SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with L

SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with L

 SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with L

SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with L

  1. Labor of love – Something that you do because you love doing it.
  2. Labor under the illusion-  Be under the false impression that.
  3. Laborious task -A lot of hard work and effort.

    SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with L
    SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with L
  4. Labor-the-point -Keep talking on-and-on about the same matter or point
  5. Lack of funds- Shortage of Funds
  6. Lack of understanding -Not to understand something
  7. Lady luck – Chance fortune; fate.
  8. Lady’s man -A man who likes the ladies and they like him.
  9. Lady-killer -A handsome, charming man whom all the women adore
  10. Lag behind -Drop back
  11. Laid back -Relaxed; easy-going; calm; cool.
  12. Laid to rest -An argument or disagreement may be finally settled and laid to rest.
  13. Laid-off -Made redundant
  14. Lame excuse- A poor or weak excuse that no one will believe.
  15. Lame-duck -A politician with a short time left in office.
  16. Lap of luxury- Living in a condition or position of luxury.
  17. Lapse of memory -Slip of the mind.
  18. Larger than life –Having an aura of greatness.
  19. Lash-into someone -Attack verbally with criticism
  20. Lash-out-at someone -Attack with harsh words
  21. Last breath -The moment of death.
  22. Last chance -Final opportunity
  23. Last ditch attempt -One last desperate try before giving up.
  24. Last for a lifetime- Forever
  25. Last of the lot -The final item in the list
  26. Last remnant -Final vestige
  27. Last resort -Last chance; only hope; final attempt
  28. Last resting place- Burial ground.
  29. Last straw -The final cause that makes one lose.
  30. Last words -The final words spoken before death.
  31. Lasting impression -Lasting effect
  32. Last-minute decision -A quick unexpected decision prior to the act.
  33. Latch onto -Get your hands on; grab; get in your grasp.
  34. Latchkey child- A kid with a key around his neck to open the door when he goes home because his mother is out working.
  35. Late-comer -A person who has recently arrived on the scene.
  36. Laudable effort -Praiseworthy attempt
  37. Laugh it off -Just try to laugh and forget about it.
  38. Laughing in the aisles -Rolling with laughter
  39. Laughing stock -A person who is a subject of ridicule.
  40. Lax attitude -Not strict; relaxed about following regulations.
  41. Lay down and die -Quit; give-up; stop struggling;
  42. Lay down the law –Make rules and regulations
  43. Lay into Start -scolding and telling someone off.
  44. Lay it on the line -Tell someone exactly what you think.
  45. Lay it on thick -Praise someone so highly that listeners know it is over exaggerated.
  46. Lay low for a while – Keep out of sight;
  47. Lay off workers – Give notice to workers that you have to terminate them due to financial factors.
  48. Lay your cards on the table – Speak openly.
  49. Lay your life on the line – Risk you life for a cause or in the line of duty.
  50. Lay-off – Stop doing that; go easy on me.
  51. Lazy bones – Someone who is too lazy to get up and move his bones to do something.
  52. Lead someone astray – Lead them down a false path.
  53. Lead someone on-  Keep telling someone a lie.
  54. Lead the way – Go first so the others can follow.
  55. Lead time – A period of time in advance in which to become prepared for the deadline or end of the project
  56. Lead to disaster – Doing something that will have a catastrophic effect.
  57. Leak to the press-  Leak information
  58. Lean on him a little bit -Put the pressure on someone for something.
  59. Lean over backwards -Do everything possible to oblige somebody.
  60. Leaps and bounds -Going ahead very quickly
  61. Learn the ropes -A young person in a new job who has to learn a lot.
  62. Leave a bad taste –To end in bitterness
  63. Leave for good -Depart forever and never come back.
  64. Leave in a lurch -Depart suddenly; abandon
  65. Leave it to chance- Let luck decide
  66. Leave me alone-Don’t bother me.
  67. Leave no stone unturned-absolutely everywhere.
  68. Left on your own -Left all alone.
  69. Left out in the cold- Excluded
  70. Left to your own devices -Left alone with no one to help you so you have to help yourself.
