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Respiration mcqs Biology-day-3 Target-ssc-cgl-2018

Respiration mcqs Biology-day-3 Target-ssc-cgl-2018

Respiration mcqs Biology-day-3 Target-ssc-cgl-2018

Q1. Mycoplasma is associated with a disease that affects the organs of

  1. respiration
  2. excretion
  3. reproduction
  4. digestion

Q2. The membrane covering the lungs is a

  1. pleura
  2. pericardium
  3. peritoneum
  4. mesothelium

Q3. Cockroach cannot survive in the water because its respiratory organ is

  1. Gill
  2. Trachea
  3. Book lung
  4. PulmonarySac

Q4. Respiration is

  1. oxidation
  2. reduction
  3. hydrolysis
  4. amination

Q5. Which among the following living being has respiratory organ but does not have brain?

  1. crab
  2. starfish
  3. blood succor
  4. silverfish

Respiration mcqs

Q6. Air bladder in fish acts as:

  1. Accessory respiratory organ
  2. Hydrostatic organ
  3. Both accessory respiratory organ and hydrostatic organ
  4. Primary respiratory organ

Q7. Which one of the following does not have gills?

  1. prawn
  2. crab
  3. whale
  4. fish

Q8. During respiration, exchange of gases takes place in…

  1. bronchi
  2. alveoli
  3. trachea
  4. oesophagus

Q9. Respiration takes place through lungs as well as through gills in

  1. Fish
  2. Dolphin
  3. Frog
  4. Crocodile

Respiration mcqs
Q10. The normal range of breathing rate per minute of an average adult person is

  1. 9-12
  2. 15-18
  3. 21-24
  4. 30-33


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