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SSC CGL English MCQs 2 /100 :Based on fill in the blanks Pinnacle

SSC CGL English MCQs 2/ 100: Based on Fill in the blanks

SSC CGL English MCQs 2 /100 :Based on fill in the blanks Pinnacle

English Quiz 2  : Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word.

Q1 Heavy snow did ______________the rescue efforts.

(a) delay                             

(b) obstruct                       

(c) hamper                         

(d) hold back

Q2  When I was training for the marathon, I run ______________over 100 kilometres a week.

(a) have to                         

(b) would                           

(c) will                                  

(d) used to

Q3. My colleague is one of the kindest people_____________

(a) I had known                               

(b) I have known             

(c) who I know                 

(d) which I know

Q4. Sarita was walking along the street _____________she tripped over.

(a) when                             

(b) as                                    

(c) while                              

(d) then

Q5. My daughter liked her room to be exactly the way she _________ it and she would never allow anyone to touch her things.

(a) left                                                 


(c) would leave                

(d) leave 

Q6. Josephine was elated because the doctor ______________ the news about her pregnancy.

(a) confirmed                   

(b) assured                        

(c) consoled                      

(d) affirmed

Q7. It______________ been estimated that there may be many millions of species of plants, insects and microorganisms still undiscovered in tropical rainforests.

(a) have                              

(b) wall                                

(c) should                           

(d) has 

Q8. Rajeev was upset because he ______________forgotten his best friend’s birthday.

(a) have                              

(b) has                                 

(c) had                                 

(d) would have forgotten

SSC CGL English MCQs
Q9. He was born ______________a silver spoon in his mouth and was very proud of his wealth.

(a) with                                               

(b) alongwith                    

(c) along                              

(d) within

Q10. The peon lost an important file and rather than confessing his_______ he blamed the other peon for losing it.

(a) respect                         

(b) image                            

(c) attitude                        

 (d) mistake


Q1  Answer (c) Hamper        

Hamper means to prevent the free movement, action, or progress of something: His occasional stammer hampered his progress.Obstruct means to get in the way.And hold back means to keep in one’s grasp.

Q2   Answer  (d) used to. 

It’s a habitual action of the past. With habitual actions of the past would/used is  used.Example –I would/used to live in the hostel when I was studying in Delhi.

Q3. Answer (b) I have known

Present perfect tense will be used.As it is a present related to the past.               

Q4.  Answer (a) when

Generally when is followed by the simple past and while by the past continuous.Eg- While I was driving I met with an accident. Or I was driving when I met with an accident. 

Q5. Answer (a) left 

The first part of the sentence is in simple past….My daughter liked her room so the past tense will be used in the latter part also.                      

Q6. Answer (a) confirmed                   

Assured is to give confidence and make certain.                Consoled is to allay the sorrow or grief of (someone) And affirmed is to declare positively.

Q7.  Answer (d) has

With “it”which is singular a singular verb “has” will be used.

Q8.  Answer (c) had

Past perfect tense will be used.                               

Q9.  Answer (a) with               

‘To be born with a silver spoon in the mouth’ means to be born in favourable circumstances.This is an idiom.     

Q10.  Answer (d) mistake

Mistakes and crimes are confessed.

SSC CGL English MCQs
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