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Spot The Error Part 10 : (Solutions) English 600 most important questions.

Spot The Error Part 10 : (Solutions) English 600 most important questions.

Spot The Error Part 10 : (Solutions) English 600 most important questions.

Spot The Error Part 10 : (Solutions) English 600 most important questions.

Ans341. (d)

Replace alongwith by along . Alongwith is used when two things keep going together.

Example- The motorist moved along with the train.(both the motorist and train are moving) Along is used when one thing is static and just the other moves along it. Example I walked along the pavement

Ans342. (b) Eliminate to after gone.

Ans343. (a) Replace conclusive by concluded. Conclusive means (of evidence or argument) having or likely to have the effect of proving a case; decisive.

Concluded means to arrive at a judgment or decision after proper reasoning

Ans344. (b) (remove that)

Ans345. (b) (use bitter instead of bitterly: With taste adjective form is  used and not adverb form)

Ans346. (a) (its in past perfect continuous form so use had in place of have)

Ans347. (b) Use of in place of for

Ans348. (c)and if one doesn’t have it one yearns for .One is singular so yearns will be used.

Ans349. (c) Replace who by whom.

Ans350. (d) Replace understand by understood.

Ans351. (b)  (Replace who by whom. If who/whom is to be immediately followed by a word which is not a verb use whom. In the given sentence I is a pronoun so use who

Ans352. (c) Have/has (traffic is singular so verb used will be singular)

Ans353. (a) time/times

Spot The Error Part 10 : (Solutions) English 600 most important questions.

Ans354. (b) collusion/collision (Collusion is a conspiracy to do something wrong and collision is when two things hit violently against each other)
Ans355. (b) Ban/banned (We use third form of the verb with has/have)

Ans356. (b) (Remove too,it is not used in a positive sense.Instead use very)

Ans357. (d) No error

Ans358. (a) ( Last week is given in the sentence so simple past should be use(d)

Ans359. (c) Replace than by to. With prefer to is used. Replace than visiting by “to visit”

Ans360. (d) No Error

Ans361. (b) Replace on by at

Ans362. (c) Look at this structure-Noun + Preposition + Noun +……….( Various consequences f the decision) In such sentences, verb is used according to the number/person of the Noun that comes before the first preposition .Here, the subject is the various consequences (plural) subject .Hence, finance ministry were not foreseen by the bureaucrats should be used here.

Ans363. (c) With else but is used and not than. Example-I want nothing else but his resignation.

Ans364. (c) Here, search of some job should be used. In search of = looking for .Look at the sentence: She went to the kitchen in search of a drink.

Ans365. (a)Replace is by was. The past tense has to be used.

Ans366. (d)No error

Ans367. (b) Replace takes by took

Ans368. (d) The process was too simple .(d) Here, The process was very simple …….. should be used.

Too is used before adjectives or adverbs to say that something is more than is good, necessary, possible etc.

Ans369. (a) No error

Ans370. (c) and follow his aim in life with patience

Here, subject (The man)is singular. Hence, singular verb i.e., and follows his aim in life with patience……….. should be used here.

Ans371. (b) (had taken)

Ans372. (a) time/times

Ans373. (c) to seeking/to seek

Note:(To is generally followed by the first form of the verb except in the following cases:be used to ,accustomed to, averse to, with a view to, addicted to, devoted to, in addition to, look forward to, object to, owing to, given to, taken to, prone to.)

eg-Poor children are prone to being exploited by the rich.

You will soon get used to going for a morning walk with me.

I look forward to meeting you at the party.

Ans374. (d) move round the .In indirect speech, the tense of a universal truth remains unchanged. Hence,

moves round the ………. should be used here.

Ans375. (b) No Error

Ans376. (c) the only affective tool. Effective = producing the intended/wanted result. Affective connected with emotions and attitudes. Hence, the only effective tool ……. ..should be used.

Ans377.(a) No error

Ans378.(b) I really do regret not to learn to play the violin. Use I really do regret not to learn how to play the violin

Ans379.(c) I have been working in this college (Future perfect continuous will be used)

Ans380. (d) Alphabet is a set of letters or symbols in a fixed order used for writing a language Hence, alphabet at the should be used.

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