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SSC CGL English Vocabulary Practice | Tier 1 Examination – Part 22

SSC CGL English Vocabulary Practice | Tier 1 Examination – Part 22

SSC CGL English Vocabulary Practice | Tier 1 Examination – Part 22

SSC CGL English Vocabulary
1. Plaintive (दर्दनाक)


  • painful, pathetic

Part of Speech- Adjective


  • Plaintive = Pontiff (roman catholic pope who generally attend in a funeral)


  • woebegone, heartrending, melancholy, mournful, sad, sorrowful, wistful, beefing, crabby,cranky


  • cheerful, happy, joyful

2. Mendicant (भिक्षुक)


  • beggar, a pauper who lives by begging

Part of Speech- Noun

Trick –

  • men + die + can’t – men die who can’t work , they have to beg to survive.


  • monk, panhandler, pauper, vagabond


  • rich , opulent, well-furnished

3. Ingrained (दीर्घस्थायी)


  • deep rooted

Part of Speech- adjective

Trick –

  • likewise ingrained habits are also deeply rootened Its difficult to them until any strict action is taken


  • deep-seated, fixed,implanted, inbred,inherent, innate, intrinsic,rooted

Antonyms –

  • acquired, extrinsic,incidental, learned, surface

4. Ponder (विचार करना )  


  • think about seriously

Part of Speech- Verb


  • one wHO wonder , think deeply


  • Consider, contemplate, deliberate, evaluate, examine, mull over, puzzle over


  • discard,disregard, forget, ignore, go along

5. Proselytize (धर्मान्तरण करना,परिवर्तन करना )



Part of Speech – verb

Trick –

  • relate it to hypnotize, changing religion of something by telling them prose (epics) and hypnotizing

Synonyms –

  • accept, adopt, advocate,approve, convince, defend, embrace, persuade

Antonyms –

  • deny, disagree, disallow,  oppose, renounce


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