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SSC CGL “Online Coaching Batch ” I Hard drive course I 80 Products

SSC CGL “Online Coaching Batch ”  Hard drive course 80 Products

SSC CGL “Online Coaching Batch ” or Hard drive course = 80 Products

  • New “Online Coaching Batch” : SSC CGL 2018 & 2019 

Pinnacle SSC CGL Online Coaching has launched India’s the most comprehensive online test series. Different types of test series are designed to keep in mind the requirement of different students.

SSC CGL 2017 Tier 2 is in full peak. I hope aspirants is using every moment to make it successful. At Pinnacle we are also trying to help through videos lectures, test series, chapter wise contents, doubts clearing support, guidance strategy.

At this juncture to jump your score you can join our “Online Coaching Batch”. This will help you in SSC CGL Tier1, Tier2, Tier 3, Tier 4 and full support and actions for SSC CGL 2018. You can be immediately part of 80 Products

Whatever and whenever any new initiative or product launched “Online Coaching Batch” students will be part of it.

In recent days the demand for our “Online Coaching Batch” has increased many times. It was your encouragement and motivation we have started daily new batch for “Online Coaching Batch” applicable for 2018 & 2019.

You can trust us that this is India’s the most comprehensible program focused on SSC CGL.

Popularity of this course is much high what we have thought. Thanks !!!

Highlights of the course

SSC CGL 2018 and 2019 : Both will be covered. 

  1. This course will cover complete Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4. All 80 products will be covered in this ” Online Coaching Batch”
    90000+ questions will be covered during the course.
  2. Facilities /services related to the course will be till final step i.e. 3rd Step if any under new pattern. And also cover complete process (Tier1 and Tier 2) of 2018. Generally it can be 2 year process or more.
  3. Daily/weekly/all contents PDF files will be sent as per schedule.
  4. Course will be self study mode in details as per the coaching module.
  5. Decide your time to see videos /study notes/tests.
  6. 500+ videos Link for SSC CGL (Math + English + GK + Reasoning) covering everything in details.

SSC CGL 2018: New ” Online Coaching Batch” daily: Math comprehensive Videos covering all topics + English 100 Videos + 200 Vidoes GK/Reasoning videos covering all topics will be part of this course. Video  will be provided through links which will be permanent through You tube or Drop Box. You can also download videos. You can also get all vidoes through courier in your hard drive. Sample Videos visit

SSC CGL 2018 & 2019 :Now “Online Coaching Batch”  daily new batch


  1. Regular self assessment Tests will be conducted.
  2. 99% chances are that 2018 & 2019 exam will be online exam so all facilities of online exam will be provided. 100 Online full length Tests + 80 Tier 2 Full length Tests will be provided for 2018 which can be used for 2019 also as active support will continue.
  3. During the course 100 Tier 1, and 80 Tier 2 full lengths test will be provided in PDF also. It means PDF files + online test like IBPS conducts.
  4. Contents will be provided in PDF format which you can take print out if required. Otherwise store in PDF format.
  5. For doubt clearance, students can raise query though email.
  6. So daily doubt clearing session will be there. (9 pm-5 pm) or drop email /whatsapp as per convenience.
  7. Guidance and strategy to tackle challenges will be part of the course.
  8. In fact Guidance + Regularity + doubt sessions + time bound + study material + Video lectures(math+English+ GK + Reasoning)+Tests + in-depth research and analysis = online coaching batch.
  9. Being a specialised institute of SSC CGL Coaching you will find all services/contents /tests on single plateform i.e. “Pinnacle Online Coaching Batch”
  10. SSC CGL 2018: Target 500 /600 in Tier 1 +Tier 2, those appearing for 2018 should also follow the same aim.
  11.  Fee structure Rs 10000/- for the above said course 2018 and 2019. Also go through the schedule/program. Get 40% discount and join today. Click here

SSC CGL 2018 & 2019 :Now “Online Coaching Batch” daily new batch

SSC CGL 2018 & 2019 :Now “Online Coaching Batch”  daily new batch

SSC CGL 2018 & 2019 :Now “Online Coaching Batch”  daily new batch





There are different means for SSC CGL exam preparation, this method I believe will be helpful for all those who are looking for extensive preparation. You can depend on us. We are not  just a website  but coaching institute which has experience.

All the best for SSC CGL 2018 !!!

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SSC CGL 2018 & 2019 :Now “Online Coaching Batch”  daily new batch: You may like other important topics:


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