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SSC CGL 2017 Tier 1 Exam | English Ques./Solution | Pinnacle Coaching

SSC CGL 2017 Tier 1 Exam | English Ques./Solution | Pinnacle Coaching

Directions(1-2): Out of the four alternatives choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentences.

Q1. Any strong fortress.

(a) Fort

(b) impenetrable

(c) Citadel

(d) bastion

Q2. The act of observing and analyzing one’s own thoughts and feelings

(a) Circumspection

(b) Introspection

(c) wonder

(d) Thoughtful

Directions(3-5): Some parts of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which part of the sentence has an error

Q3. He asked me many time if (a)/ I could lend him some money(b)/ as his business was not doing well.(c)/No error(d)

(a) a

(b) b

(c) c

(d) d

Q4. Dense fog on the highway (a)/was the cause of the collusion(b)/ between the truck and the school bus.(c)/No error(d)

(a) a

(b) b

(c) c

(d) d

Q5. Though corporal punishment (a)/has been ban it still prevails(b)/in most schools.(c)/No error(d)

(a) a

(b) b

(c) c

(d) d

SSC CGL 2017 Tier 1 Exam | English Ques./Solution | Pinnacle Coaching

Directions (6-8): In the following questions, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word(s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four as your answer.

Q6. ……………… following all the instructions closely, he missed out an important guideline.

(a) instead of

(b) Although

(c) Inspite of

(d) Otherwise

Q7. I visit Shimla frequently; however, I have never…..………..Kufri.

(a) went to

(b) visited to

(c) been too

(d) been to

Q8. He was junior…………….me in college and we have been friends since then.

(a) with

(b) than

(c) from

(d) to

SSC CGL 2017 Tier 1 Exam | English Ques./Solution | Pinnacle Coaching
Directions(9-10): Out of the four alternatives choose the one which is opposite in meaning to the given words.

Q9. Nourish

(a) starve

(b) foster

(c) sustain

(d) strengthen

Q10. controversial

(a) uncertain

(b) dubious

(c) undisputed

(d) questionable

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