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SSC CGL English Confusing Word / SSC CHSL English Confusing Words Part B

SSC CGL English Confusing Word / SSC CHSL English Confusing Words

In this post we shall discuss about “Confusing Words and these are the most important for competitive exams.

Bascially we can say that Confusing words are those words which have same pronunciation but have different meanings and spellings. Such as Weak and Week.

We have started the series of confusing words. So Here is the list of some confusing words::

1. Bad/Badly   

Bad is an adjective used after verbs like am, feel, is, seem, and become: They felt bad. (Using badly here would mean that their skill at feeling is poor).

Badly is an adverb used after other verbs: They played badly .

Badly can also mean “greatly”: They needed food badly.

2. Baited/bated   

Baited usually refers to traps: Baiting deer in order to hunt them is illegal in most states.

Bated is seldom used but means “reduced, abated”: Jessica bated her pace to let her running mate catch up.

3. Bare/Bear   

Bare means “naked”: Walking in grass with bare feet is refreshing.

Bear is the animal, and also means “to carry”: Sherman must bear the burden of flunking math twice.

4. Bazaar/Bizarre  

Bazaar is an exhibition, market, or fair: The Saturday morning bazaar is worth seeing even if you buy nothing.

Bizarre means “weird and unworldly”: Barry told us a bizarre story last night.

5. Beside/Besides

Beside means “next to”: Place the dishes beside the sink.

Besides is an adverb or preposition that means “also, additionally”: I would enjoy going on a vacation besides going shopping.

Besides English your maths should also be strong to clear the exam.

6. Biannual/Biennial   

Biannual is twice in one year: My trip to the dentist is a biannual event.

Biennial means “every two years”: These flowers are biennial; they bloom every two years.

7. Bimonthly/Semimonthly 

Bimonthly means “every two months”: We order from the co-op bimonthly.

Semimonthly means “twice a month (biweekly)”: We have our house cleaned semimonthly.

8. Lithe/Lithe   

Blithe, an adjective, means “lighthearted and carefree”: A blithe mood overcomes us in the spring.

Lithe is also an adjective but it means “flexible, graceful, and supple”: The lithe movements of the yoga instructor impressed us all.

9. By/Buy/Bye   

By is a preposition meaning “next to”: Park the car by the house.

Buy means “purchase”: Grandpa buys an ice cream cone every Sunday afternoon.

Bye means “farewell or good-bye”: Bye, now; I’ll see you later.

SSC CGL English Confusing Word
10. Board/Bored  

Board means a few things. One is “a long sheet of wood”: He had to cut the board to make the shelves. It also means “a committee”: The board of directors met to decide the fate of the school. Lastly, it can mean”to get onto”: She boarded the ship.

Bored means “not interested”: She is bored by the lecture.

11. Bore/Boar/Boor    

A bore is a boring or tiresome person or thing: Jasper is such a bore when he talks about his cats!

A boar is a male pig: Wild boars abound in this forest.

A boor is an unrefined, vulgar person: What a boor Rajiv was to get drunk at the wedding and embarrass everyone.

12. Born/Borne  

Born is newly coming into life: A child was born at 12:01 New Year’s day.

Borne means “carried”: All gossip is borne by an ill wind.

13. Borrow/Lend/Loan     

Borrow is to receive something from someone temporarily: to borrow a book and then return it.

Lend is a verb that mean “to temporarily give something to someone”.

Loan is a noun: a bank loan. Loan is often used in American English as a verb meaning “to lend”: Loan me a book, please.

14 . Brake/Break     

Brake means “to stop”: You should brake slowly on ice.

Break means “to smash”: To break a mirror brings seven years of worse luck than you are having now.

15. Breath/Breathe

Breath is a noun meaning “the air pulled into the lungs”: Take a deep breath and relax.

Breathe, with an E on the end, is a verb: Just breathe deeply and calm down.

16. Bridal/Bridle 

Bridal has to do a bride and her wedding: Sheela threw her bridal bouquet to the screaming crowd of single women.

A bridle is a halter or restraint, such as a horse bridle.

Pinnacle SSC CGL CHSL English Confusing Words Part B
17. Belief/Believe  

Belief is a noun: He had strong beliefs.

Believe is a verb: She believes she can do anything.


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