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SSC CGL Tier 4: CPT and DEST? CHSL typing: A unique program

Only one thing is important for SSC CGL tier 4, that is practice. You need to do a lot of practice in typing / Excel / PowerPoint.

What are CPT and DEST?

CPT ( Computer Proficiency and DEST ( Data entry skills test) are conducted about 45% of the total post of SSC CGL. So those students who don’t take seriously to CPT and DEST are out from these 45% very important posts.


Both the tests are of qualifying in nature. If you do not clear this exam, you will not get the respective post.

In this exam you have to overcome errors which are silly mistakes. Questions may not be difficult but even slight negligence can prove very costly.

Typing – Data Entry Skill Test (DEST) is basically conducted on MS office 2007. So students need to be fluent in using MS office. Practice on Pinnacle Typing software for the Tier 4 program can be highly beneficial.

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This test is basically in MS office 2007. In this test question paper will be given. It will carry a few instructions that you have to use while making slides on the computer. You should be careful in typing, fonts size, fonts, color if asked (fewer chances ), header, footer, theme. It is also advisable to learn on graphs, tables, basic animation.

Whatever a normal person is expected from Powerpoint you should learn that and practice.


Spread Sheet. This portion can be tricky if anybody is not used to about MS office. This requires learning a few formulas on the sum, average, difference, percentage, counting, table, pivot table, V-lookup, etc. In Excel also one needs to be careful in typing and data entry along with alignment, fonts, underline, bold, etc. How to delete rows, columns and how to add rows and columns are the basic requirements to know.


You can join to learn concepts and develop skills for SSC cgl tier 4, SSC CGL JobAssure Tier 4 Program

How Pinnacle Helps you for SSC CGL CPT/ DEST

Join and polish your skills
We have a structured and well-designed program JobAssure tier 4 program for CPT and DEST

  • For MS-word / DEST
  • Typing software specifically designed for SSC cgl exam and also useful for all other exams where typing skills is required

Typing tests are designed as per the SSC requirement. Students can do unlimited typing practice till the exam.

  • Pinnacle Typing software is unique it only tells your speed but also accuracy percentage, which were the errors and how did you make errors, how you can correct these errors. There is no such software available in the market. So students are advised not to become confused from other free cheap software in the market, there is a lot of difference in this software. This has been designed by experts especially to keep in mind SSC cgl exam and tests are also designed as per SSC cgl pattern.
  • Paper evaluation and feedback by our experts
  • it gives practical and real exam experience through 50 tests which you do unlimited practice till the exam.
  • online a unique program and you will be able to attend from your home

For PPT and Excel ( CPT = MS word + PPT + Excel)

We have designed a special program only specific to SSC cgl requirement. There are 100 tests for PPT and EXcel from very basic to advance each having PDF question paper, PDF solution, Video solution. This program is designed in such a way that even if you don’t know A, B, C, D of Powerpoint and excel you will become proficient in a very short period.


New Batches for SSC CGL JobAssure Tier 4 / CHSL typing- Get Enrolled

You will get content on your dashboard through email.

This email will be sent manually, there you will find the schedule, typing software dashboard link, and password, videos, PDFs, how to send your answer sheet through software to send us for evaluation and feedback.


The validity of the course is until the exam.

Tier 4 is although qualifying but give your best shot.
All the best !!!

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