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SSC CGL CHSL CPO General Awareness 10000 MCQs Series Part 17/200

SSC CGL CHSL CPO General Awareness 10000 MCQs Series Part 17/200

SSC CGL CHSL CPO General Awareness 10000 MCQs Series Part 17/200


SSC CGL CHSL CPO General Awareness 10000 MCQs Series Part 17/200

Q631. When did China start the Civil Services Examinations?

(a) 6 A.D

(b) 1905

(c) 1920

(d) 1949

Q632. The chief advocate of Fascism was:

(a) Mussolini

(b) Adolf Hitler

(c) St. Simon

(d) Robert Owen

Q633. Whose teachings inspired the French Revolution?

(a) Locke

(b) Rousseau

(c) Hegel

(d) Plato

Q634. D- Day is the day when:

(a) Germany declared war on Britain

(b) US dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima

(c) Allied Troops landed in Normandy

(d) Germany surrendered to the allies

Q635. Who was the first Calipha

(a)Sulaiman, the Great

(b) Abu Bakr

(c) Iman Hussain

(d) Constantine

Q636. From which country did the USA purchase Alaska to make it the 50th federating State?

(a) Canada

(b) Britain

(c) Russia

(d) France

Q637. The war criminals of the II World War were put to trial in

(a) Nuremburg

(b) Peiter’s burg

(c) Gettysburg

(d) Peits burg

Q638. The theory of “natural rights” was propounded by

(a) Hobbes

(b) Locke

(c) Bentham

(d) Marx

Q639. During 18th century who among the following philosophers said these famous words? “Man is born free but is everywhere in chains.”

(a) Voltaire

(b) Jack Dareda

(c) Jean Jack Rousseau

(d) Montesque

Q640. Arrange the following events in the chronological order:

(a) Sir Winston Churchill dies

(b) Alaska becomes the 49th State of the USA

(c) China and Pakistan sign frontier treaty

(d) First earth satellite (Sputnik 1) launched by the USSR


(a) (a) (b) (c) (d)

(b) (d) (b) (c) (a)

(c) (b) (c) (a) (d)

(d) (c) (d) (b) (a)

Q641. Which two countries were involved in a Hundred Years War?

(a) Turkey and Austria

(b) England and France

(c) Palestine and Israel

(d) Germany and Russia

Q642. Who were the three eminent statesmen who started the Nonaligned Movement?

(a) Jawaharlal Nehru, Anwar Sadat, Soekarno

(b) Jawaharlal Nehru, Chou Enlai, Kwame Nkrumah

(c) Jawaharlal Nehru, Fidel Castro, Marshal Tito

(d) Jawaharlal Nehru, Gamal Abdul Nasser, Marshal Tito

Q643. Arrange the following events in the chronological order:

(A) Birth of Prophet Mohammed

(B) Rise of Gupta dynasty in India

(C) Completion of the Roman Colosseum

(D) Peter the Great becomes the Czar of Russia


(a) (C), (B), (A), (D)

(b) (A), (C), (D), (B)

(c) (B), (D), (C), (A)

(d) (D), (A), (C), (B)

Q644. Waterloo is located in

(a) England

(b) France

(c) Spain

(d) Belgium

Q645. Who is known as the “Lady with the Lamp”?

(a) Joan of Arc

(b) Helen Keller

(c) Florence Nightingale

(d) Sarojini Naidu

Q646. ‘Anti Semitism’ to Adolf Hitler meant

(a) Anti Black policy

(b) Anti Jewish policy

(c) Anti Protestant policy

(d) Anti German policy

Q647. In Greek mythology, Apollo is the god of what?

(a) Prophecy

(b) Medicine

(c) Love

(d) Peace

Q648. In which country is Karabla, the holy city of Shia Muslims located?

(1) Iran

(b) Iraq

(c) Jordan

(d) Syria

Q649. The American Civil War saw the end of

(a) Slavery

(b) Landlordism

(c) Monarchy

(d) Apartheid

Q650. The city of ‘Tashkent” is located in

(a) Uzbekistan

(b) Kazakhstan

(c) Russia

(d) Kyrgystan

Q651. Who is the Duchess of Cornwall?

(a) Diana

(b) Camilla

(c) Anne

(d) Margaret

Q652. The ideology of fascism developed in

(a) Germany

(b) Japan

(c) My                    

(d) Russia

Q653. Who among the following is referred to as ‘Desert Fox’?

(a) Lord Wavell

(b) Gen. Eisenhover

(c) Gen. Rommel

(d) Gen. McArthur

Q654. Who were the Axis powers in World War-II?

(a) Poland, Japan, Germany

(b) Italy, Japan, Britain

(c) Germany, Italy, France

(d) Germany, Italy, Japan

Q655. Independence movement of Vietnam was headed by

(a) Ngo Dinh Diem

(b) Zhou Enlai

(c) Pol Pot

(d) Ho Chi Minh

Q656. Which of the following group of thinkers influenced Fascism?

(a) Plato, Machiavelli and Herbet Spencer

(b) Aristotle, St. Augustine and T.H. Green

(c) Kant, Fichte, Hegel and Rosenberg

(d) Karl Marx, Engels and Lenin

Q657. Who is called the “Greatest investigator of antiquity”?

(a) Aristotle

(b) Darwin

(c) Cuvier

(d) Socrates

Q659. Who has given the statement “Man is born free but he is always in chain?”

(a) Locke

(b) Rousseau

(c) Bentham

(d) Robert Mill

Q660. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer from the code given below the Lists:

List-I (Names)

(a) Hobbes

(b) Rousseau

(c) Locke

(d) Hitler


List-II (Events)

  1. French Revolution
  2. Glorious Revolution
  3. Execution of Charles 1
  4. Second World War Code:


(a) a b c d

2 3 1 4

(b) a b c d

3 1 2 4

(c) a b c d

1 4 2 3

(d) a b c d

12 4 3

Q661. In U.S.A. the President is elected by

(a) The Senate

(b) Universal Adult Franchise

(c) The House of Representatives

(d) The Congress

Q662. The United Kingdom is a classic example of a/an

(a) aristocracy

(b) absolute monarchy

(c) constitutional monarchy

(d) polity

Q663. Social Contract theory was advocated by

(a) Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau

(b) Plato, Aristotle and Hegel

(c) Mill, Bentham and Plato

(d) Locke, Mill and Hegel

Q664. Who is called the ‘Father of History’?

(a) Plutarch

(b) Herodotus

(c) Justin

(d) Pliny

Q665. With the fall of which among the following, the French Revolution began?

(a) Bastille

(b) Communes

(c) Jacobin Club

(d) Pillnitz

Q666. Which one country is still governed by a monarch?

(a) Afghanistan

(b) Iran

(c) Iraq

(d) Saudi Arabia

Q667. The island of Corsica is associated with

(a) Mussolini

(b) Hitler

(c) Napolean Bonaparte

(d) Winston Churchill

Q668. In which of the following wars, were the French completely defeated by the English?

(a) Battle of Wandiwash

(b) Battle of Buxar

(c) Battle of Plassey

(d) Battle of Adyar

Q669. Japan’s Parliament is known as

(a) Diet

(b) Dail

(c) Yuan

(d) Shora

Q670. The currency of Thailand is

(a) Bhat

(b) Rupiah

(c) Yuan

(d) Yen



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