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Spot the error with Prepositions : With answers and explanations

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Spot the error with Prepositions: With answers and explanations

Spot the error with Prepositions: With answers and explanations

Directions: In question nos 1 to 20 some parts of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which part of the sentence has an error and blacken the oval corresponding to the appropriate letter a, b, c. If the sentence is free from error blacken the oval corresponding to d in the answer sheet.

Q1. He will not be able

(A)/ to cope up with

(B)/  the problems.

(C)/ No error. (D)

Q2. Sometimes
(A) / I get angry
(B) /  on her
(C) / No error (D)
Q3.He was angry at me
(A)/ because he thought my remark
(B)/was aimed before him.
(C)/No    error
Q4. These reports about the failure of the surgery
(A)/ have deterred some women
(B)/to have the surgery.
(C)/No error
Q5. His main qualification on the job
(A)/ is his extensive experience
(B)/ and his flexible nature.
(C)/No error
Q6. India's education sector is expected to grow on seven percent
(A)/ this year which is two percent
(B)/ more than the previous year.
(C)/No error
Q7. Owing to the new policy
(A)/we feel that the target set for literacy rate
(B)/ for the aged may not be achieved.
(C)/No error
Q8. Since the lack of manpower
(A)/we could not set up free health check
(B)/ camps in the rural and backward areas.
(C)/No error
Q9. The recently imposed dress code
(A)/ has enraged the female students
(B)/ who will be going on strike for tomorrow.
(C)/No error
Q10. Ever since he took in the responsibility
(A)/of the principal the number
(B)/ for dropouts has greatly increased.
(C)/No error
Q11.The job requires an extrovert personality
(A)/ among
(B)/with the academic skills.
(C)/No error
Q12. Instead of being a clear winner
(A)/ he was not given the best student of the year award
(B)/ as he was not popular among his teachers.
(C)/ No error
Q13. Inspite of dismissing the workers
(A)/ the company decided to ask them
(B)/ to avail voluntary retirement.
(C)/No error
Q14.Over eighty percent from us feel that
(A)/if the government had not allowed construction work
(B)/ in the eco-sensitive zone the disaster would not have occurred.
(C)/No error
Q15. How much of the candidates
(A)/ who attended the classes regularly
(B)/ have cleared the exam?
(C)/No error
Q16. Video games do not necessarily affect
(A)/ the academic results of children
(B)/which is contrary to most parents' perceptions.
(C)/No error
Q17. The minister made a rare appearance at the party
(A)/ and was heard talking in about his next welfare scheme
(B)/ that would be launched very soon.
(C)/ No error
Q18. Just two months prior to the opening ceremony of the Asian games
(A)/ one of the major  sponsors
(B)/ has pulled back
(C)/No error
Q19. The gracefully folk dance
(A)/was performed so well by the whole group
(B)/ that no one in the audience felt bored.
(C)/No error
Q20. The road wide exercise
(A)/ disrupted the traffic for two days
(B)/ but it was worth it.
(C)/ No error
Question  Answer
1 b
2 c
3 c
4 c
5 a
6 a
7 a
8 a
9 c
10 a
11 b
12 a
13 a
14 a
15 a
16 d
17 b
18 a
19 a
20 a

Q1 Answer B

Either up or with is used with cope both are not used.
Q2 Answer C
Generally, two prepositions are used with angry/annoyed/irritated etc.
angry with someone and angry at something.
Eg I am angry at your coming late.
I am angry with Geetika.
Q3) Answer A
Same explanation as Q2
Q4) Answer C
To have the surgery should be replaced by (from having the surgery.)
Q5) Answer A
Replace on by for 
Q6) Answer A
With percent use at : Replace on seven percent with at seven percent
Q7) Answer A
Replace owing by owing to
Q8) Answer A
Replace Since with due to
Q9)  Answer C
Use from instead of For: for is used when total time is given and from is used when starting time is given (in the future tense) and since is used when starting time is given (in the Past Perfect continuous tense)
Eg I will start the project from Monday.
I took leave for a week to attend the wedding.
We had been waiting for the bus since three hours.
Q10) Answer A
Replace took in by took over.We use took over when someone takes over responsibility.
Eg- Hari took over as manager when Mr Mehta retired.
Q11)  Answer B
Among to be replaced by along with.
Q12)  Answer A
Instead of to be replaced by inspite of
Q13)  Answer A
Inspite of to be replaced by Instead of 
Q14)  Answer A
From to be replaced by of
Q15)  Answer A
Much to be replaced by many as many is used with countable nouns and candidates are countable.
Q16) Answer d
Q17)  Answer B
Remove in
Q 18)  Answer A
Use to with prior
Q19)  Answer A
Replace gracefully with graceful: Graceful is an adjective that should be used here
Q20)  Answer A
Road wide exercise should be replaced by road widening exercise.