SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with H

SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with H

SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with H

SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with H

  1. Haggard look Exhausted or worn out expression
  2. Hair stand-on-end Scary Terrifying
  3. Hair’s breadth A near shave
  4. Hair-raising Scary
  5. Hair-splitting Going into fine argumentative details.
  6. Hairy experience Hazardous and frightening moment.
  7. Half-hearted Unenthusiastic  without commitment or enthusiasm.
  8. Halcyon days -Peaceful days.
  9. Half-pint – A little guy who needs to be reminded of his size
  10. Half the battle -Half of the way towards success.
  11. Half-wit -Someone with only half the normal intelligence of others.
  12. Hammer it in -Keep stressing
  13. Hammer out -an agreement Bargain and negotiate .
  14. Hammer and tongs -With great effort or energy.
  15. Hand and glove with -In close co-operation.
  16. Hand to mouth existence -With barely enough to eat and survive on a day-by-day basis.
  17. Hand-picked -Chosen from among the very best.
  18. Hands down- Absolutely beyond question and without doubt.
  19. Hand-to-hand -Passed along for generations from hand to hand.
  20. Handwriting on the wall -Something bad that you can already anticipate coming.
  21. Hang back -Hesitate to go forwards
  22. Hang by a thread- Be in a risky situation.
  23. Hang down your head in shame- Be ashamed for your action.
  24. Hang it up -Give up
  25. Hang on for dear life- Hold on tight so you don’t falloff and lose your life.
  26. Hang-loose -Take it easy and relax; don’t be up-tight.
  27. Hang-on to the bitter end- Persevere and continue striving until the very last moment without letup. SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with H by Pinnacle Coaching Center
  28. Happy as a lark -As happy as a bird singing in a tree.
  29. Happy days are here again- Back to old times when things were happier.
  30. Happy medium- The middle way; a satisfying compromise.
  31. Happy-go-lucky- Without a care in the world.
  32. Harboring a grudge- Wanting to get revenge for something that happened in the past
  33. Hard feelings -Grudges
  34. Hard going -Difficult work; not so easy
  35. Hard knocks- Life’s disappointments and blows
  36. Hard nut to crack- A difficult person to convince or bring around to a different point of view,
  37. Hard pressed -Facing financial crisis.
  38. Hard to swallow -Difficult to accept take or endure due to loss of face
  39. Hard to take- Not easy to accept, put up with and endure.
  40. Hard boiled -Been through a lot of sufferings.
  41. Hard done by -Someone who can complain that he has been badly treated by others.
  42. Hardened case- Someone hardened by life that he cannot be reached or emotionally.
  43. Hard-fought battle -Struggled hard to get or achieve.
  44. Hard-headed -Stubborn
  45. Harmless lie -A lie told that hurts no one or does no harm.
  46. Harping away at someone- Complaining repeatedly with anger and dissatisfaction.
  47. Has-been Someone -One who has been someone important in the past but is not any more.
  48. Hash it over -Argue it out to try to come to an agreement.
  49. Hassle someone -Irritate, annoy, bother, continue complaining
  50. Hate crime -A crime committed motivated by hate.
  51. Hateful comment -A remark intended to hurt or injure someone you detest and dislike.
  52. Hateful expression -A look of hate or resentment on your face.
  53. Haughty attitude Snooty manner
  54. Haul someone over the coals -Give someone a good grilling or questioning.
  55. Have a fit -Become angry
  56. Have finger in the pie – To be involved in something.
  57. Have a fling -Have a brief sexual affair with an illicit partner.
  58. Have a go at it -Give it a try; take a shot at it;
  59. Have a hankering for -Feel a yearning for,
  60. Have a head on your shoulders -Clever and well-balanced and trustworthy.
  61. Have a heart -Show mercy
  62. Have a hunch- Have an intuitive feeling.
  63. Have a lot on the ball- Have a lot going for you; quite talented and clever.
  64. Have one’s way -The way one wants
  65. Have a premonition -Have a feeling beforehand of what is going to happen.
  66. Have a run-in with-Have a clash, conflict, confrontation, disagreement or argument with someone.
  67. Have a say in the matter -Be able to express your opinion to help in deciding on something.
  68. Have a skeleton in your closet -Secret concerning something scandalous, immoral and indecent from your past.
  69. Have a sneaking suspicion- Have a nasty premonition or hunch.
  70. Have a snooze -Sleep for a while; take a short nap;
  71. Have a very good name -Have a good reputation within a certain group.
  72. Have it -Coming to you get what you deserve.
  73. Have it down-pat -To know perfectly; carefully-memorized and well practiced.
SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with H
SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with H

