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General Studies 20,000 MCQ for all exams

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General Studies 20,000 MCQ for all exams

For high-level preparation: quality contents

What is this product General Studies 20,000 MCQ?

General Studies is the most important section nowadays. Those students who score well have very high chances to get a job or qualify for any exam. In this course every subject will be covered through MCQ.

For whom this course is?

This is a general studies MCQ course and will be extremely useful and must course for all exams like State PCS, Railway exams, SSC exams, Teaching exams, police exams, defense exams.
This course will increase your chances to qualify and get a job at least 300% more.

What will be covered in this course?

Every subject will be covered. This course is a static GK course so students are advised to follow Pinnacle and Frontier IAS current affairs daily Video and PDF. Yearly current affairs are provided along with PDF.

Subjects covered in General studies are:

Polity and Governance
Science and Technology
-invention and science and technology development
– Environment, ecology, and biodiversity

  • Miscellaneous GK like dances, awards, trophy, books, sports, organizations

Overall 20,000 MCQ will be covered in static General studies.

All students must join this course and increase your chances for your dream job.

About the team

More than 20 employees are working on this project which includes teachers, content development and research team, Hindi translation, PDF, PPT and technical team to manage this project.

Where will students get the contents

There are 3 platforms where this content will be available.

1 Dashboard – master card where you will find links of videos and PDFs so very easy to manage and no issue of contents searching. It will systematically be arranged. Students can access content through mobile, laptop and desktop.

2 Mobile app: Students will get content in a mobile app. Students will be able to access content through an android mobile phone. They will need to download the Pinnacle learning app from google play store.

  1. Web portal: Pinnacle has developed a Video and test portal.

Speed and quality function in the video

Students will be able to increase or decrease the speed like in youtube and increase or decrease quality of the video as per their internet speed and data consumption

Language of the contents?

Contents are bilingual so every student will be able to understand. However we expect that students must have elementary English knowledge and reading ability to take complete understanding and benefits of the course.

What are ebooks or PDFs :

Each question is explained by video and supported by softcopy in terms of PDFs /ebooks so that students can read and revise online.

We have invested a lot in developing such extraordinary content. Students have to use it judiciously. One account ( one email) can use this content. This content is for students not for coaching centers or commercial exploitation.
Students must have an internet connection to run the course. It is an online course so those students who are comfortable in online study and reading should join this course otherwise not. Students have to follow our user guidelines which are made from time to time for the smooth functioning of the system.

Refund or cancellation policy

Before purchasing this course students should clear their doubts if any related to our support team, must take demo which you will find on our youtube channel or uploaded on this website, once they are convinced they should take the decision to buy the course. Once purchased fee refund is not possible in any circumstances except more than once payment by mistakes or technical issues.


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