SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with G

SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with G

SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with G

SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with G

SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with G
SSC CGL Idioms and phrases beginning with G
  1. Gala affair – Big, festive celebration.
  2. Gala day–  Celebration day.
  3. Gain ground  – To progress/ advance.
  4. Gang up on somebody -Attack in a group against only one person, physically or verbally.
  5. Gape at somebody -Stare, open-mouthed at someone.
  6. Gaping hole – A big, open hole that leaves an open gap in what was flat before.
  7. Gas bag -A person who talks too much.
  8. Gearing up for action– Preparing up for activities that will bring about success.
  9. Gentleman at large -Wealthy man with time on his hands.
  10. General amnesty -A pardon for offenders and prisoners.
  11. Gentleman’s agreement – An unwritten agreement made between honorable gentlemen.
  12. Get a good spanking -Take a beating.
  13. Get a grip on yourself- Control yourself and dont lose temper.
  14. Get ahead – Make progress in business life.
  15. Get away with – To escape.
  16. Get along famously–  Get along well together, with mutual liking and understanding.
  17. Get around to it–  Finally find time to get a job done.
  18. Get back at someone – Revenge oneself on someone.
  19. Get butterflies in your stomach – Be nervous before an event.
  20. Get cold feet – Become afraid and back-out drop or cop-out of a plan at the last minute.
  21. Get cracking–  Hurry-up.
  22. Get down to the nitty gritty –  Focus on the fine details of the matter
  23. Get down to –  To attend to work seriously.
  24. Get even with – Pay back Revenge yourself on someone
  25. Get going – Get started
  26. Get in on the ground floor – Start off employment with a company and  work your way up quickly.
  27. Get in someone’s good books – Make someone begin to like you.
  28. Get in the last word – Motivated by the need to make the last statement to prove you are right.
  29. Get in a rut – Get into a routine in which you are doing the same thing again and again
  30. Get into a scrape – Find oneself in a difficult or awkward situation
  31. Get into hot water – Being in trouble
  32. Get into a soup – Get into trouble.
  33. Get it off your chest – State your complaint to make yourself feel better.
  34. Get lost – Go away
  35. Get miffed–  Become angry
  36. Get mugged – Get beaten-up and robbed
  37. Get on one’s nerves – To irritate or annoy.
  38. Get off lightly – Receive light punishment.
  39. Get off on the wrong foot – Begin by making a bad impression on someone.
  40. Get off scot free – To escape without punishment.
  41. Get off-track – Deviate from the proper course.
  42. Get on the bandwagon–  Join in to support a popular cause.
  43. Get somewhere –  Climb up the ladder of success.
  44. Get down to brass tacks  – To deal with the matter straight.
  45. Get the better of – To overcome
  46. Get the boot – Get kickedout of one’s job.
  47. Get the gist – Begin to understand and get the general idea.
  48. Get the hang of it – Become accustomed to doing something.
  49. Get the jitters – Become nervous and shaky.
  50. Get the knack of it – Start to get the feel of it.
  51. Get the nod – To be given official permission.
  52. Get the thread – See the coherent line of argument and development in an explanation.
  53. Get to the bottom of things – Investigate to find the source of the problem
  54. Get wind of –  To know the secret
  55. Get your act together – Start becoming serious,
  56. Get your fingers burned – Suffer bad results from previous experience.
  57. Get your money’s worth – Make sure that you are getting what you paid for, and then some, if possible.
  58. Get your second wind–  After hard labour and effort to catch your breath so you can continue to go on.
  59. Get your wires crossed – Get confused in a way that causes a problem.
  60. Get-the-ball-rolling – Make a beginning and get started.
  61. Getting across – Making your meaning understood.
  62. Getting me down – Starting to bother me and make me depressed.
  63. Getting to the bottom of–  Discover the reason for.
  64. Getting used to it –  Becoming accustomed to something with time.
  65. Getting your own back – Getting what you deserve.
  66. Getting-on-my-nerves – Starting to irritate me.
