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SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with N

SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with N

  • Name-dropper -Someone who wants to show off by mentioning all the important people he knows.
  • Narrow escape -Near disaster or catastrophe
  • Narrow squeak -A tight and dangerous situation.
  • Narrow-minded -Not open to other’s opinions.
  • Nature’s way -According to the law of nature
  • Near miss- Not quite successful

    Idioms and phrases beginning with N

    Idioms and phrases beginning with N

  • Near to impossible -Almost beyond possibility
  • Nearest and dearest -Those closest to us
  • Necessary evil -Something bad that cannot be avoided
  • Neck and neck -Competing equally
  • Neck-breaking speed -Dangerously fast speed which could be dangerous.
  • Needless to say -It goes without saying
  • Negligible difference- A difference so small that it is hardly noticeable.
  • Neither here nor there Irrelevant
  • Neither-fish-nor-fowl Neither one thing nor the other
  • Nerve racking -Hard on the nerves
  • Nervous wreck- Someone who through stress is almost ready for a nervous breakdown.
  • Never fear -Do not be afraid.
  • Never lift a finger -Make no attempt to assist.
  • Never look back -Never remember the mistakes and the pain of the past.
  • Never misses a trick -Tries every deception and device there is to get what he wants.
  • Never raised a hand against me- Never hit me.
  • Never say die -Never give up
  • Never-ending -A story that goes on and on.
  • New blood -Youth
  • New lease on life –A new energy
  • New-fangled -New; modern
  • Next to nothing -Almost nothing at all.
  • Next-of-kin -Family relatives and relations.
  • Niche market- A small market for only a certain segment of the industry.
  • Nick-of-time -Just at the last moment.
  • Night owl -Someone who likes to go out and prowl around at night.
  • Nine day’s wonder -Something that arouses great interest but for a very short period.
  • Nip in the bud -Cut in the beginning stage so it cannot develop further.
  • Nippy weather -Cool and frosty weather.
  • Nitty-gritty -Down into the smallest details.
  • No big deal -It’s not of any significance.
  • No cause for alarm -No reason to be afraid.
  • No chance -No hope
  • No choice but to- No other option accept taking the one there
  • No comparison -The one is better than the other.
  • No contest- Declare the opponent the winner without waiting for the competition to end
  • No dice- To disagree
  • No great shakes -Not very good
  • No hard feelings -Let’s not hold a grudge against one another
  • No harm in trying -No harm in at least making an attempt
  • No inkling -No hint,idea or clue
  • No laughing matter -Nothing to joke about; not funny but serious
  • No love lost between them -They do not like one another
  • No one in his right mind would… -One would have to be crazy to …
  • No one is indispensable – Everyone can be replaced.
  • No other recourse -No alternative way out
  • No qualms -No regrets
  • No rhyme or reason -Makes no sense
  • No show -Someone who did not appear
  • No spring chicken -No longer so young any more.
  • No two ways about it -That is the one and only right way of viewing things that’s for sure.
  • Nobody’s fool -Someone smart who is not easily tricked
  • Nobody’s perfect -Everybody has faults.
  • Nodding-off Dozing-off; falling-off to sleep
  • Non-applicable -Does not apply.
  • None-of-your-business -Not your affair; nothing to do with you.
  • None-too-soon -About time.
  • Nose in the air -Stuck-up Thinking one is better than everyone else.
  • Nosey- Curious Inquisitive
  • Not a leg to stand – Unacceptable; not good enough; not justified.
  • Not all it’s cracked-up to be -Not as good as everyone says or thinks it is.
  • Not all there -Mentally lacking.
  • Not anywhere near -Not even close.
  • Not for love or money -Not for anything in the world
  • Not getting anywhere -Making no headway.
  • Not in my backyard -Do it somewhere but not in my immediate environment.
  • Not long for this world -With not long to live
  • Not much between the ears- With little brain.
  • Not my bag- It’s not my way of looking at things
  • Not my cup of tea -Not quite what I prefer.
  • Not necessarily so -That is not necessarily true
  • Not on my watch -Not when I am in charge and responsible.
  • Not on your life- No way
  • Not particular- Not Satisfied with whatever one gets.
  • Not privy to the facts -Not in possession of the full information.
  • Not short of a penny -Having lots of money; very rich.
  • Not so hot -Not very good
  • Not the done thing -Not the proper thing that society expects you to do.
  • Not the end of the world -It’s not so bad as you think
  • Not too bad- Fine; acceptable.
  • Not up to par -Not good enough
  • Not up-to-speed- Not good enough
  • Not worth a damn- Useless
  • Nothing doing- No way.
  • Nothing special -There is nothing happening that is unusual or out of the ordinary.
  • Nothing to do with you -Not any of your business.
  • Nothing to fear- Nothing to be afraid of.
  • Nothing to gain -No benefit to received
  • Nothing to hide -No secret or hidden guilt
  • Nothing to it- It’s easy.
  • Nothing to say -No comment
  • Nothing to write home about -Nothing special
  • Nothing wrong- Everything is OK
  • Notified by -Means that notice is given by someone to someone about something.
  • Notify someone of something-To inform someone officially of some action or fact.
  • Now and again -Sometimes, but not too often.
  • Now or never -If you don’t do it now, you’ll never have the chance again.
  • Now, we’re even -I’ve returned what I owe you and settled the score.
  • Null and void -Ineffective
  • Number cruncher -A person who works with numbers like an accountant.
  • Nurse a grudge – Bear resentment for long period.
  • Nutty as a fruitcake – Totally nuts or crazy

SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with N
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