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Solution of English Paper held on 9th Nov (Paper code) Evening

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Solution of English Paper held on 9th Nov (Paper code) Evening

Solution of English Paper held on 9th Nov

Idioms and Phrases

Q1 Through the reporter's efforts many unknown facts have come to light.     Click for the question paper and answer key. 

A) ignited

B) flared up

C) brightened

D) been revealed

Answer D

Q2 I do not see eye to eye with you in this matter.

A) to give a correct desision

B) to obtain suitable punishment

C) to have the same eyesight

D) to have the same opinion

Answer D

Q3) The boy was in dutch with his friends.

A) in love

B) in good terms

C) in awe

D) in trouble

Answer D

Q4) Their attempt to get back the golden necklace became a wild goose chase.

A) wise decision

B) useless decision

C) timely action

D) delayed action

Answer B

Q5) The departmental store is open around the clock.

A) at different timings.

B) early morning

C) day and night

D) throughout afternoon

Answer C

Sentence improvement

Q6 Have you ever been in New York?

A) at

B) to

C) with

D) No improvement

Answer B

Q7) Wave after wave surrounded the tower.

A) engulfed

B) circled

C) encircled

D) No improvement

Answer A ( Engulfed is generally used of a natural force which sweeps over (something) so as to surround or cover it completely.)

Q8) It is quite tough to declare which candidate will win the presidential elections.

A) predict (Means to say or estimate that (a specified thing) will happen in the future or will be a consequence of something.)

B) augur ( Means to predict from signs and omens.Used in astrology)

C) portend ( Means to serve as a warning)

D) No improvement

Answer A

Q9) Transcoding has one of the items in the new syllabus.

A) is one of the items

B) has one of the item

C) is one of the item

D) No improvement

Answer A

Q10) She does not tell lies, doesn't she?

A) isn't she?

B) Does she?

C) didn't she?

D) No improvement

Answer B

Q11) The headmaster brought back to mind the outstanding achievements of the school.

A) remembered

B) reminded

C) reminisced (To recollect and tell of past experiences or events.)

D) recalled

Answer C

Q12) Lack of feelings

A) empathy ( the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.)

B) apathy (Lack of interest or concern)

C) sympathy (A feeling or an expression of pity or sorrow for the distress of another

D) pity

Answer B

Q 13) Accidental good fortune

A) serendipity (good fortune/luck)

B) good luck

C) chance

D) fluke ( by chance)

Answer A

Q 14) Short speech or poem given at the end of a play or book.

A) Epilogue

B) Epigram (A short, witty poem expressing a single thought or observation.)

C) Epitaph (An inscription on a tombstone in memory of the one buried there.

D) Epicure ( A person with refined tastes esp in food and wine)

Q 15) A person who drives our motor cars.

A) driver

B) chauffeur

C) Conductor

D) lift operator

Answer B


Q16) Answer C (Narcissism)

Q17) Answer D (Portuguese)

Q18) Answer A (Acoustics)

Q19) Answer A (Repertoire)

Q20) Answer D (Necessary)

Close test

The other day I visited a refugee_(21)where the victims(22)___ the Gujarat Earthquake__(23)__ in very (24)___ conditions.I was particularly (25)___ by an old woman who was determined to give __(26)____ grandchildren a better future.She __(27)____ a strong and __(28)____woman who even after the ___(29)___ of her own children undertook such a journey through life and never felt weak or broken but was an(30) for all.
// //
Q21) A) house B) camp C) home D) nest : Answer B

Q22) A) of B) to C) in D) at : Answer A

Q23) A) was living B) are living C) were living D) have lived: Answer C

Q24) A) apathetic B) sympathetic C) pathetic D) empathetic: Answer C

Q25) A) cornered B) collected C) worked D) moved: Answer D

Q26) A) his B) her C) its D) their: Answer B

Q27) A) were B) had C) was D) is: Answer C

Q28) A) courageous B) continuous C) ruinous D) careful: Answer A

Q29) A) life B) death C) motionless D) captivated: Answer B

Q30) A) happiness B) determination C) motivation D) inspiration: Answer D

Spot the error in the sentence

Q 31) Ghana,Nigeria and Gambia(A)/ each have parts to play(B)/ in the development of Africa.(C)/No error (D)

Answer : B

Have parts will be substituted by each has a part. (Each is followed by a singular pronoun)

Q32) In these days of Inflation(A)/ a ten rupees note will not buy you (B)/even an ordinary meal.(C)/No error (D)

Answer : B

A ten rupees not will be substituted by a ten rupee note.

Q33) Most of my friends(A)/ heard the earthquake(B)/ but i was totally unaware of it(C)/No error(D)

Answer : B (Earthquake is not heard, it is felt)

Q34) He walks (A)/as if the Earth(B)/belonged to him(C)/No error (D)

Answer : D

Q35) The United Nations (A)/enquired for(B)/a ceasefire.(C)/No error(D)

Answer : B

Enquired means to investigate or look into something.The preposition used is incorrect.

Fill in the blanks.

Q 36 ) Communism and Socialism have always_________ the sermons of economic equality.

A) said

B) instructed

C) preached

D) obeyed

Answer : C ( Sermon is preached)

Q 37) Robert ________ Ali of his support.

A) assure (Means to tell someone something positively to remove any doubts)

B) ensured(Means to make sure)

C) insured(Means covered by Insurance)

D) assured

Answer D

Q 38) The students are told to_______ these words in the dictionary.

A) look down ( Means regard with contempt)

B) look up ( Means to search)

C) look into ( Means to try to find out about something)

D) look after (Means to take care od something)

(Answer: B/D)

Q 39) Rama took his______ for the wrong done to him.

A) avenge

B) vengence

C) revenge

D) ravage

Answer: C ( The confusion is between avenge and revenge.But when the verb take is used the word revenge goes with it)

Q40) Students are not prepared _______ that kind of question.

A) to

B) with

C) for

D) on

Answer C


Q41) Guile

A) cunning

B) careful

C) careless

D) greedy

Answer: A ( Guile means Cunning)

Q42) Futility (comes from the word futile meaning no useful purpose or utility)

A) Uselessness ( of no use)

B) Insignificance (unimportant)

C) Irrelevance ( Unrelated to the matter being considered)

D) Unimportance

Answer : A

Q43) Sham ( Something false that is being shown to be genuine)

A) Real ( not artificial)

B) Genuine

C) Authentic

D) Fake ( Something not genuine)

Answer : D

Q44)  Arduous (Demanding great effort or labour)

A) Troublesome

B) Gloomy (Depressing)

C) Difficult

D) Perilous (full of perils/danger)

Answer : C

Q45) Jealous

A) Interested

B) Hatred

C) Envied

D) Admired

Answer: C

Q46) Traditional ( Related to one's past culture,customs etc)

A) Avant Garde (It is related to innovation)

B) present

C) Unusual ( strange)

D) Fresh

Answer : A

Q 47) Turbulent (Means wild/agitated/disturbed)

A) Harmony ( means a proper balance)

B) Gusty ( Means windy)

C) calm

D) windy

Answer : C

Q48) Profuse ( abundance)

A) Sparse (deficient)

B) Miserly (stingy)

C) Brief (short)

D) Immoderate ( Lacking in moderation;extreme)

Answer: A

Q49) Mitigate (reduce)

A) Appease (to pacify or relieve)

B) Enhance (to increase)

C) Allay(to reduce the intensity)

D) Relieve (to cause a lessening)

Answer B

Q50) Prudent (careful)