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 sentence rearrangement exercise for SSC CGL : 6

 sentence rearrangement exercise for SSC CGL
Q1    1      But in childhood all books are
P     about the future, and like the fortune-teller
Q     who sees a long journey in the cards
R     books of divination, telling us
S     or death by water
6     they influence the future.A     RPQS
B     PRQS
C     QSPR
D     RPSQQ2    1      They were tiny and not very
P     kitchen floor, rolling madly
Q     interesting then, but a few days
R     them scattered across the
S     later I arrived to find
6     in every corner of the kitchen.

sentence rearrangement exercise for SSC CGL

sentence rearrangement exercise for SSC CGL

A     SQRP
B     SRQP
C     QRSP
D     QSRP

Q3    1      Many parents,

P     things in the new light
Q     and were persuaded to

R     came forward to see

S     especially the educated,
6     send their daughters to school.
A     RSPQ
B     SRPQ
C     RSPQ
D     PSQR

Q4    1       Away from the noise of the town,
P     shore of what used to be part of the ocean
Q     and let the puffy clouds slide by
R     silently against a sky so blue it
S     you can sit on the rolling
6     makes your eyes tingle.

A     SQPR
B     SPQR
C     PSQR
D     RQSP

Q5     1     He left his front porch
P     a striped tail swish behind
Q     he was sure he saw
R     with thoughts of lions and tigers, and
S     as he turned left toward the general store
6     Mrs. Jenson’s prize rose bushes.

A     RSQP
B     SRQP
C     QSRP
D     QRSP

Q6    1      The Tantramar Marsh,
P     a low, flat plain
Q     Bay of Fundy, is an excellent place
R     to relieve the stress of city
S     at the head of the
6     living and reconnect with nature.

A     PQSR
B     PSQR
C     QSPR
D     RSPQ

Q7     1     Wrestling has given me
P     I have experienced pain,
Q     sacrifice, adversity,
R     a love of life and
S     through this sport,
6     and success.

A     RSPQ
B     SRPQ
C     PRQS
D     QSPR

Q8     1     Exposure to
P     the essence of being
Q     has allowed me to
R     these feelings
S     which are, in my opinion,
6     truly appreciate life.

A     SPQR
B     SQRP
C     RSPQ
D     QPSR

Q9     1     Using this option to select ,
P     I have selected classes
Q     regardless of difficulty or
R     which have
S     personal significance to me,
6     appearance on my transcript.

A     RPSQ
B     PRQS
C     PRSQ
D     QSRP

Q10     1     I see these recurring political,
P     economic, and social trends
Q     into the future,
R     while allowing us
S     as a means of looking forward
6     to avoid the mistakes of the past.

A     SPQR
B     PSQR
C     SQRP
D     QRSP

Q11     1     Through the Foreign Service,
P     I would not only have the opportunity
Q     help bridge gaps
R     to serve my country,
S     but also have the chance to
6     between my country and others.

A     PRSQ
B     RPSQ
C     PSRQ
D     RSPQ

Q12    1     But even then family planning

P     for the population in India
Q     and at this rate of growth
R     has a lot more to achieve,
S     has already become about 120 billion

6     it may very soon become 150 billion.

A     RPSQ
B     PRSQ
C     SQRP
D     SRQP

Q13    1      In short, I believe that
P     combined with a rigorous academic education,
Q     will enable me
R     to pursue a successful career
S     my experiences in life,
6     in the Saudi Foreign Service.

A     PSQR
B     SPQR
C     QRPS
D     QPRS

Q14      1     Those dark blue eyes were
P     spoke of a tiredness
Q     but her skin was looser and more lined
R     as piercing as ever,
S     than I remembered and her stooped shoulders
6     that was bone-deep.

A     PRSQ
B     SQRP
C     RPQS
D     SQRP

Q15     1      It’s the beauty myth,
P     and self-hatred as she tries to fulfill society’s impossible
Q     that traps the modern woman in an endless
R     obsession with physical perfection
S     spiral of hope, self-consciousness,
6     definition of “the flawless beauty.”A     QRSP
B     RQSP
C     SPQR
D     SQRP
sentence rearrangement exercise for SSC CGL : Answers
1 D 9 C
2 D 10 B
3 B 11 A
4 B 12 A
5 A 13 B
6 B 14 C
7 A 15 A
8 C
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