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Simple Interest: SSC CGL Math Project 400 Questions

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Simple Interest: SSC CGL Math Project 400 Questions

Simple Interest: SSC CGL Math Project 400 Questions

Simple Interest

Q1. A sum of money becomes 7/6 of itself in 3 years at a certain rate of simple interest. The rate per annum is:

(a) 50/9%

(b) 59/9%

(c) 18%

(d) 25%

Q2. The simple interest on a certain sum at 5% per annum for 3 years and 4 years differ by Rs 42. The sum is:

(a) Rs 210

(b) Rs 280

(c) Rs 750

(d) Rs 840

Q3. The difference between the simple interest received from two different sources on Rs 1500 for 3 years is Rs 13.50. The difference between their rates of interest is:

(a) 0.1%

(b) 0.2%

(c) 0.3%

(d) 0.4%

Q4. A sum of Rs 10,000 is lent partly at 8% and remaining at 10% per annum. If the yearly interest on the average is 9.2%, the two parts are:

(a) Rs 4000, Rs 6000

(b) Rs 4500, Rs 5500

(c) Rs 5000, Rs 5000

(d) Rs 5500, Rs 4500

Q5. A sum of Rs 1600 gives a simple interest of Rs 252 in 2 years and 3 months. The rate of innterest per annum is:

(a) 11/2%

(b) 8%

(c) 7%

(d) 6%

Q6. A sum of Rs 400 amounts to Rs 480 in 4 years. What will it amount to if the rate of interest is increased is increased by 2%?

(a) Rs 484

(b) Rs 560

(c) Rs 512

(d) None of the these

Q7. The simple interest on a sum of money is 4/9 of the principal and the number of years is equal to the rate percent per annum. The rate per annum is:

(a) 5%

(b) 20/3%

(c) 6%

(d) 36/5 %

Q8. A sum of Rs 1550 was lent partly at 5% and partly at 8% simple interest. The total interest received after 3 years is Rs 300. The ratio of money lent at 5% to that at 8% is:

(a) 5: 8

(b) 8:5

(c) 31: 6

(d) 16:15

Q9. a sum of Rs 1750 is divided into two parts such that the interests on the first part at 8% simple interest per annum and that on the other part at 6% simple interest per annum are equal. The interest on each part (In Rupees) is

(a) 60

(b) 65

(c) 70

(d) 40

Q10. The simple interest on a sum after 4 years is 1/5 of the sum. The rate of interest per annum is

(a) 4%

(b) 5%

(c) 6%

(d) 8%

Simple Interest:

Q11. A lent Rs 5000 to B for 2 years and Rs 3000 to C for 4 years on simple interest at the same rate of interest and received Rs 2200 in all from both as interest per annum is:

(a) 7%

(b) 5%

(c) 57/8%

(d) 10%

Q12. A money lender finds that due to a fall in the annual rate of interest 8% to 31/4%, his yearly income diminishes by Rs 61.50. His capital is

(a) Rs 22400

(b) Rs 23800

(c) Rs 24600

(d) Rs 26000

Q13. If the annual rate of simple interest increases from 10% to 25/2%, a man's yearly income increases by rs 1250. His principal (in Rupees) is:

(a) 50,000

(b) 45000

(c) 60,000

(d) 65000

Q14. A person borrows some money for 5 years and loan amount : total interest amount = 5:2. The ratio loan amount: interest rate is equal to:

(a) 2: 25

(b) 2:1

(c) 5:2

(d) 25:2

Q15. An old article is available for Rs 12000 at cash payment or is available for Rs Rs 7000 cash payment and a monthly installment of Rs 630 for 8 months. The rate percent per annum is

(a) 1.2 percent

(b) 3 percent

(c) 3.25%

(d) 3.3%

Q16. A sum of Rs 1500 is lent out in two parts in such a way that the simple interest on one part at 10% per annum for 5 years is equal to that on another part at 12.5% per annum for 4 years. The sum lent out at 12.5% is:

(a) Rs 500

(b) Rs 1000

(c) Rs 750

(d) Rs 1250

Q17. A person invests money in three different schemes for 6 years, 10 years and 12 years at 10%, 12% and 15% simple interest respectively. At the completion of each scheme, he gets the same interest, the ratio of his investment is:

(a) 6:3:2

(b) 2:3:2

(c) 3:4:6

(d) 3:4:2

Q18. Simple interest on Rs 500 for 4 years at 6.25% per annum is equal to the simple interest on Rs 400 at 5% per annum for a certain period of time. The period of time is:

(a) 4 years

(b) 5 years

(c) 25/4 years

(d) 26/3 years

Q19. A person invests Rs 1200 as fixed deposit at a bank at the rate of 10% per annum simple interest. but due to some pressing needs he has to withdraw the entire money after 3 years, for which the bank allowed him a lower rate of interest. if he gets Rs 3320 less than what he gets Rs 3320 less than what he would have got at the end of 5 years, the rate of interest allowed by the bank is:

(a) 68/9%

(b) 67/9%

(c) 71/9%

(d) 79/9%

Q20. In how many years will a sum of money double itself at 12% per annum?

(a) 8 years 6 months

(b) 6 years 9 months

(c) 8 years 4months

(d) 7 years 6 months

Simple Interest: Answer key 

1. a
2. d
3. c
4. a
5. c
6. c
7. b
8. d
9. a
10. b
11. d
12. c
13. a
14. d
15. a
16. c
17. a
18. c
19. b
20. c