  67. Getting-out-of-hand – As no one exercises control, things will become harder to manage,
  68. Getting-settled-in  – Getting used to a new job
  69. Ghost of a chance Very little or hardly even the slightest chance.
  70. Gibble-gabble – Foolish talk.
  71. Gift of the gab  – Talent for speaking.
  72. Gird up the lion – To be well prepared for some difficult task.
  73. Give a piece of mind – To rebuke or scold.
  74. Give a wide berth –  To give ample space or distance to avoid an unwanted consequence.
  75. Give me some breathing space – Don’t make me feel pressured.
  76. Give my eye-teeth for – Give anything for; pay any price for
  77. Give someone a ribbing – Tease someone about something that he has done or is embarrassed about.
  78. Give the benefit of the doubt – Believe someone as long as there is no evidence to indicate he is wrong.
  79. Give the cold shoulder – Give someone a cool reception
  80. Give someone the nudge–  Give someone a little push to get started on the right path.
  81. Give the green light – Give approval to go-ahead.
  82. Give the word – Say when it is time to start.
  83. Give the devil his due – Even the wicked person should be given the credit due to him
  84. Give t a run for their money -Try your best not to let the competition beat you.
  85. Give them the slip -To escape.
  86. Give up the cause– Stop fighting for something you believe in.
  87. Give up the ghost – Lose spirit/ lose enthusiasm.
  88. Give vent to your emotions – Open up and release to all your built-up mental pressures.
  89. Give your word–   Make a promise verbally.
  90. Give-in easily – Succumb to pressure.
  91. Given it up for good – To stop doing something and never do it again
  92. Given the nod – Received approval
  93. Glare of bright lights – In the spotlight up on stage where everyone can see you,
  94. Glide through – Get through something.
  95. Glimmer of hope – A faint ray of hope
  96. Glint in your eye – Sparkle
  97. Gnawing conscience – Guilty conscience that keeps bothering you.
  98. Go about your business – Tend to your own affairs without mixing in those of others.
  99. Go along with –  Follow the others.
  100. Go broke – Become bankrupt
  101. Go to dogs – To deteriorate/ degenerate.
  102. Go to rack and ruin – To decay or get destroyed.
  103. Go back on your word–  Not to keep a promise.
  104. Go ballistic – Become enraged and dangerous.
  105. Go for broke–  Gamble everything on success.
  106. Go for it –  Take a chance and try your best
  107. Golden handshake–  Being let go from a firm with a generous financial settlement.
  108. Golden opportunity–  Very favourable opportunity or chance
  109. Good intentions–  Motivated to do the good.
  110. Good Samaritan – A person who helps and pays sympathy to those in distress
  111. Got a raw deal – Was treated very badly and unfairly.
  112. Got it down verbatim – Learned it off by heart.
  113. Got the knack – Has the natural skill or ability.
  114. Go through fire – To brave any danger.
  115. Got-off Scott free–  Avoid any sort of punishment at all.
  116. Grass widow–  A woman who is separated, divorced or lives apart from her husband.
  117. Grave consequences–  Serious consequences.
  118. Graveyard shift -Work-period from twelve midnight to eight in the morning.
  119. Gravy train–  In a position to be making easy money. … on the gravy train.
  120. Gray area –  An area in knowledge where information is as yet insufficient
  121. Grease the palm – To bribe.
  122. Green room–  A room for the performers go get ready.
  123. Green horn – An inexperienced or immature person, especially one who is easily deceived
  124. Green thumb –  Indicates someone with a natural hand for gardening and making things grow.
  125. Green with envy – So full of envy that one shows it in his face.
  126. Guard against–   Be heedful, careful
  127. Guarded remark–  Saying something carefully
  128. Guardian angel – Like an angel that sits on your shoulder to protect you.
  129. Guiding light-  A teacher or role model who leads the way on the correct path.
  130. Guilt complex-  A psychological disorder due to guilty conscience.
  131. Gulp down – Drink and swallow down quickly in huge amounts.
  132. Gushing enthusiasm – Good feeling or enthusiasm.
  133. Gut feeling – An instinctive reaction in your intestines; gut reaction

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