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SSC CGL English: Idioms and Phrases starting from A

SSC CGL English:Idioms and Phrases starting from A

SSC CGL English:Idioms and Phrases starting from A

SSC CGL English:Idioms and Phrases starting from A

1. A backslider : A lazy, irresponsible person who does not support a combines effort.

  1. A back-stabber : A person is a back-stabber who unexpectedly betrays your trust.
  2. A bad omen : An indication that something bad is about to happen.
  3. A ballpark figure : An approximate estimate of how-many or how-much.
  4. A barefaced-lie : A bold and brazen untruthful statement; a shameless, obvious lie.
  5. A bit beyond my ken : Above my level of understanding; beyond my ability to grasp.
  6. A bit dicey :  A little risky.
  7. A bit dodgy :  Dishonest.
  8. A bit much :  Over-exaggerated.
  9. A bit obtuse  : A little dull and stupid.
  10. A brainwave :  An unexpected clever idea or insight.
  11. A breath of fresh air :  Something refreshing.
  12. A bundle of energy : A person who is packed-full of power and energy.
  13. A bundle of nerves : A person who is very stressed.
  14. Above board : Honest and straightforward.
  15. A case in point:  An actual example to illustrate.
  16. A cipher : An insignificant person.
  17. A clean break : A clear and final breaking-off of relations; finally finishing and leaving for good.
  18. A clean slate : Starting off with a clean record.
  19. A close call : A narrow escape.
  20. A close shave : A close call/brush with danger.
  21. Achilles Heel : Weakness that proves to be fatal.

