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SSC CGL CHSL CPO General Awareness 10000 MCQs Series Part 30/200

SSC CGL CHSL CPO General Awareness 10000 MCQs Series Part 30/200

SSC CGL CHSL CPO General Awareness 10000 MCQs Series Part 30/200


Q1331._________is the most abundant element in the earth’s crust.
(a) Iron

(b) Oxygen

(c) Nitrogen

(d) Silicon

Q1332. The process of coating the iron water pipes with a thin layer of zinc is called
(a) Zinc plating

(b) Galvanization

(c) Vulcanization

(d) Amalgamation


Q1333. The chemical that is commonly present in both the teeth and bones is
(a) Calcium phosphate

(b) Calcium silicate

(c) Calcium chloride

(d) Calcium borate

Q1334. When water reacts with a salt to produce a free acid and free base, the reaction is

(a) Electrolysis

(b) Hydrolysis  

(c) Pyrolysis

(d) Electrophoresis


Q1335. The tip of a safety match stick is made up of

(a) Antimony sulphide

(b) Glue and powdered glass

(c) Potassium chlorate                  

(d) All mentioned above


Q1336. Brown sugar solution is decolourised making use of

(a) Wood charcoal

(b) Animal charcoal       

(c) Coconut charcoal

(d) Sugar charcoal



Q1337. Diamonds are weighed in terms of carat. One carat amounts to

(a) 110 Mg

(b) 200 Mg

(c) 400 Mg

(d) 100 Mg

Q1338. The purity of gold is expressed in terms of carat. The purest form of gold is

(a) 24 Carats

(b) 22 Carats

(c) 21 Carats

(d) 23 Carats


Q1339. Which of the following flames has the highest temperature?

(a) Oxy-hydrogen

(b) Oxy-acetylene          

(c) Blow-pipe burner

(d) Oxy-LPG


Q1340. The photographic film has a paste of
(a) Colloidal calcium chloride in gum arabic

(b) Colloidal zinc chloride in gelatin

(c) Colloidal silver bromide in gelatin

(d) Colloidal platinumin sodium hydroxide



Q1341. Which of the following is the best source of nitrogen as fertiliser ?
(a) Ammonium chloride

(b) Ammonium sulphate

(c) Ammonium nitrate

(d) Hydroxide


Q1342. Brass is an alloy of

(a) Copper and lead

(b) Copper and tin

(c) Copper and zinc

(d) Copper and aluminium

Q1343.  Which of the following metals the hardest is

(a) Gold

(b) Silver

(c) Tungsten      

(d) Platinum


Q1344. Different gases are present in the atmosphere. __________is present in highest percentage.
(a) Nitrogen      

(b) Oxygen

(c) Argon

(d) Carbon monoxide

SSC CGL CHSL CPO General Awareness 10000 MCQs Series Part 30/200
Q1345. Carborundum is
(a) Aluminium trioxide

(b) Zinc oxide

(c) Hexachloro platinic acid

(d) Silicon carbide


Q1346. Which is the iron ore?
(a) Siderite

(b) Magnetite

(c) Haematite

(d) All the above

Q1347. Silicon carbide is used in industries as

(a) A solvent

(b) An abrasive                

(c) A degreaser

(d) A catalyst


Q1348. Nessler’s solution is used to detect which of the following ?
(a) Ammonium ions

(b) Chloride ions

(c) Sulphate ions

(d) Nitrate ions

Q1349. Fluorine is not found to occur free in nature because
(a) Of its very low boiling point

(b) Of its very high reactivity

(c) Of its very low atomic weight

(d) Of its vicinity to the inert element in the periodic table

Q1350. A Dewar flask is used to
(a) Store liquid air

(b) Preserve distilled water

(c) Carry out gaseous reaction under adiabatic conditions

(d) Measure exact volumes of corrosive fluids


Q1351. Which of the following comes under the category of nitrogenous fertilizers?

(a) Calcium ammonium nitrate

(b) Diammonium phosphate

(c) Calcium cyanamide

(d) All the above


Q1352. When a dilute solution of iodine is treated against a dilute solution of sodium thiosulphate, some starch solution is added to the titre mixture. Formation of a blue colour on the addition of starch indicates :-

(a) The end point is reached; all the iodine has been neutralised
(b) The end point is yet to come; all the iodine has not been neutralised
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) None of the above


Q1353. Hydronium ion is given by the formula

(a) H+

(b) H30+

(c) OH

(d) H2O



Q1354. Lead pipes are considered unsafe for drinking water. Because


(a) Lead is a heavy metal
(b) Lead is liver and nervous toxic element
(c) Water containing dissolved air attacks lead readily forming lead oxide and later lead hydroxide. The solvent action of water is known plumbo solvency
(d) None of the above



Q1355. Plutonium for the atom bomb was produced from
(a) U236


(c) Sr90

(d) Sr92



Q1356. In the production of blast furnace iron the following set of raw materials is used
(a) Ore, coke, water, limestone

(b) Ore, electricity, water, limestone

(c) Ore, coke, limestone, air      

(d) Ore, sand, electricity, air

Q1357. What are the important sources of organic compounds?


