SSC CGL 2014 GK Questions 19th Oct Evening Shift

SSC CGL 2014 GK Questions 19th Oct Evening Shift

SSC CGL 2014 GK Questions 19th Oct Evening Shift

SSC CGL GK questions

General Awareness

General Awareness      

Evening Shift

Paper Codes 

Morning session: 8 papers (19th)

Evening session: 4 Papers (19th)


       SSC CGL 2014 GK: I am posting 111RJ2 Analysis. All codes have same questions but sequence is different.  Answer Key 

Observation: 2 questions are from current GK
while in morning nil.  Science with 23 questions ( morning 26) dominates the paper. Economy section with 6 questions including 5 from microeconomics ( 12th Class NCERT Microeconomics ) can be highly scoring.  GK like sports, Headquarters / UN have 6 questions.  Science and Engineering students may have edge. Arts students  who have special interest in science tech and microeconomics  will emerge as victorious.

Lessons: Like UPSC, SSC is also giving more weight- age to science tech.   Follow NCERTs, will help you in all exams. We will all notes related to GK based on NCERT or related to SSC on this website.

How much score from GK section:  It is always tough to score in GK . If you have command in GK it will help you a lot. I believe that you should score above 25 in GK .    Below 15 means you could not take GK sincerely.   Science and microeconomics are the game changer.    