  1. Have it in for someone -Have a grudge against someone.
  2. Have it out with someone -Have an argument and clear the air; fight to the finish;
  3. Have no say in the matter -Have no authority to speak about or influence the matter.
  4. Have no stomach for – Cannot stand; cannot bear.
  5. Have no use for someone -To look down on someone as good-for-nothing and show no respect
  6. Have no qualms about -Not feel hesitant in judgment due to conscience.
  7. Have something on somebody -To Know a dirty, little secret about somebody.
  8. Have several irons in the fire -To be involved in many projects    activities at the same time.
  9. Have your feet on the ground -Well-balanced; realistic, sensible and reliable.
  10. Have your fill Had enough.
  11. Have your hands full -Be so busy that you cannot take on any more work,
  12. Have your heart in your mouth -Overcome with intimidation and emotion.
  13. Have your way -Insist on doing things your way.
  14. Haven’t a prayer- No chance at all.
  15. Haven’t got a leg to stand on- No basis for argument
  16. Hawk-eyed -With Sharp eyes like a hawk.
  17. He’s really sharp -Very quick-witted and clever;
  18. Head and shoulders above the rest – Far better than all the others; a cut above the rest.
  19. Head case – A crazy person; one who is not right in the head.
  20. Head in the clouds – Lost in illusion; overly-optimistic.
  21. Head over heels in love – Totally, illogically in love
  22. Head start -Being able or allowed to begin ahead of the others.
  23. Heads up – Watch out what is coming down from above.
  24. Heads will roll – People in high positions will be fired and removed from position
  25. Head-to-head – In direct confrontation.
  26. Hear a pin drop – Absolutely quiet.
  27. Hear me out – At least listen to the end of what I have to say.
  28. Heart in your mouth –  A state of being so emotional that one is unable to speak.
  29. Heart of the matter – The central point
  30. Heart’s desire – What the heart is set on having
  31. Heart breaker – A man who breaks people’s hearts or a situation breaks  one’s heart.
  32. Heartfelt gratitude – A feeling of thankfulness deep in one’s heart.
  33. Heartfelt sympathy A deep feeling of sympathy and at another’s sorrow.
  34. Heart-to-heart –  An honest and open talk between two people.
  35. Heaven-on-earth – Absolute bliss and contentment.
  36. Heavy-handed – Oppressive, forceful and against peoples will.
  37. Hectic pace-  Frantic, stressful, excited rate.
  38. Height of ecstasy – Peak of joy and blissfulness.
  39. Height of his career –  High-point
  40. Height of indecency – The absolute lowest level of low, crude, offensive behavior.
  41. Held for questioning – Retained by police for interrogation.
  42. Held in high esteem – Respected very highly.
  43. Help for the needy – Charity for those not so well off as yourself.
  44. Help mate – Someone close to you to assist you.
  45. Help your self – Don’t depend on others to help you
  46. Helter-skelter – Chaotic; haphazard; confused; in a panic; disorganized.
  47. Herculean task – Task requiring tremendous effort.
  48. Hidden motives – Latent or concealed intentions which are not necessarily good.
  49. Hidden-agenda -A secret goal or plan
  50. Hide out -A place to stay so no one can find you.
  51. Hide your face -Cover your face due to shame.
  52. Hide your feelings -Conceal how you really feel about something.
  53. High and dry -Left alone with no one to help you.
  54. High and mighty -Thinking you are better than and superior to other people/The influential
  55. High brow -Interesting to persons who are cultivated and well educated
  56. High profile -Having a well-known, respected image.
  57. High time- About time!
  58. Higher than a kite -Under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  59. High-handed -Arrogant; overbearing; bossy.