(a) Plants

(b) Animals

(c) Coal tar, natural gas and petroleum products

(d) All the above



Q1358. pH of a solution is mathematically expressed as
(a) pH=- log10 (H+)

(b) pH =- log10(OH)
(c) pH = log10 (H+)

(d) pH = log10(OH)

Q1359. When liquid air is fractionally distilled which gas among the following will be obtained as the last fraction ?

(a) Helium

(b) Hydrogen

(c) Oxygen         

(d) Nitrogen

Q1360. The chemical formula for heavy water is

(a) H2O

(b) T20

(c) D20

(d) D2O,T2O

Q1361. All matters are made up of small particles called
(a) Molecules

(b) Atoms

(c) Ions

(d) All the above


Q1362. Hydrogen is an important constituent of
(a) Petroleum

(b) Natural gas

(c) Water

(d) All the above


Q1363. Certain solids have the property of absorbing some gases, either by the formation of a chemical compound or by forming a solid solution, or by the condensation of the gas on the surface of the solid. This process is called

(a) Absorption

(b) Occlusion

(c) Diffusion

(d) Osmosis

Q1364. Which is the lightest gas?
(a) Hydrogen    

(b) Helium

(c) Xenon

(d) Krypton

Q1365. Oxygen forms approximately

(a) One third of the atmosphere

(b) One fourth of the atmosphere

(c) One fifth of the atmosphere               

(d) One sixth of the atmosphere


Q1366. Rusting of iron is an example of the chemical reaction
(a) Oxidation    

(b) Reduction

(c) Absorption

(d) Adsorption

Q1367. Permanent hardness of water can be reduced by adding

(a) Sodium sulphate

(b) Sodium carbonate

(c) Calcium chloride

(d) Potassium chloride

Q1368. The bleaching action of chlorine is by
(a) Decomposition

(b) Oxidation    

(c) Reduction

(d) Substitutio

Q1369. The purest form of water is

(a) Rain water

(b) Surface water

(c) Well water

(d) River water


Q1370. Iodine deficiency in food intake leads to

(a) Headache

(b) Pneumonia

(c) Goitre

(d) Blindness

Q1371. Which of the following chemicals is used in making the sensitive emulsion on photographic films ?

(a) Sodium bromide

(b) Silver bromide

(c) Potassium chloride

(d) Calcium fluoride



Q1372. Sulphur dioxide acts as a bleaching agent by the process of

(a) Oxidation

(b) Reduction

(c) Substitution

(d) Polymerisation

Q1373. Laughing gas is chemically called as

(a) Nitric oxide

(b) Nitrogen pentoxide

(c) Nitrous oxide

(d) Nitrogen trioxide


Q1374. For storing sulphuric acid, which of the following vessels is most suitable?

(a) Copper vessel            

(b) Glass vessel               

(c) Aluminium vessel

(d) Earthen vessel


Q1375. One of the following is neither an element nor a compound. Spot it
(a) Water

(b) Acetylene

(c) Air                   

(d) Fructose

Q1376. When organic matter decays marshy gas is formed. The main constituent of this gas is

(a) Carbon monoxide

(b) Carbon dioxide

(c) Methane

(d) Ethyl alcohol


Q1377. Vinegar is prepared by

(a) The fermentation of rotten grapes in the absence of air
(b) The fermentation of apple cider in the absence of air
(c) The dehydration of wine and the hydrolysis of ethyl acetate
(d) None of the above

Q1378. Wood charcoal is obtained by burning wood 

(a) In the presence of air

(b) In the presence of chlorine

(c) In the presence of water

(d) In the absence of air




Q1379. Photographic plates are kept covered with black paper. This is because
(a) Silver bromide spread on the photographic plate is highly sensitive to light and a cover of black paper prevents contact with light
(b) Black paper absorbs all radiations without allowing it to reach the photographic plate
(c) Only when covered with black paper the film can be developed easily
(d) If not covered, silver gets tarnished

Q1380. Tick the element that forms the greatest number of compounds
(a) Nitrogen

(b) Oxygen

(c) Carbon

(d) Sulphur



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