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SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with J

SSC CGL : Idioms and phrases beginning with J

  1. Jab in the ribs A poke in the ribs to remind one to be on one’s best behaviour.
  2. Jack of all trades master of none Having worked in every kind of job but not being expert on any one.
  3. Jam-packed Crowded to the bursting point
  4. Jaundiced-attitude Pessimistic way of seeing.
  5. Jail bird A person who is or has been confined to jail.
  6. Jaundiced eye To look at something with a prejudiced view.
  7. Jealousy gets you nowhere There is no benefit in being jealous.
  8. Jeering crowd A large gathering of angry people who are shouting disapproval.
  9. Jilted-bride A bride who was left standing at the altar.
  10. Jittery nerves Jumpy, shaky nerves.
  11. Johnny-on-the-spot Someone who responds and comes quickly when needed.
  12. Join the club Are all in the same boat; Welcome to the group.
  13. Joking aside/Jokes apart In all seriousness.
  14. Joyous occasion Happy event.
  15. Judas kiss False love.
  16. Jump to a conclusion – To come to a conclusion prematurely.
  17. Judge a book by its cover – Decide based only on outward appearance.
  18. Judge of character – Someone who has the experience to size people up and estimate their characters.
  19. Judgment day – The day you die whether you go to heaven or hell.
  20. Jumbled-up –  Cluttered; disorderly; messy.
  21. Jump at the chance … – Grab the opportunity.
  22. Jump down someone’s throat – React in an aggressive way.
  23. Jump ship – To quit the team effort.
  24. Jump the gun – Too early to start or prematurely.
  25. Jump to conclusions – Jump to false conclusions
  26. Just as I expected – As I thought would happen.
  27. Just in the nick of time – At the very last moment possible.
  28. Just kidding – Only joking; don’t take it seriously.
  29. Just punishment – The punishment one deserves under the balance of the law.
  30. Just reward – What you deserve; just the payback that you merit.
  31. Just say the word – Whenever you are ready, just tell me.
  32. Just so – Not  so good and not so bad.
  33. Just the thing – Exactly what is required
  34. Juvenile delinquent – Someone under age who breaks the law or gets into trouble.

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