62. On the fence -Cannot yet decide one way or the other.
  63. On the fly -On the run; in a hurry.
  64. On the fringe -On the outer margin.
  65. On the go -Busy; always active
  66. On the grapevine -News gets around according to gossip, or, on the grapevine, as they say.
  67. On the gravy train- In a position in which the money keeps flowing in.
  68. On the hush -Without telling anyone
  69. On the level- Fair, equal and honest.
  70. On the loose –Having escaped from confinement
  71. On the mend -Trying to correct
  72. On the move –In the process of moving from one place to another.
  73. On the nose -Precisely
  74. On the one hand –Used to present factors which are opposed or which support opposing opinions.
  75. On the quiet -Secretly, without telling anybody about it.
  76. On the same wavelength -Similar
  77. On the shelf -Set aside or postponed for the moment.
  78. On the sly -To do something secretly.
  79. On the square -Honest and on the level; fair and honorable.
  80. On the suspicion of -Accused of
  81. On the take- Taking bribes or kickbacks or illegal money
  82. On the threshold of –Place or point of beginning
  83. On the tip of my tongue -Not quite able to remember but just about to say or state
  84. On the trail -Following someone
  85. On the upswing -The curve is improving upwards.
  86. On the verge of -Nearing the point of.
  87. On the wagon -Not drinking any alcohol.
  88. On the wrong side of the law- Acting criminally; against the law.
  89. On thin ice -In a dangerous situation
  90. On top of the world -Happy and so successful that things could not be better.
  91. On track -On the right path according to plan
  92. On your best behavior -Being careful not to do anything wrong.
  93. On your guard- To be alert
  94. On your last legs -Using your last ounce of strength
  95. On your own -All alone; with no one to help you
  96. On your side -In your favour
  97. On your word-Trusting someone
  98. Once bitten twice shy -A person who has suffered once will be alert in the future
  99. Once in a blue moon -Rarely
  100. Once for all- The last time
  101. One foot in the grave-Half-dead
  102. One for the road -One more drink before going home.
  103. One hand washes the other -Can’t do one thing without having the other
  104. One of these days -Someday, sooner or later.
  105. One step at a time -One thing at a time, one after another.
  106. One step forward and two steps back -Move a bit ahead and then fall backwards.
  107. One track mind -Only thinking about one thing
  108. One way or another -Somehow
  109. One-after-another -In sequence…
  110. One-by-one -One after the other.
  111. One-on one -Face to face one person at a time
  112. One-sided -Unfair
  113. One-tracked-mind -Obsession with only one thing
  114. One-upmanship -Trying to show that you are better than others
  115. Only a handful -A few.
  116. Only kidding -Just joking
  117. On-the-quiet -Secretly.
  118. Oodles and oodles of money- Lots of money; loads and loads;
  119. Oozing-with-charm -Very attractive
  120. Open fire- Attack
  121. Open book -Nothing hidden
  122. Open doors -Everyone is welcome
  123. Open house -Everyone is welcome
  124. Open invitation -everyone is welcome
  125. Open question -Something that has more than one answers
  126. Open secret -Something that should be kept hush-hush, but everybody knows.
  127. Open to criticism- Ready for review
  128. Open to the topic- Ready and willing to discuss it.
  129. Open up …- Get frank
  130. Open up and confess -Open up your heart and admit what you did wrong.
  131. Open up and spill the beans -Reveal the secrets
  132. Open-hearted -Willing to spend
  133. Open-minded -Liberal
  134. Opportune moment -The appropriate or right moment
  135. Opportunity knocks -The opportunity of a lifetime suddenly opens up.
  136. Opt for -Choose the option that you prefer
  137. Opt out Choose the option to drop out
  138. Order people around -Be bossy, telling everyone what to do
  139. Orders are orders -Follow as told
  140. Other-worldly -Intellectually or imaginatively in another realm beyond this world.
  141. Oust from office -Kick out of an elected position
  142. Out and about -No longer confined to bed, but able to get out and move about.
  143. Out in the open -Unprotected from all sides
  144. Out like a light-Out cold; knocked out
  145. Out of cash/ money -Broke; penniless with no money.
  146. Out of character -Untypical of one’s behavior
  147. Out of control -Controlled
  148. Out of danger -Safe and sound
  149. Out of harm’s way -In a safe place
  150. Out of line- Inappropriate social behavior
  151. Out of luck -No chance
  152. Out of nowhere- Suddenly and unexpectedly
  153. Out of proportion -To blow up something to be bigger than the surrounding circumstances.
  154. Out of range -Too far away to hit as a target
  155. Out of sight out of mind- If you don’t see a person for some
  156. Out of the blue- All of a sudden
  157. Out of touch -Not up to date with the circumstances.
  158. Out of the way places … -far off the beaten track
  159. Out of this world -Unimaginably wonderful.
  160. Out of whack -Out of order.
  161. Out of your element- In a place or position you are not accustomed to.
  162. Out of your mind- Crazy; mad; out of your senses; insane
  163. Out of your skull -Crazy; mad.
  164. Out stay your welcome -Remain as a guest for longer than you are wanted.
  165. Out to lunch -A bit stupid; with no idea; not all there; not aware of what is happening.
  166. Out-foxed again!- Out-smarted nonce more!
  167. Out-in-the-open-Unprotected; defenseless; helpless; vulnerable;
  168. Out-of-commission -Not operating; broken-down; not working; not functioning;out-of-order.
  169. Out-of-context-Having nothing to do with the matter at hand
  170. Out-of-hand -Out-of-control
  171. Out-of-harm’s-way- Out-of-danger
  172. Out-of-hope -Despairing
  173. Out-of-keeping -Opposite of the usual behavior; not consistent with
  174. Out-of-order -Not functioning; broken; not working right.
  175. Out-of-sorts-In a bad mood; not feeling well
  176. Out-of-step -Not following the accepted norm.
  177. Out-of-sync -Not progressing in a synchronized-order
  178. Out-of-the-ordinary- Extra-special
  179. Out-of-the-picture- Not quite present
  180. Out-of-the-question -Not possible
  181. Out-of-this-world -Unbelievably good
  182. Out-of-time -Running short of time
  183. Out-of-touch -Not in contact.
  184. Out-of-whack -Out-of-order
  185. Out-of-your-element -In unfamiliar surroundings
  186. Out-of-your-hair -Get rid of someone who is an annoyance.
  187. Out-of-your-mind -To have a crazy idea in the head.
  188. Outrageous action -Disgraceful, shocking, shameful deed.
  189. Outward appearance -How one looks from the outside.
  190. Outward-going- Extrovert
  191. Out-witted -Out-smarted
  192. Over a barrel -Helpless; unable to make a move to help yourself.
  193. Over my dead body -Not as long as I live
  194. Over my head Too difficult for me to understand.
  195. Over the hill Very old
  196. Over the hump Over the most difficult part.
  197. Over the moon So elated
  198. Over the top Too exaggerated
  199. Overbearing manner Domineering; arrogant
  200. Overdo it Do more than is needed or appropriate

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