SSC CGL 2014: 19th Oct Morning Shift Explanation

SSC CGL 2014: 19th Oct Morning Shift Explanation 

SSC : Answers with explanations Code 011 LG 2

S Topic No. of Questions 19th Oct Morning Shift Shift
1 Common Errors 5
2 Fill in the blanks 5
3 Synonyms 3
4 Antonyms 3
5 Spelling mistakes 2
6 One word substitution 7
7 Idioms/phrases 5
8 Sentence improvement 10
9 Comprehension 10
Topics Zero Question Asked
Arrangement of sentences 0
Cloze test 0
Direct/Indirect 0
Voice 0

SSC CGL 2014 : Morning English Break up

SSC CGL 2014 : Morning batch Questions are
same in same in all codes only sequence is different. 19th Oct Morning Shift Paper download. Open in google drive

SSC CGL 2014

SSC CGL Tier 1 Question paper

Answer key with explanations: (Morning shift 19th October)

Q 151   b       

The subject of the sentence is the whole block of flats including two shops which is singular. The singular subject does not match with the verb that is used in the sentence which is were.So replace were by was.

Correct sentence : The whole block of flats including the two shops was destroyed in fire.

Q152     b

Replace( as much or) by (as much as or).

Correct sentence: He feels his troubles as much as or even more than they.

Note-Many students must have marked c as the answer as they must have felt that them will be used instead of they. But they has been used correctly as the two pronouns which are being compared are he and they. Both are nominative pronouns. While making comparisons in pronouns the same form should be used.

Q153     c

Replace to play by playing

Correct sentence: I like reading more than playing.

Q154     c

Replace at by to

Correct sentence: The old lady swooned but was soon restored to her senses.

Q 155     d No error

Q 156     d/b

Ambiguous means not having one clear meaning.

Ambivalent means unable to decide between two opposite paths.

Ambidextrous means equally comfortable in the use of both the hands.

Uncertain means not sure.

Q 157     c

Beyond is the most appropriate choice as the connecting word used here in the sentence is and so the sentence talks of two negatives.

Q 158     c Had signed.

The sentence has two incidents so past perfect will be used in the first incident.

Confusing choices were (b) signed and (d) had signed.

Q 159     c  Tried.

Using article the in the sentence before foolish crows makes the crows definite. So tried would be the appropriate choice.

The confusing choices were (c) tried and (d) try. If we use try the sentence becomes a habitual action of present indefinite and a general sentence so we can’t use the before foolish crows.

Q 160     d  squabbled

Apologized means express regret for something done.

Digressed means to move away from the main thing .

Conferred means granted.

Squabbled means to disagree about something petty.

Q 161     C

Convalesce  means to regain one’s health.

Diminish means to make or become less.

Admonish means scold.


Convey means to transport or carry to a place.

Q 162     B Permeable

Porous means allowing liquids or gases to pass through and so does porous.

Q163     B Bland

Insipid means tasteless and so does bland.

Q 164     C Exonerate

Indict means formally charge of a crime.

Exonerate means clear or discharge of charges.

Q 165     A Reveal

Suppress means to restrain.And reveal is just the opposite in meaning( to show)

Q 166    D

Vocal means relating to voice. Here vocal can be paired with silent as antonyms because vocal also means expressive and demanding.

Q 167    D         To keep someone in the loop means to keep someone                        updated and informed.

Q 168    C         Cut and dried method means ready made.

Q 169    C         Blackened out means lost consciousness.

Q 170    A          Hold your horses means to be patient.

Q 171    B          A cut above means superior to

Q 172    D        

Q 173    A          questioningly

Q 174    C 

Q 175     B

Q 176     B/C     With miracles we use the verb perform and work.

Q 177     B          When the choice is between two things and only one is to be taken then we use either and the verb used is singular.

Q 178    C

Usage of “A number of instance” is incorrect .It should be a number of instances.

Q 179    B

Q 180    D

Q 181     D

Q 182    D

Confusing choices were (b) monologue and (d) soliloquy. Monologue is a long speech by one actor in a play or film, or as part of a theatrical or broadcast programme . But soliloquy is the act of speaking one’s thoughts when one is alone.

Q 183    B

Exterminate means to destroy completely

Expurgate means to remove an objectionable part or matter thought to be unsuitable.

Q 184    C

Canine is pertaining to dog

Bovine is pertaining to cattle

Ovine is pertaining to sheep

Feline is pertaining to cat

Q 185    B

Q 186    D

Guardian means a person who protects or looks after something.

Tyrant means a cruel or oppressive ruler.

Humanitarian means concerned with human welfare.

Libertarian means one believing in free will.

Q 187    A/B

Shrapnel means fragments of a bomb, shell, or other object thrown out by an explosion.

Splinters mean a small, thin, sharp piece of wood, glass, or similar material broken off from a larger piece.

Q  188    A/B

Culture is part of a civilization.

Q 189     B Psychological

Q 190     B Correlative

Q 191      B

The answer lies in the very first line.

Q 192     D

Q 193     C

Q 194     C

Q 195     A          Answer lies towards of the passage.

Q 196     B          First paragraph.

Q 197     B          Second paragraph , the first line.

Q 198     D 

Q 199     C         Second paragraph in the central part of the paragraph.

Q 200    B          Second paragraph towards the end.



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