SSC CGL 2014 GK Level of Difficulty of the paper: Above average 





  1. The demand of a factor of production is
    A. Direct B. derived C. neutral D. discretion of producer
  2. If the average revenue is a horizontal straight line, marginal revenue will be
    A. U shaped B. Kinked C. Identical with average revenue D. L shaped
  3. The hypothesis that rapid growth of per capita income will be associated with a reduction in poverty is called
    A. trickle down hypothesis B. trickle up hypothesis
    C. U shaped hypothesis D. poverty estimation hypothesis
  4. According to Keynes, business cycles are due to variation to variation in the rate of investment caused by fluctuations in the
    A. Marginal efficiency of capital B. Marginal propensity to save
    C. Marginal propensity to consumption D. Marginal efficiency to investment
  5. The main emphasis of Keynesian economics is on
    A. Expenditure B. Exchange C. Foreign trade D. Taxation
  6. The main feature of the Federal State is
    A. Decetralisation B. Centralisation C. Theory of separation of power D. Sovereignty
  7. Public opinion is
    A. The opinion of the majority B. The opinion of the people on political matters
    C. Opinion of the citizen of the country D. The opinion based on the reasoning which is for the welfare
  8. In India the largest single item of current government expenditure is
    A. Defence Expenditure B. Interest payment of debt
    C. Payment of subsidies D. Investment in social overheads
  9. Which of the following is an item included on the list of Fundamental Duties of an Indian citizen in the Constitution?
    A. To practice secularism.
    B. To develop scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of enquiry and reform.
    C. To pay all taxes to government regularly and correctly
    D. Not to assault any public servant in the (during) performance of his duties.
  10. The first woman to preside over the UN General Assembly:
    A. Rajkumari Amrit Kaur B. Vijaylaxmi Pandit
    C. Kamala Nehru D. Indira Gandhi
  11. Panchasiddhantham of Varahamihira deals with
    A. Astrology B. Astronomy C. Medicine D. Anatomy
  12. Which one of the following coins was issued silver during the Gupta period?
    A. Kakini B. Nishka C. Rupyaka D. Dinar
  13. Lothal, the dockyard site of the Indus Valley is situated on in
    A. Gujarat B. Punjab C. Pakistan D. Haryana
  14. Who among the Delhi Sultans died of a sudden fall from horse oat Lahore while playing Chaugan?
    A. Qutbunddin Aibak B. Ilututmish C. Balban D Jalaluddin Khilji
  15. Bhuddah means
    A. Great Conqueror B. Great Saint C. Wiseone D. Enlightened one.
  16. What is ‘Biodiversity’?
    A. Many types of flora & fauna in one forest
    B. Many types of flora & fauna in many forests
    C. Many population of one species in one forest
    D. All of the above are true.
  17. Where is the headquarters of Hindustan Zink Ltd?
    A. Udaipur B. Jodhpur C. Jaisalmer D. Jaipur
  18. Leaving Agricultural land uncultivated for some years is known as
    A. Intensive farming B. Fallowing C. Shifting cultivation D. Subsistence farming
  19. The sky appears blue due to
    A. Rayleigh scattering B. Mai scattering C. Back Scattering D. None of the above.
  20. The mountain formed on the earth crust due to tension is called
    A. Young folded mountain B. Old folded mountain C. Laccolith mountain D. Bloch mountain
  21. The movement of hairs in Drosera is reffered to as
    A. Heliotropism B. Thigmotropism C. Photonastic D. Seismonastic
  22. Which of the following is an example of parasitic alga?
    A. Ulothrix B. Cephaleuros C. Oedogonium D. Saragassum
  23. Solitary cymose inflorescence is observed in
    A. Rose B. Chinorese C. Tuberose D. Gardenia
  24. The exctetory aperature in Paramocium is known as
    A. Cytopharynx B Cytostone C. Cytopyge D. Cryptospere
  25. IVF (In Vetro Fertilization) Technique was first devised by
    A. Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards B. Dr. Henary Dixon
    C. Robertson D. Dr. Martin Cooper
  26. Just born baby has the respiratory rate as
    A. 32 times/minute B. 26 times/minute C. 18 times/minute D. 15 times/minute
  27. A particle is moving in a uniform circular motion with constant speed y along a circle of radius r. The acceleration of the particle is
    A. zero B. V/r C. V/r2 D. V2/r
  28. Which of the following devices can be used to detect radiant heat?
    A. Liquid thermometer B. Six’s maximum and minimum thermometer
    C. Constant volume air thermometer D. Thermopile
  29. In which of the following the phenomenon of total internal reflection of light is used?
    A. Formation of mirage B. Working of binoculars
    C. Formation of rainbow C. Twinkling of Stars
  30. Period of oscillation of 3 cm microwaves in seconds is
    A. 1×1010 B. 1×1010
    C. 0.01 D. 0.001
  31. The most advanced form of read only memory(ROM) is
    A. PROM B. RAM C. Cache Memory D. EEPROM
  32. A computer that translates one programme instruction one at a time into machine language is called a/an
    A. Interpreter B. Complier C. Simulator D. Commander
  33. Which of the following is very reactive and kept in kerosene?
    A. Sodium B. Potassium C. Iodine D. Bromine
  34. Which of the following is a metallic ore?
    A. Mica B. Ouartz C. Feldspar D. Glena
  35. In the periodic table of elements, on moving from left to right across a period, the atomic radius
    A. decreases B. increases
    C. remains unchanged D. does not follow a definite pattern
  36. Vulcanized rubber contains sulphur
    A. 2% B. 3-5 % C. 7-9% D. 10-15%
  37. Uric Acid is the chief nitrogenous wastes in
    A. Frogs B. Frogs C. Fishes D. Mankind
  38. To conserve coral reefs, the Government of India declared one of the following as Marine Park
    A. Gulf of Kutch B. Lakshadweep Islands C. Gulff of Mannar D. Andaman Islands
  39. The special modified epidermal cells surrounding stomatal pore are called
    A. Epithelial cells B. Guard Cells C. Subsidiary Cells D. Accessory cells
  40. Transpiration trough cells is called as
    A. Cauline Transpiration B. Foliar transplantation
    C. Cuticular transplantation D. Lenticular transpiration
  41. Who is the brand ambassador of Nokia Phones in India?
    A. Shah Rukh Khan B. Amir Khan C. Abhishek Bachchan D. M.S. Dhoni
  42. Where is the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee located?
    A. Italy B. Switzerland C. Belgium D. France
  43. ‘Canterbury’ the premium Indian brand of woolen cardigans and pullovers is from the house of
    A. Monte-Carlo B. Woodland C. Digjam D. OCM
  44. Lionel Messi, the the winner of four FIFA Balli d’or and World Player of the year, belongs to
    A. Brazil B. Spain C. Argentina D. Germany
  45. Who is the brand ambassador of Hockey India League( HIL) 2013?
    A. Pargat Singh B. Dhanraj Pillai C. Navjot Singh Siddhu D. Virat Kohli
  46. “Computer Electronic Imaging Fair 2013”, formally called as “Photo Fair”, will be organized in January 2015 at
    A. Kolkata B. Chennai C. Delhi D. Mumbai
  47. Which Indian State is the leading cotton producer?
    A. Gujarat B. Maharashtra C. Andhra Pradesh D. Madhya Pradesh
  48. The ‘more mega store’ retail chain belongs to which Indian Industry?
    A. Reliance Industry B. Bharti Enterprises C. Aditya Birla Group D. None of these
  49. Who among the following was responsible for the revival of Hinduism in 19th Century?
    A. Swami Dayanand B. Swami Vivekananda
    C. Guru Shankaracharya D. Raja Ram Mohan Roy
  50. The Nobel Peace Prize Winner is awarded in which city?
    A. Brussels B. Geneva C. Oslo D. Stockhom

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