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SSC CGL 2017 & 2018 Online Coaching New Batch

SSC CGL 2017 & 2018 Online Coaching New Batch

SSC CGL 2017 & 2018 Online Coaching New Batch   Join Now

 This course will cover SSC CGL Tier 1 +  Tier2 + Tier3 + Tier 4

Highlights of Online Coaching Batch

  • It will cover JobAssure Tier 1 , JobAssure Tier 2, JobAssure Tier 3 , JobAssure Tier 4 
  • JobAssure series is a day wise program. In JobAssure Tier 1 students are categorised in Type 1, Type 2 , Type 3 , Type 4, Type 5  Each category has different approach.
  • Daily test as per category is condcuted on Pinnacle Online Test Portal.
  • E.g. daily test chapter wise
  • SSC CGL 2017 & 2018 Online Coaching New Batches.
  • Besides daily test , you will get 90 Full Length online tests for Tier 1 ( Dangal Series ) . 80 Full Length online  Tests for Tier 2 , 30 Full Length online tests for Tier 3. All full length tests of tier 1 (math , English , GK , Reasoning portions ), tier 2 (math /English), tier 3 are backed by video solution of each question.
  • Besides this you can also watch many guidance and motivation related videos.
  • You will get videos link card in your email to access videos. You can also download or watch. These will be shared from our system through google drive.
  • e.g Video link card
  • SSC CGL 2017 & 2018 Online Coaching New Batches.
  • In this way you will get video link cards. There are around 1200 videos lectures. 800 more videos are expected in 2017. So these huge videos explanation will cover each and every thing required to top all India in SSC CGL.
  • SSC CGL 2017 & 2018 Online Coaching New Batches.
  • You click on any topic and video is in front of you by expert. You can download and run without internet after downloading.
  • SSC CGL 2017 & 2018 Online Coaching New Batches.

Math , Reasoning , English , GK all you will prepare with Pinnacle experts and technology.

SSC CGL 2017 & 2018 Online Coaching New Batches.

With one click you can watch video solution of test series. Each question of every test you will find solution through video in best possible methods including all short cuts and tricks/techniques.

SSC CGL 2017 & 2018 Online Coaching New Batches.

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SSC CGL 2017

We will provide you Videos and study material in PDF files through email which will cover all concepts, tricks, practice questions. Pinnacle “Online Coaching batch” is unique and a single platform for all contents PDFs, Video, Test series , doubt clearing, guidance. You can clear your doubts by sending emails. 
In this course we will provide you 90 Full length Online Test series Tier 1 (DANGAL )  and 80 Full length Tier 2 Online test series . Once you qualify for Tier 3 you will be part of our two way Tier 3 program.  
This course will cover 2017 and full support and contents will continue for 2018 also.

You need not to purcahse any other book or join any other coaching centre.

SSC CGL is a highly reputed exam for those who are looking government job on graduation basis. In fact next to IAS, SSC CGL is the most reputed.

This exam is conducted in 4 phases. Prelims or Tier 1, Mains or Tier 2 , Tier 3 and Tier 4. To prepare this exam one needs proper guidance, up to date and quality study material, practice tests etc.

Pinnacle SSC CGL coaching centre based at Hisar (Haryana) is a specialized coaching centre for SSC CGL exams since last 7 years. From all over India and even from abroad who are looking to come back India joins Pinnacle Online Coaching Batch. You can join any time and you will get access. More than 6000 students have benefited from our coaching and guidance in 2016 SSC CGL program. We expect more than 20,000 students will be part of Pinnacle for SSC CGL 2017.

SSC CGL exam is a totally different exam and needs due attention along with structured approach.

Duration : Complete coverage SSC CGL 2017 and SSC CGL 2018 ( Tier1, Tier2 , Tier 3, Tier4 )
Fee : Rs 10,000/-

Early bird discount : 30% . After discount fee only Rs 7000/-

Objective of the program SSC CGL 2017 & 2018: To ensure in-depth coaching for Tier 1 ,  Tier 2 , Tier 3, Tier 4 regular tests /practice and concept building so that a deserving candidate can be polished for higher rank post in SSC CGL 2017 or 2018. From basic to advance you can trust on us.

I think Online Coaching Course will be a great step forward in digital India campaign.

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Once you pay fee ( Netbanking /Credit card /Debit card ) , you will get receipt immediately in your email. Also you will find one downloadable file in that email in which you will be asked to register for JobAssure Tier 1 (like given below). Once you register you will get email within 6 working hours for day wise schedule and user ID /password for online tests.

SSC CGL 2017 & 2018 Online Coaching New Batches.

There is a strong back up support team of 50 professionals under Baljit Dhaka and Neeru Madam leadership to help you to realize your dreams to become income tax inspector / examiner.

visit www.ssccglpinnacle.com
email: [email protected]
All the best !!!

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