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 Important English Grammar Tips for SSC CGL

Important Grammar Tips for SSC CGL
Some important grammar tips for SSC CGL
Important English grammar tips for SSC CGL

Some important grammar tips for SSC CGL

1)“Despite” is not the same as “Although”.
“Despite” means with intention, in the face of an obstacle’.
Wrong – Despite having 5% of the world’s population, the USA uses 30% of the world’s energy.
Correct – Despite his poor education, he succeeded in becoming wealthy.
2)  a lot – The proper form is two words, not alot.
3)  agree on – must be followed by the -ing form of a verb.
eg They agreed on dividing the money into five equal parts.
4) an instance of – is different in meaning from an example of. An example is one of a number of things while an instance is an example which proves or illustrates. People may be examples but never instances.
eg This is just another instance of my mother’s careless nature.
5) as vs. than – The words are not interchangeable. Use as for comparisons of similarity or equality and than for comparisons of degree or difference.
6) Always use than with the comparative (-er) form of an adjective.
7)  as … as – is a grammatical way of expressing similarity: he is as tall as his sister. Important tip: Use the positive degree with as……….as and not the comparative degree.
eg He is as hardworking as his father.
8)  not only/but also – Not only is always followed by but also in a sentence.
The subways in summer are not only hot, but also humid.
9)   regard as – The verb regard may be used with as and either an adjective or a noun.
We regard George’s complaining  as silly.
The tribe regards shaking hands as taboo.
Do not use regard with an infinitive or being: He is regarded to be an expert.(Incorrect)
He is regarded as being an expert.(Correct)
Important English grammar tips for SSC CGL


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