  71. Left-handed compliment -A compliment in a criticizing way.
  72. Leg pull -Tease someone.
  73. Legitimate excuse- Valid justification for absence or non-performance
  74. Leisure time -Free time
  75. Lend a hand – Help someone do something.
  76. Lengthy stay – Stay for a long time in a particular place.
  77. Lenient punishment – Let off easy.
  78. Lesser-of-two-evils – The better of two bad choices.
  79. Let bygones be bygones – Forgive and forget what happened in the past.
  80. Let down your guard – No more alert and cautious.
  81. Let down your hair – Relaxed
  82. Let it be – Accept things as they are; forget it; let it ride.
  83. Let it go – Don’t hang on to anything that worries you.
  84. Let it rest – Dead and buried in a cemetery;
  85. Let it ride – Don’t get upset; just let pass and let it go.
  86. Let it slide – Let it go and forget about it.
  87. Let it slip – Reveal a secret unintentionally.
  88. Let me in on it –  Share the secret or the news with me
  89. Let me look into it – Let me check
  90. Let me ponder on that a while – Allow me some time to think and consider the matter.
  91. Let me see – Allow me to think a moment.
  92. Let nature take its course-  Wait and see what happens in the course of events
  93. Let off steam – Release pent-up pressure and emotions
  94. Let off the hook – Freed from an obligation
  95. Let sleeping dogs lie – Don’t stir up old forgotten troubles
  96. Let the cat out of the bag – Reveal a secret.
  97. Let the dust settle – Wait until the crisis passes and things settle down.
  98. Let your hair down-Relax and behave naturally
  99. Let yourself go – Relax so you are fee of all your tensions
  100. Let’s all chip-in – Let’s all throw in some money to share expenses towards a good cause.
  101. Let’s all pitch-in and help – Let’s all join-in and lend a hand
  102. Let’s blow this joint-  Let’s get out of here
  103. Let’s face it!- We must accept the facts the way they are.
  104. Make it clear- Be sure you understand.
  105. Let’s just forget it- Don’t dwell on it
  106. Let’s let bygones be bygones -Forgive and forget what has happened in the past.
  107. Let’s put some teeth into it -Let’s impose a penalty to make the punishment harsher.
  108. Let’s swap -You give me yours and I give you mine.(Exchange)
  109. Level the playing field- Give the opposing sides a fair chance and equal opportunity
  110. Level with me -Tell me the truth
  111. Level-headed -Calm and even-balanced.
  112. Lie in wait -Waiting for someone in Hiding.
  113. Life or death situation- A very serious situation.
  114. Life’s like that -That is just the way life is; one has to accept it.
  115. Life-of-the-party -Live-wire
  116. Light at the end of the tunnel- Hope in the midst of despair that things will turn out in the end
  117. Light years away- Very far away.
  118. Lighten the burden -To make the task easier.
  119. Lighten-up -Relax; cool down; don’t be so serious
  120. Light-fingered -Means someone who steals.
  121. Like a bolt out of the blue -Unexpected happening.
  122. Like a fish out of water -Like a person out of his element or natural condition.
  123. Like a house on fire- Very-well; extremely-well very rapidly.
  124. Like a shot -Immediately; very quickly; unexpectedly fast.
  125. Like attracts like -People with the same interests are attracted to one another and become friends.
  126. Like it or lump it -Be satisfied with what you’ve got because that’s all you’re going to get.
  127. Like it or not -Whether you like it or you do not like it
  128. Like nobody’s business -Very fast
  129. Like oil and water- Do not mix
  130. Like the back of my hand -As well as I could know anything
  131. Like water off a duck’s back -Impervious; to water.
  132. Like-minded People -who think and feel the same way.
  133. Lily-livered -Cowardly; faint-hearted; timid; gutless.
  134. Lily-white -Pure white and innocent.
  135. Line your pockets -Take money illegally to enrich yourself.
  136. Linger a while -Stay and remain, hesitate and hang around for a while.
  137. Link-up -Connect with
  138. Lion’s share -Best and most of the lot.
  139. Little likelihood -That is very unlikely; almost impossible.
  140. Little wonder! -It’s not surprising!
  141. Live and kicking -Active and healthy
  142. Live and let live -Live the way you like and allow others to live the way they want
