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essay Should death penalty be banned in India ssc chsl tier 2

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essay Should death penalty be banned in India ssc chsl tier 2

essay Should death penalty be banned in India ssc chsl tier 2


Capital punishment is the most severe form of punishment that is announced for the most dreadful crimes. Today, with the increasing rate of inhuman crimes in India, people are demanding the death penalty for the perpetrators. With this, society is bifurcated into two groups, one favoring and the other opposing the death penalty.


Those in strong favor of capital punishment are of the view that it is the only way to deal with such crimes. In their view, hanging the culprit of such heinous crimes till death not only acts as a deterrent to others but also provides a sigh of relief and satisfaction to the victim’s family.


Those opposing the death penalty argue that it is against humanity to take life. The protectors of the law cannot be as barbarous as the perpetrator. Also, it has been seen that awarding the death sentence does not significantly decrease the crime rate. Some are also of the view that the sentence cannot be reversed later if the guilty are found innocent because taking a life is easy but it is impossible to give it back to someone.


If one thinks emotionally, the pro-death penalty argument sounds potent but when one thinks rationally, one tends to agree with the one opposing it. Almost all progressive and liberal countries have abolished capital punishment either in law or in practice, whereas the...To continue read this topic click here

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