SSC CGL English:Idioms and Phrases starting from A

SSC CGL English:Idioms and Phrases starting from A

23. A crushing blow : A hurtful action.
24. A crying-shame : A disgrace ; something unfair that makes us feel sorry for the victimized.
25. A cushy job : An easy job that is not demanding or difficult.
26. A cut above the average : Higher than normal ;Better than normal standards.
27. Add fuel to fire : To make matters worse.
28. Adam’s ale : Pure water.
29. Add a feather in one’s cap : To acquire a new honour or distinction.
30. A drop in the bucket : Very little compared to the total amount.
31. A drop in the ocean : Just a small amount compared to the size of the whole.
32. A fair crack at : An opportunity to fix or solve a problem.
33. A fine kettle of fish :  A mistake hard to remedy.
34. A free bit of advice : A suggestion given that isn’t requested.
35. A frog in your throat : A physical condition that makes your voice sound deeper.
36. A funny feeling :  A strange sense that something is wrong.
37. A good omen : A good sign that something good or something better is going to happen.
38. A greenhorn : A beginner.
39. A gut feeling : A natural instinct or intuition that tells you when something is going to go wrong.
40. A hard nut to crack : A difficult, inflexible person who is hard to convince or win over to your way of thinking.
41. A harrowing experience :  A frightening-occurrence.
42. A hell of a time : A difficult time trying to get something accomplished.
43. A horse of a different colour : One thing that cannot be compared to another because it is so dissimilar.
44. A hothead : Someone who quickly gets angry and furious for almost no reason and reacts.
45. A jarring-experience : An unexpected occurence.
46. A joy to behold : Seeing someone or something and being filled with love and joy at that moment.
47. A leopard can’t change its spots : Some people are so fixed in their ways that they cannot change.
48. A little green : Young and inexperienced.
49. A little leery :  A bit dubious, doubtful.
50. A load off my mind : To feel mental relief.
51. A lot of balls : A bold, straightforward manner/a lot of nerve; courage and impudence mixed together.
52. A lot of baloney : A lot of lies.
53. A lot of bunk  : A load of lies and false statements.
54. A lot of moola : A lot of money.
55. A lot of pluck : A lot of nerve, guts, courage.
56. A matter of fact :  A true item of data or information.
57. A miserly sort : A stingy person.
58. A new lease on life :  A chance to start life afresh and do it better next time.
59. A new slant : A different way of looking at something.
60. A nobody :  A person of no importance.
61. A nose for it : A person with an intuition that tells him where to find something.
62. A one-tracked mind : Thinking only about one thing.
63. A pack of lies : A string of falsehoods and mistruths.
64. A piece of cake:  Something easy to do.
65. A poor little petunia in an onion patch : A sensitive person placed within a group of rough, insensitive people.
66. A real dilly : A stupid person.
67. A real dynamo : An energetic person.
68. A rousing sendoff : Bidding someone farewell with good wishes and a loud round of applause.
69. A run-in : A conflict.
70. A shame : A pity.
71. A sharp tongue : A tongue that makes hurtful, sarcastic, cutting remarks.
72. A slap in the face : An unexpected, undeserved act of disloyalty.
73. A slap on the wrist : A gentle reprimand for an oversight, mistake or misdeed.
74. A slow burn : Becoming increasingly more-and-more angry, allowing resentment to grow gradually to the point where it will finally burst out into a fire of revenge or retaliation.
75. A sly dog : A cunning, clever, crafty, devious person.
76. A sobering thought : A serious thought that makes you feel less-optimistic and positive.
77. A stooge :  A laughing stock someone who has been made a fool of.
78. A straw man : A person who only exists legally on paper or in the imagination to fulfill a need/ purpose
79. A storm in a teacup : When people make a big fuss about nothing.
80. A subtle hint : An understated or intimated-suggestion,To tell something in an indirect way.
81. A toss-up : Even chance; fifty/fifty.
82. A turn for the worse : Things have developed into a worse condition than before.
83. A weight off my mind : Release or freedom from a mental burden.
84. A whale of a time : A whole lot of fun.
85. A wise cracker :  Someone who is always trying to make smart, clever ,witty or humorous remarks.
86. A word to the wise :  A bit of advice for those willing to gain from listening.
87. A world of difference : No comparison.
88. Abandon all hope : Give up your last hope of getting what you want.
89. Abandon ship : A person is about to abandon a business or a cause when there is no hope of success.(Comparison to a sinking ship)
90. Aberrant behavior :  Abnormal, deviant, unusual behavior.
91. Abide by the rules :  Follow the regulations and rules.
92. Abject despair :  Total and utter hopelessness that could not be worse.
93. Able-and-ready :  Healthy , capable and prepared for action.
94. Able-bodied : Strong, vigorous and healthy in body.
95. Abominable behaviour : Highly offensive, despicable, repulsive, immoral actions or deeds.
96. Abortive action : An act performed in order to stop something bad from happening.
97. About-face : Changing one’s opinion and doing the exact opposite.
98. Above all else :  The thing of most importance.
99. Above-board : Clear and honest.
100. Above my head : Too difficult for me to understand because of my lack intelligence.
101. Abreast-of-the-situation:Being aware of the latest information.
102. Absent-minded : Forgetful
103. Absolute astonishment :  Total amazement at the unexpected.
104. Absolutely fantastic : Totally beyond one’s hopes and dreams.
105. Absolutely impossible : Cannot be possible.
106. Absolved from guilt : Pronounced innocent of all charges.
107. Absorbed in thought : Concentrated and thinking very deeply.
108. Abstain from : Avoid acting in a certain way.
109. Abuse of privileges : Incorrect use of rights or benefits that go with a job or position.
110. Accede to pressure : To act as you are forced to do as other people want.
111. Acceptable behaviour : Acting according to the standards of society or group.
112. Accident-prone : Habitually having accidents.
113. Accident waiting to happen : A dangerous situation, sooner or later, an accident is certain to happen.
114. Accidentally-on-purpose : Something done on purpose, but made to look like an accident.
115. Accommodate someone’s wishes :  Perform as asked.
116. Ace an exam : To do exceedingly well in an examination.
117. Ace up your sleeve :  A person in a difficult situation may be said to use a deceptive.
118. Achieve the impossible : To achieve what does not seem possible.
119. Acting -up :  Behaving badly.
120. Adamant opinion : Inflexible.
121. Accommodate someone’s wishes : Perform as asked.
122. Ad-lib : Impromptu speaking, without any prior preparation.
123. Add insult to injury :  To harm as well as humiliate and insult.
124. Adrenalin rush :  A moment of high energy and power.
125. Advanced in years : Getting-old.
126. Affable personality : Pleasant, friendly, sociable, easy-going, likeable character.
127. Affirmative action : Doing something in order to right a wrong.
128. Afraid or your own shadow :  Timid
129. Ad-lib : Impromptu speaking, without any prior preparation.
130. After thoughts : To have doubts when you want to change your mind after something.
131. Against all odds : Little chances.
132. Against the current : Trying to go against the common opinion.
133. Against the stream : Opposite to the natural flow of things.
134. Ahead of time : Before the set time.
135. Ahead of his times : Too advanced in his thinking for the people of his own period.
136. Aid-and-abet :  Conspire with.
137. Air of pretension : Pretending to be or trying to appear to be better than you really are.
138. Air your opinion : Say openly what you think.
139. Alarmist tactics : To use the strategy of making people afraid in order to provoke them.
140. All boils down to:  In the final analysis ;To put it simply.
141. All brawn and no brain : Big and strong and muscular but not very intelligent.
142. All by myself : Alone.
143. All ears : Ready to listen.
144. All fingers and thumbs : Clumsy.
145. All in a day’s work : What is expected of you in the performance of your daily routine as job.
146. All in one piece : Uninjured; unharmed; undamaged.
147. All in your mind : All in your head ; illusory; imaginary.
148. All on your Own : Alone.
149. All set to go :  Prepared and ready to begin.
150. All the difference in the world : No comparison; totally different.
151. All the time in the world : Taking time to do something as if there were no need to hurry.
152. All washed-up : Ruined with no hope of recovery; having lost everything.
153. All-out-effort :  Try your maximum-best.
154. Allow nature to take its course : Let the natural flow of nature continue.
155. Almost there : Near to reaching the goal.
156. Along the beaten track : Following along the same path in life that everybody else takes.
157. Along the way : In the course of events of life.
158. Always on the go : Never stopping.
159. Ambivalent attitude : Unsure.
160. Amble along : Stroll and wander along your way.
161. Amiable attitude : Likeable; easy to get along with; agreeable.
162. Amounts to nothing : Not important.
163. An abysmal failure : A terrible failure that could hardly be worse.
164. An airhead : Someone with no brain.
165. An arm chair job : An easy and comfortable job.
166. An auspicious occasion : An important,favourable occasion.
167. An eye wash : A pretence.
168. An hair- breadth escape : Very narrow escape.
169. An inopportune moment : An inconvenient, ill-timed, awkward moment.
170. An iron will : Strong will power.
171. An old battle-axe : An aggressive, old woman who fights to win.
172. An old flame : Someone with whom one had romantic relations in the past.
173. An old head on young shoulders : A person mature and sensible for his age.
174. An olive branch : Peace request/ peace treaty.
175. Apple of discord : Matter of dispute/ cause of quarrel.
176. Apple of one’s eye : Very lovable.
177. Apple pie order : Perfect order.
178. Answer for something : Take responsibility for.
179. Ants in your pants : Restless;cannot keep still one moment.
180. Any day now : Coming soon; expected to arrive or happen within the next few days.
181. Any port in a storm : A person may have to turn to anyone available when he is in trouble.
182. Anybody’s guess : Nobody knows.
183. Anyone in his right mind : Any normal, sane, sensible person.
184. Anyone who is anybody : Everybody who is important and well-known in society.
185. Anything’s possible : There’s no certainty; anything can happen.
186. Arbitrary decision : Random, illogical choice or ruling.
187. Ardent admirer : Strong, dedicated, devoted admirer.
188. Arduous task : A job that is difficult in the extreme; a laborious and demanding.
189. Argue the point : Question a point in an argument and claim the opposite to be true.
190. Arm and a leg : An extremely high price to pay.
191. Armed and dangerous : Carrying a weapon and likely to use it to harm and kill others.
192. Armed to the teeth : Heavily armed.
193. Arm-twisting : To apply pressure on someone to get him to do something we want.
194. Around the bend : Gone mad.
195. Around the clock : Twenty-four hours a day continuously.
196. Artsy-crafty : Having to do with arts and handicrafts.
197. As a last resort : A last attempt after everything else has failed.
198. As a rule : Normally, generally, most of the time.
199. As clear as black and white : Clearly obvious contrasting opposites.
200. As if that were not enough : To commit another bad action, as if former bad deeds weren’t enough.
201. As if there were no tomorrow : Living-it-up and acting as though today were your last day to enjoy.
202. As the crow flies : In a straight line.
203. As thick as thieves : People acting with hidden intentions and motives.
204. As tough as nails : Tough.