  143. Live in an ivory tower -Live in a world of Illusions.
  144. Live it up -Have a good time.
  145. Live wire -Someone who is vibrant and full of energy and the center of activity.
  146. Livid with anger -Very angry.
  147. Living a lie -Pretending to be and do something that is not true.
  148. Living legend -A myth or legend in his own time period.
  149. Living on a shoestring -Existing on very little money.
  150. Living on borrowed time -About to die soon
  151. Loads and loads of money -Has a lot of money
  152. Loafing-around- Lying around, taking it easy
  153. Lock horns with- In a state of disagreement and dispute
  154. Lock the door and throw away the key -Put someone in jail forever.
  155. Lodge a complaint -Express a grievance.
  156. Loitering around -Hanging around doing nothing.
  157. Long arm of the law -The combined forces of all the police networks.
  158. Long range plans -Far reaching plans for the future.
  159. Long since gone -No longer here and gone for a while
  160. Long sojourn -A long time spent in one place
  161. Long time no see.- I have not seen you in a long time.
  162. Look after someone- Take care of a person.
  163. Look after yourself- Take care of yourself.
  164. Look alive -Be alert
  165. Look askance upon -Look with disapproval upon
  166. Look me in the eye-  Indicating some doubt about the truth of a statement and thinking one can see guilt in the eyes if the first speaker lies.
  167. Look of disdain -To treat with contempt
  168. Look of indignation- Angered at something
  169. Look on the sunny side -Look on the bright side and be optimistic.
  170. Look out for- Be careful of; watch out for and be careful of.
  171. Look out -Be careful what you do.
  172. Look sharp -Pay attention; hurry-up and get a move on
  173. Look the other way -Pretend you did not something.
  174. Look up to someone -Admire; respect; hold in high esteem.
  175. Looking for trouble -Looking for a fight
  176. Looks a bit-dated -Appears to be out-of-fashion, old-fashioned, not up-to date
  177. Looming on the horizon -Coming soon; about to appear; immanent.
  178. Loose talk -Saying things and making promises and threats without any intentions of fulfilling them.
  179. Loose track of time -Become so absorbed in something that time passes by without you knowing it.
  180. Loosen up -Stop being up-tight; relax.
  181. Loosing battle- A fight you cannot win.
  182. Lord of all you see- The owner of all the land around as far as you can see.
  183. Lose an opportunity- Miss an opportunity.
  184. Lose appeal- Become less popular, desirable.
  185. Lose confidence -Become discouraged.
  186. Lose contact -Become out-of-touch with.
  187. Lose face -Be embarrassed in front of others.
  188. Lose faith -Give up confidence.
  189. Lose favour Become unpopular.
  190. Lose heart Give up hope and stop trying.
  191. Lose interest Cease to be interested
  192. Lose out on Miss an opportunity.
  193. Lose sleep over Feel anxiety about
  194. Lose spirit Give up hope.
  195. Lose track of something Lose track of time
  196. Lose your shirt To lose a lot of money on the deal.
  197. Lose your temper Means to become angry
  198. Lost an arm and a leg Lost a lot of money
  199. Lousy weather Very bad, terrible weather.
  200. Low key Relaxed and comfortable.
  201. Low level origins Born at the bottom of the social ladder.
  202. Low-down and no-good Scoundrel
  203. Lucked-out To become lucky
  204. Luck-of-the-draw Chance
  205. Lucky day A day in which you have good luck.
  206. Luke-warm reaction Unenthusiastic
  207. Lump in your throat Too get choked with emotions.
  208. Lurking suspicion A doubt in the back of your mind.
  209. Lust for life Desire for the pleasures and experiences of life.
  210. Lust for power Strong desire for power.

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  2. […] SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with L […]

  3. […] SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with L […]

  4. […] SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with L […]

  5. […] SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with L […]

  6. […] SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with L […]

  7. […] SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with L […]

  8. […] SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with L […]

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