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Repeated Idioms & Phrases For SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam 2018

Repeated Idioms & Phrases For SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam 2018

Repeated Idioms & Phrases For SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam 2018

Important Idioms and Phrases Beginning with A

Achilles heel ::

Meaning:  vulnerable spot, a small fault or weakness in a person or system that can result in its failure.

Example: The corrupt minister is regarded as the government’s Achilles heel and is expected to resign.


A bone of contention ::

Meaning: if there is an issue that always causes tension and arguments

Example: A bone of contention between the husband and wife is that the husband always spends too much money.


A dead letter ::

Meaning: An argument or law not followed by anyone.

Example: The blue laws here are a dead letter; all the stores open on Sundays and holidays


At the eleventh hour ::

Meaning: be too late.

Example: She always turned her term papers in at the eleventh hour.


A queer fish ::

Meaning: a strange person

Example: I knew his father and he was a queer fish too.


A worm’s eye view ::

Meaning:  having very little knowledge about something

Example: The novel provides us with a worm’s eye view of society.


At (on) the heels of ::

Meaning: close behind or soon after something

Example: As in Mom’s birthday comes on the heels of Mother’s Day

Repeated Idioms
Apple of someone’s eyes :: 

Meaning: someone loved very much.

Example: His youngest son was the apple of his eye.


Ask for the Moon ::

Meaning: to ask for too much.

Example: There’s no point hoping for a permanent peace in the area. It’s like asking for the moon.


Asleep at the switch ::

Meaning: not to be alert on opportunity

Example: Health experts were asleep at the switch when the disease began to spread rapidly again.


At sixes and sevens ::

Meaning: to be lost and bewildered

Example: Riya is at sixes and sevens since the death of her husband.


At someone’s beck and call ::

Meaning: to be always ready to serve

Example: Imagine what it’s like to have a cook and a maid at your beck and call.


At an arm’s length ::

Meaning: to keep at a distance

Example: Ram always keeps his friends at arm’s length, so that no one gets close enough to hurt his feelings.


A red letter day ::

Meaning: an important day

Example: A special occasion, as in When Ram comes home from his tour of duty, that’ll be a red-letter day


A nine days wonder ::

Meaning: pleasure for a short time

Example: His music was derided by an older generation convinced that he was a nine-day wonder.


Alma Mater

Meaning: Institution where i got my education

Example: She has been offered the position of professor of international economic policy in Delhi , her alma mater.


At the drop of a hat ::

Meaning-Willingness to do something instantly

Example: She expects me to make dinner at the drop of a hat even if I am very busy with office work


A cold Fish ::

Meaning: A person devoid of emotions

Example: Ram isn’t very demonstrative, but his mother was a cold fish so he probably gets it from her.


A cock and bull story ::

Meaning: An improbable excuse

Example: She told me some cock-and-bull story.


Above board ::

Meaning: straight; without concealment, legitimate; open.

Example: No tricks, please. We want the deal to be above board completely.

Repeated Idioms

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