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Spot The Error Part 6: English 600 most important questions.

Spot The Error Part 6: English 600 most important questions.

Spot The Error Part 6: English 600 most important questions.


Spot The Error Part 6: English 600 most important questions.

Directions: In these questions some parts of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which part of the sentence has an error and blacken the oval corresponding to the appropriate letter a, b, c. If the sentence is free from error blacken the oval corresponding to d in the answer sheet.

Q201   (a) The girl would not /(b)  have died  when the motorist had / not been overspeeding /(d)No Error

Q202   (a) He did not / (b) get help from any of his friends /(c) yet he had a genuine problem. (d)No Error

Q203   (a) We were not allowed /(b) inside the hall /(c)unless the bell rang. /(d)No Error

Q204   (a) I hadn’t hardly/ (b) slept last night as there was a jagran in the next house ./(d)No Error.

Q205   (a) The problem is that /(b) she is not understanding that how production in her/(c) department has             dropped./(d)No Error.

Q206    (a) If he fell asleep/ (b)  while driving, / (c) he will hit his car somewhere/(d)No error

Q207    (a) I lost my job / (b) because I were/ (c)late for work. /(d)No error

Q208    (a) We couldn’t go/ (b) to the concert, because we didn’t /(c) have enough money. /(d)No error

Q209    (a) If we have enough/ (b)  money, we would / c) go to the concert. /(d)No error

Q210    (a) If he had invited me / (b) I would have gone/ (c) personally./ (d)No error

Spot The Error Part 6: English 600 most important questions.

Q211    (a) If he will work hard/ (b) he will surely/(c) top the exam at all India level./(d)No error

Q212    (a) If I had time /(b) I would drop you/ (c) off at school./(d)No error

Q213    (a) If I had wings/ (b)  I would /(c) fly./(d)No error

Q214    (a) Unless I do not/ (b) see him with my own eyes,/ (c) I will not believe him to be alive./ (d)No error

Q215    (a) Before the landlord came/(b) you better/(c) keep the rent ready./(d)No error

Q216    (a) We will come to know the truth/(b) after/(c) the investigation finished./(d)No error

Q217   (a) You can trust /(b)this agency for the/(c) last news of this week/(d)No error

Q218   (a) There is not many traffic/(b)  along the street/(c) where I live./(d)No error

Q219   (a) The police arrived and discovered/(b)a large number of hoarded sugar/(c)in his shop./(d)No error

Q220   (a) Sarita is  senior to me/(b) but he is junior/(c) than me. /(d)No error

Q221   (a) He knows that Lata /(b) is the most unique singer/(c)  of this class /(d)No error

Q222   (a) Ritu can sing  much than /(b)ten songs at a stretch and she has/(c)developed this ability by laboring             hard /(d) No error

Q223   (a) She was willing to know what /(b)it was that made him stronger/(c)  and braver than any man of this village/(d) No error

Q224   (a) As a dramatist /(b)Shaw is superior than/(c) any other twentieth century writer./ (d) No error

Q225   (a) Of the two great cities/(b) the former is/(c)  biggest./(d)No error

Q226   (a) A non banking financial company is a/(b)financial institution similarly to a bank/(c)  but it cannot issue cheque   books to customers./ (d)No error

Q227   (a) Rima has a lovingly appearance/(b) which brings her honour /(c) and admiration as well./ (d)No error

Q228   (a) A lots of books on English Grammar/ (b) are available in the market/(c) but  this one is the best./(d) No error

Q229   (a) He does not have some money /(b)to buy a new X-ray  plant so /(c) he is very worried./ (d) No error

Q230   The priest read Bible (a)/and blessed all the people (b)/ present in the church.(c)/ No error(d)

Q231   Shatabadi Express is (a)/an important train (b)/which is used by a lot of people in India.(c)/ No error(d)

Q232   The science has developed a lot (a)/ in the last fifty years and it has contributed (b)/ a lot to the development of mankind. (c)/ /No error (d)

Q233   Radhika is (a)/ prettier of (b)/ the two sisters. (c)/ No error (d)

Q234   She celebrated the Christmas (a)/ with her friends (b)/ in New York.(c)/No error (d)

Q235   You caught me by arm (a)/, dragged me and (b)/ threw me out of the room.(c)/No error (d)

Q236   The most widely (a)/read newspaper in Poona (b)/ is Times of India.(c)/No error(d)

Q237   I myself went (a)/ to finalise (b)/ the deal.(c)/No error (d)

Q238  (a) It was him/ (b) who came running/ (c) into the classroom./ (d) No error.

Q239  (a) Though he got a government job/(b)he continues to carry on with his private business/(c) which  will be looked after by  his brother from next week. /(d) No error

Q240  (a) Many women/ (b) reconcile to the/ (c) demands of their in-laws./ (d) No error.

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