SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with M

SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with M

SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with M
SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with M


    1. Machismo attitude – Very male and masculine
    2. Mad as a wet hen –Very angry.
    3. Mad as a march hare- Crazy and insane.
    4. Made-up Imaginary – not true; fabricated
    5. Magic moment – Special moment.
    6. Maiden voyage – A ship’s first voyage.
    7. Maiden name – A women’s surname before marriage.
    8. Maimed-for-life – Deformed by bodily injury for the rest of one’s life.
    9. Main ambition-  Most important aim or goal in life.
    10. Main drag – The main street in town.
    11. Main man – The most important person.
    12. Maintain balance – Equilibrium

      SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with M
      SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with M
    13. Maintain silence – Do not speak or give information about a subject.
    14. Make a beeline for the door – Head straight towards the door.
    15. Make a big fuss-  Complain a lot
    16. Make a bundle – Make a huge amount of money.
    17. Make a clean break with the past – Cut-off ties immediately and irrevocably.
    18. Make a clean breast of things – Tell everything that you know; open your heart and tell all.
    19. Make a comeback- Return to being successful after a comedown.
    20. Make a dash for the door.- Run for the exit to try to escape.
    21. Make a difference -Do something to try to make the world better.
    22. Make a fortune -To make good money
    23. Make a fool of yourself -Do something that makes you look stupid
    24. Make a fuss -Get upset and make a scene.
    25. Make a hash -To mess up.
    26. Make a hasty retreat -Get out of there quickly to avoid further trouble.
    27. Make a mountain out of a mole hole -To make a big issue out of something small.
    28. Make a mental note -notice and remember for later.
    29. Make a mess of things -Do a poor job of; make a mistake; do everything wrong.
    30. Make a mockery out of something  -Scorn and scoff and make fun of
    31. Make amends –To correct something that had gone wrong.
    32. Make a mountain out of a mole hill -Get upset over a little thing by exaggerating it into a big thing.
    33. Make head or tail of- To understand
    34. Make a night of it -Party and drink all night.
    35. Make a pest of yourself -Make a nuisance of yourself.
    36. Make a pile of money -Ear a lot of money; a load of money.
    37. Make a pun -Make a play–on-words;
    38. Make a scene -Create an uproar.
    39. Make an example of -Choose someone to punish, as a warning of what will happen if the others do not cooperate and follow the rules and regulations.
    40. Make an impression -Positive effect
    41. Make both ends meet -Balance your budget between expenses and income.
    42. Make concessions -Relax the rules
    43. Make do with what you have- Do the best you can with what you have.
    44. Make haste -Speed-up; hurry-up; move quickly.
    45. Make hay while the sun shines- Make the best of an opportunity.
    46. Make head or tail out of it- Understand if it is one thing or the other; makes no sense.
    47. Make one’s mark -To achieve distinction
    48. Make out -To understand.
    49. Make it big -Become a great success
    50. Make it or break it- Either succeed in a big way or break your self trying.
    51. Make it snappy -Hurry-up
    52. Make it up as you go along -improve
    53. Make it worth your while -Give someone an incentive to do something.
    54. Make no big difference -Doesnt matter.
    55. Make no bones about it – Don’t complain; pick a bone.
    56. Make no mention of it -Dont talk about it.
    57. Make or mar -To make or destroy
    58. Make redundant -Be laid-off your job
    59. Make up the leeway -Struggle out of a bad position, especially by recovering lost time,
    60. Make the best of a bad situation –To handle a bad situation in the best possible way and get the best out of it.
    61. Make the best of both the worlds -Getting benefited from both the sides.
    62. Make the best of things -Make the best of what you have…
    63. Make tracks -Get away quickly before you are caught.
    64. Make waves -Cause trouble; complain and complicate the process
    65. Make your hair stand on end -To be scared.
    66. Make your mark in life- Achieve something great.
    67. Make your move -Don’t hesitate; do something
    68. Make your way in life -Get ahead
    69. Make yourself at home -Make yourself comfortable, as though you were in your own home.
    70. Make yourself scarce -Get out of here.
    71. Make-believe-Imaginary; made up in the mind.
    72. Makes me mad -Causes you to become angry.
    73. Makes me nervous -Causes me to feel worried and anxious.
    74. Makes my blood boil -Causes me to become really angry.
    75. Makes my flesh crawl -Makes my skin feel creepy.
    76. Makes my mouth water -Looks appetizing.
    77. Makes no difference to me- Does not matter
    78. Makes no sense at all -Confusing; Hard to understand.
    79. Make-up an excuse -Think-up; fabricate.
    80. Make-up for -Repay; make good for
    81. Make-up your mind- Decide
    82. Making a fool of yourself- Behaving stupidly and making yourself look silly.
    83. Malicious intent -Evil purpose; hateful plan.
    84. Malign someone-Talk badly about a person with harmful intent.
    85. Man in the street -The common, normal, everyday individual.