  60. High-minded- Highly moral in intentioned; highly moral and philosophical.
  61. High-strung -Very sensitive and nervous, tense and easily emotionally upset.
  62. Hit and miss -Trial and error
  63. Hit and run- Have a car accident and flee from the scene to avoid being caught.
  64. Hit below the belt -To strike unfairly.
  65. Hit it off -Get along well
  66. Hit list -A list of people to be assassinated or murdered.
  67. Hit the books- Start to study.
  68. Hit the bottle -Start drinking excessively.
  69. Hit the jackpot- Gaining a big/ great success (specially by luck).
  70. Hit the bull’s eye -Hit the center of the target with the arrow.
  71. Hit the ceiling -Explode with anger
  72. Hit the deck -Fall flat on the deck of a ship to avoid being shot by enemy
  73. Hit the jackpot -Win the top prize
  74. Hit the nail on the head -Make the exact point; be absolutely right
  75. Hit the road -Time to leave; time to go.
  76. Hit the roof- Be so angry that you go through the ceiling.
  77. Hive of activity -Too much activity
  78. Hold a grudge- Harbor resentment against someone for something.
  79. Hobson’s choice- No alternative
  80. Hold a thing against someone -To resent someone for something that he did to you.
  81. Hold back -Hesitate or control your emotions;
  82. Hold on a moment -Wait a minute; don’t act so hastily.
  83. Hold on tight -Hold your seat so you don’t fall off.
  84. Hold out for more- Wait until one gets a better offer
  85. Hold still- Remain still and don’t fidget.
  86. Hold your horses -Tell a person to slow down.
  87. Hold your tongue -Dont tell anybody.
  88. Holding something back- Not telling all you know
  89. Holding your own- Defending your position.
  90. Hold-on -Don’t go any further
  91. Hole and corner policy -Secret policy.
  92. Hole in the wall -A small place to live or go to.
  93. Hole-up for a while -Go into hiding
  94. Hollow leg -Too eat too much.
  95. Honest buck- An honest living.
  96. Honest mistake -A mistake made unknowingly.
  97. Honest to God- The real truth.
  98. Hoodwink- One who tricks another by leading him on a blind course.
  99. Hopeless case Beyond help -cannot be cured or helped rehabilitated.
  100. Hopping-mad- Out-of-control
  101. Hornet’s nest- Open up a sensitive issue or topic.
  102. Horns of the dilemma -To choose between two divergent alternatives.
  103. Horsing around -Fooling around;   playing around.
  104. Hot air- A lot of empty self- inflated egotistical or conceited talk.
  105. Hot and bothered- Excited; aroused; worked-up or displeased.
  106. Hot potato- A hot issue tossed back and forth because nobody wants to deal with it.
  107. Hot stuff -Good looking and attractive.
  108. Hot tip- Inside information on a good bet or investment.
  109. Hot under the collar -Becoming heated-up and getting angry.
  110. Hothead- Someone who gets angry easily.
  111. Hot-tempered -Easily angered.
  112. House of cards- A plan that is poorly put together.
  113. Household name -A name that everybody knows.
  114. House-to-house -Canvassing… door to door
  115. Hue and cry- Any loud public outcry.
  116. Human error-  Caused by human negligence.
  117. Humiliating circumstances- Humbling , demeaning conditions that make you feel humiliated.
  118. Humorous anecdote -Re-telling of an incident as a funny story
  119. Hunger for knowledge -Thirst for learning
  120. Hunt down – Chase and follow someone
  121. Hurry-up-and-wait Official orders are to wait for further orders which may come any time.
  122. Hurt pride  – Injured sense of self-respect.
  123. Hush money – Money paid on the side to keep quiet.
  124. Hush-hush – To be kept secret
  125. Hustle and bustle-  A lot of activity
  126. Hyped-up – Get all enthusiastic and worked-up
  127. Hysteria broke out – Pandemonium broke loose

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