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SSC CGL 2017 Tier-1 16th-August Exam Analysis

SSC CGL 2017 Tier-1 16th-August Exam Analysis

SSC CGL 2017 Tier-1 16th-August Exam Analysis


Dear Students,

As you all know that SSC CGL 2017 Tier-1 examination is going on. Today was the Seventh day of the examination. We at Pinnacle will bring out the exam analysis on daily basis so that the Students who has exam in coming days gets benefited. It will give you an overall idea of chapter wise distribution of questions as well as the difficulty level of questions asked in different subjects. Stay tuned for the detail analysis of daily exam paper at our website. 

Detail Analysis

General Intelligence(Reasoning) had 4-5 tricky questions. So more than 20 question with 100% accuracy will be  consider as a  good attempt. All the basic chapter was covered like Odd one out, Blood relations, Analogy, series, matrix, syllogism, direction test etc. There were no surprises like English was there in this section. Even today few students has the opinion that this section was easy and not much time consuming(coding decoding and number series is consistently coming harder).

Overall difficulty level of this paper: Easy to moderate

English Language was of difficulty level just like the previous day. There were a few changes like reading comprehension was replaced by cloze test, there were questions from Narration and active passive voice as well. SSC has included parajumble which was not there in  last year examination. Parajumble were quiet tough. Till last year these portion were part of Tier-2 English question paper. Rest of the chapters were same like 3 questions each from sentence improvement, error detection, Idioms and phrases,Antonyms, synonyms, one word substitution and spelling check etc. Synonyms and antonyms were on tougher side(phrasal verb, antonyms, synonyms were on tougher side than rest of portions). Very few vocabs are coming from previous year papers. 

Overall difficulty level of this paper: Easy to moderate

Quantitative Aptitude(Mathematics) was a bit calculative considering the fact that SSC has reduced the exam duration  from 75 Minutes to 60 Minutes. So you need to be very selective while you attempt this section. It is always a wise decision to skip lengthy question for the last otherwise it can ruin your paper as a whole. There was one DI consists of PIE/tabular graph having 5 questions(Questions were calculative). Apart from DI, 2-3 question each were from Algebra, geometry, time and work, trigonometry, mensuration, S.I&C.I, profit loss etc. DI questions are very calculative.

Overall difficulty level of this paper: Moderate to tough

General Awareness(GK) had questions covering almost all aspects of GK. Major focus areas was History, Polity(4-5 questions each) and Science (7-8 questions). The level varied between easy and moderate. There were a few questions from economics and geography as well. Few history and polity questions were repeated. There were good number of questions from current events. Now we see that questions are getting repeated in this section from previous year papers.

Overall difficulty level of this paper: Easy to moderate depending upon your knowledge base

Here are a few sample questions from today’s different shift paper. These are based on the input from our students.

 What is Direct transformation from solid to gas is called ?

→ Hydraulic lift works on the Principle of ?

→ Who got Life time achievement award 2017?

→ SAARC summit in 2016 postponed,  In which country it was to be held?

→ Largest gland in the human body?

“Hema Malini: Beyond the Dream Girl”was written by?
Ans:  Ram Kamal Mukherjee

→ Sardar patel was associated with which of the following?
Ans: Bardoli satyagraha

Judicial review was taken from which country?

→ Lichens and mosses are characteristic of which of the following?

→ Fly ashes are formed in which of the following?
Ans:coal power plant

→ How many times one can become President?
Ans:Many Times

→ Maximum temperature difference during day and night is in which of the following?

→ Night blindness is due to the deficiency of which vitamin?

Who killed John Saunders in 1927 ?
Ans: Bhagat Singh and Shivaram Rajguru

→ “Quensburry Rule” related to which sport?

→ “Dulari Kanya” scheme started by which state?
Ans:Arunachal Pradesh

→ Bronze is an alloy made up of  which of the following?
Ans:Copper and Tin

→ Theory of Relativity given by?
Ans:Albert Einstein

→ What is indifference curve?

→ In Jan 2017 China started 7456 mile long railway track connecting China and which country?

→ Which hockey player was awarded Padma Shri award this year?
Ans:PR Sreejesh

→ What does I mean in MICR?

→ Right portion of heart receives what kind of blood?
→ Match of the following?
→ Celcius and Forenheit are same at what temperature?
→ Study of tumor is called?
→ First super computer of world?
→ Chemical formula of quick lime?
→ BRICS 2017 will be held in?
→Polio vaccine was developed by whom?
→ Ginger is a stem or root?
→ Which article is the soul of constitution?
→ Filmfare lifetime award 2017 is given to?
→ David Warner is from which country?
→ Which country has longest bullet train?
→ Inventor of Radar
→ How many parts are there in the brain?
→ Narmada Bachao is related to?
→ Electron was discovered by?
→ Indian forest are mostly of which type?
→ What is adrenaline?
→ Carbolic acid is also known as?
→ Who abolished Sati Pratha in India?
→ Lorenz curve is related to?

This was all for today. Keep visiting our website. We will provide more extensive coverage going forward. If you have any specific concern, please comment on the post. We will try to respond to your queries. Our best wishes are with you for your examination.

Thank You!





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