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Sentence Improvement : SSC CGL English Grammar

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Sentence Improvement : SSC CGL English Grammar

Sentence Improvement : SSC CGL English Grammar

SSC: Sentence Improvement

What is sentence improvement?

  • In sentence improvement questions a sentence is given with a word or phrase in bold letters or underlined.
  • Four substitutes are given under the sentence as alternatives.
  • The candidate has to find the error in the part that is in bold or underlined.Then find the correct answer from among the alternatives.
  • After substituting the alternative the sentence becomes grammatically correct.
  • If the given sentence is correct and no substitute is required then the answer is "No Improvement."

Practice is the only trick to attempt sentence improvement questions. These questions require a good knowledge of common errors,vocabulary,correct use of phrases and overall rules of grammar.

Sentence Improvement questions with answers and explanations.

Q1 He felt exhausted as he was working since 4 O' clock in the morning

A) has been working

B) had been working

C) is working

D) No improvement

Correct answer is B as the past perfect continuous tense will be used.

Q2 Most people in India like to give a lot of free advice.

A) advices

B) advises

C) advise

D) No Improvement

Correct answer is D. (The word advice is a noun and has no plural form. Advise is a verb. So option a,b and C all get eliminated)

Q3 Hardly had he finished his work than the peon arrived with another file.

A) when

B) then

C) while

D) no improvement

Correct answer is A. (With hardly the word when is used)

Q4 Rahul has no right to take a claim on his father's property as he did not look after him in his old age.

A) to make a claim

B) to stake a claim to

C) to demand

D) no improvement

Correct answer B (stake a claim is a phrase which means to ask for something as one's own)

Q5 I have sent the parcel two hours ago.

A) had sent

B) send

C) sent

D) no improvement

Correct answer C ( The usage of two hours ago indicates that the sentence if of simple past tense)

Sentence improvement exercise with answers.

Q1)  The toddler has a habit of throwing tantrums.

(A) Expressing emotions.

(B) Expressing frustrations.

(C) Expressing happiness.

(D) No improvement.

Q2) He absented from the meeting.

(A) was absent.

(B) absented himself.

(C) took absence.

(D) No improvement.

Q3) The concert will start when the conductor comes.

(A) When the conductor arrives.

(B) When the curtain has been raising.

(C) When the audience will arrive.

(D) No improvement.

Q 4) The air conditioner has made ceiling fans a little redundant in today’s world.

(A) Superfluous.

(B) Obsolete

(C) Extinct

(D) No improvement

Q5) You must to do your homework, mustn’t you?

(A) Shouldn’t

(B) must

(C) ought

(D) No improvement

Q6) A thing of beauty is joy forever.

(A) is the joy

(B) Is joyous

(C) Is a joy

(D) No improvement

Q7) The little boy fell from the roof.

(A) Fell below the roof

(B) Fell down the roof

(C) Fell off the roof

(D) No improvement

Q8) Because that there were heavy rains the lake was flooded.

(A) Because of the

(B) As there were

(C) There was

(D) No improvement

Q9) The thieves ran away in a black car.

(A) Fled

(B) escaped with

(C) Jumped away

(D) no improvement

Q10) I don’t understand why did you not call me last night.

(A) why had you not call

(B) why you did not call

(C) why not did you call

(D) No improvement

Q11) What she said is not correct at all.

(A) incorrect

(B) not incorrect

(C) correct

(D) No improvement

Q12) My uncle couldn’t rise up from his bed no more.

(A) any farther

(B) any farthest

(C) any more

(D) no improvement

Q13) The train rolls along the track.

(A) rumbles

(B) rattles

(C) ripples

(D) No improvement.

Q14) His miserable condition made us wept.

(A) made us weep.

(B) Made us to weep.

(C) Made us to wept.

(D) No improvement.

Q15) Every body was alarmed with the news of his murder.

(A) On

(B) after

(C) at

(D) No improvement.

Q16) The greatest fear which is scaring of the world today is global warming.

(A) Which had scared of the world.

(B) That scared off the world.

(C) That scares the world

(D) No improvement

Q17) He asked me if I can help him to lift the box.

(A) will

(B) could

(C) may

(D) No improvement

Q18) Anxiety and such other emotions are known to be unhealthy to the body.

(A) Dangerous.

(B) Detrimental

(C) Damaging

(D) No improvement.

Q19) The Portsmouth Summer art festival is the only place in New Hampshire where we are fortunately see such diverse tales all in one place.

(A) we are able to fortunately see.

(B) we are fortunate to see

(C) we are fortunate to seeing.

(D) No improvement

Q 20) He speaks not only English but Hindi as well.

(A) as well as

(B) Hindi too

(C) also hindi

(D) No improvement

Q21) His powerful desire brought about his downfall.

(A) His intense desire

(B) His desire for power

(C) His fatal desire

(D) No improvement.

Q22) My opinion of the play is that it will win the national award.

(A) opinion to

(B) opinion about

(C) opinion on

(D) No improvement


Questions Answers
1 D
2 B
3 C
4 D
5 D
6 C
7 C
8 B
9 A
10 B
11 D
12 C
13 B
14 A
15 C
16 C
17 B
18 B
19 B
20 C
21 B
22 D

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