SSC CGL English:Idioms and Phrases starting from A
205. Asking for trouble : Doing something that will likely get you onto trouble.
206. As fit as a fiddle : Strong and healthy
207. Assume airs : To pretend superiority.
208. At a moment’s notice : Immediately,the moment someone is informed.
209. At a loss : To be unable to decide.
210. At a pinch : In a trouble.
211. At a stone’s throw : At a little distance
212. At arm’s length : Avoid becoming too friendly.
213. At an impasse : At a point where further progress /mutual understanding is impossible.
214. At daggers drawn : To have bitter enmity
215. At cross-purposes : Striving for opposite goals.
216. At death’s door : About to die.
217. At ease : Free from pain, trouble and anxiety.
218. At large : Absconding.
219. At loggerheads : Cannot compromise and come to an agreement.
220. At loose ends : With time on your hands and nothing to do.
221. At naught To disregard or treat as of no importance.
222. At odds with Having a difference of opinion with.
223. At one’s finger’s ends To have complete knowledge.
224. At peace with the world Calm and tranquil.
225. At point blank range Close enough.
226. At sea To be confused.
227. At sixes and sevens In disorder.
228. At someone’s beck and call Always available and ready.
229. At stake At risk and in secured.
230. At the drop of a hat Immediately if so requested.
231. At the end of the day Finally, in the end.
232. At the eleventh hour At the last moment.
233. Attend to business Apply yourself to the work at hand.
234. Attention-getter A trick or device to get people’s attention.
235. Avoid confrontation Prevent argument or disagreement by avoiding direct conflict.

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