    86. Man of letters-A very well educated man.
    87. Man of his word -One whose word can be trusted as he fulfills what he says.
    88. Man of Spirit -An enthusiastic person
    89. Man of parts –A talented person
    90. Man of means -A man with a substantial income.
    91. Man of straw -A weak man
    92. Man with a mission –A man with an aim to fulfill
    93. Man’s best friend -Dog
    94. Manipulative person -Someone who coerces other to do what he wants
    95. Man-to-man- Meet and resolve your differences like a man, one on one, and face to face,
    96. March of time -The passing of time;
    97. March to the beat of your own drum -Follow your internal instincts
    98. Marching papers -notice of termination.
    99. Mare’s nest -False invention
    100. Marginal difference -A very small difference
    101. Mark my words -Remember what I have said.
    102. Marked man -Someone who is going to be killed or punished for what he did.
    103. Marked-difference -Noticeable disparity.
    104. Marking time -Just waiting for time to go by until the expected moment or date arises.
    105. Marry into money -Marry someone from a rich family.
    106. Masochistic tendencies -Having the inclination to want to hurt others
    107. Mass hysteria- Everybody going madly into a panic.
    108. Matter of opinion -Something that can be seen differently depending on your point of view.
    109. Matter-of-fact -Realistic; plain and open to see.
    110. Meal ticket- Someone who will pay all your expenses from now on.
    111. Mean well …;- With good intentions.
    112. Means to and end -A way of getting something that you want.
    113. Measure up to … ;- Upto expectations.
    114. Meat of the matter- The heart and meaning of the subject; the central point; the main essence.
    115. Meddle in someone’s affairs. -Mix in someone else’s business.
    116. Meek and mild – Timid and gentle.
    117. Meet someone half way -Compromise.
    118. Meet trouble half-way -Do what you can to avoid trouble before it arises.
    119. Meet your maker -Go to heaven at the time of your death.
    120. Meet your match- To find an equal competitor.
    121. Melt-away -Disappear; fade away into the haze.
    122. Memory like a sieve -Very Poor memory.
    123. Mend your ways- Learn to behave in a better fashion.
    124. Menial task -Unskilled, boring, tedious job.
    125. Merry-go-round –Things going around in a round about manner.
    126. Messed-up -Mixed-up psychologically
    127. Meteoric rise to success -Sudden and fast
    128. Midas touch- A man with extraordinary power or capacity to make any venture profitable.
    129. Middle-of-the-road -Moderate
    130. Miles away -Lost in thought.
    131. Miles to go before I sleep -Many things to be accomplished  before I can rest
    132. Mince matters -To moderate or restrain one’s language.
    133. Mind set -A way of seeing things; with a set view or attitude.
    134. Mind your manners -Take care to behave politely.
    135. Mind your own business- Do not interfere in other’s affairs.
    136. Mind your P’s and Q’s -Be careful about what you say and do; look out; watch out.
    137. Mingle with the crowd -Mix in with the crowd
    138. Mischief maker -Trouble maker
    139. Mischievous behavior -Naughty
    140. Misery loves company -People like to share their misery by talking to others in the same situation.
    141. Miss the beat -To lose an opportunity.
    142. Miss the boat -Miss out on an important chance or opportunity because of your own fault.
    143. Miss the main chance -Not take advantage of an opportunity.
    144. Miss the mark- Fail to achieve your goal.
    145. Mistaken identity -Mistakenly supposing someone you see is a person you know
    146. Mixed-blessing -Something that has both good and bad sides.
    147. Mixed-emotions -Mixed-feelings that are not clear one way or another.
    148. Money to burn -Means someone with so much money to spend he may as well burn some of it
    149. Monkeying around- Playing around and fooling about.
    150. Mother wit- Common sense.
    151. Moral support -Inspiration and encouragement.
    152. More than I bargained for –Worse than I expected
    153. Mortal enemies Enemies forever.
    154. Mouth watering Delicious looking, tasting.
    155. Move heaven and earth Do everything possible.
    156. Move in for the kill Get ready to.
    157. Moved to tears Aroused by emotion to the point of crying.
    158. Muddle through Do your best to solve the problem
    159. Muddle-headed Confused, mixed-up; incapable of thinking clearly.
    160. Mudslinging To make false or even true accusations against one another.
    161. Mug shot Full-face photograph.
    162. Mull something over Take time to think about it;
    163. Mum’s the word Keep quiet
    164. Muscle-in-on Intrude by using force
    165. Music to my ears Happy to hear something.
    166. Musical chairs
    167. Mutter under your breath Mumble and grumble to yourself so no one else can hear.
    168. Mutual admiration Two people which admire one another based on the same motives or reasons.
    169. My door is always open Always there when you need me.
    170. My goodness gracious! An expression of surprise.
    171. My hands are tied Not free to take any action.
    172. My lips are sealed. Cannot reveal a secret.
    173. My patience is getting thin Losing patience.
    174. My pleasure. You are welcome.
    175. Mysterious circumstances No one knows the secret of exactly what happened

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