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Previous Year Questions of English For SSC CGL / CHSL

Previous Year Questions of English For SSC CGL / CHSL

Previous Year Questions of English For SSC CGL / CHSL

Directions(1-2): Four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase underlined in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase and mark it in the answer sheet.

Q1. Indians are going places in the field of software technology.

(a) going abroad

(b) going to spaces

(c) talented and successful

(d) friendly and amicable

Q2. Suddenly the man blacked out during the parade and had to be helped to a quiet place.

(a) lost temper

(b) lost control over himself

(c) lost consciousness

(d) lost balance

Directions(3-5): Some parts of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which part of the sentence has an error .In case if  there is no error  mark it d .

Q3.The various consequences of (a)/ the decision taken by the(b)/finance ministry was not foreseen by the bureaucrats (c)/ No error (d)

Q4.He did (a)/ nothing else (b)/ than play (c)/ No error (d)

Q5.Having finished at school (a)/ Raghu thought going to Bombay in (b)/ search of some job. (c)/ No error (d)

Directions(6-9): A part of the sentence is underlined. Below are given alternatives part a, b and c which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative .In case no improvement is needed your answer is d.

Q6. He will not risk going for business with you.

(a) to go for

(b) going into for

(c) going in for

(d) no improvement

Q7. To write regularly in pleasure is what she wants to do now.

(a) for pleasure

(b) for the pleasure

(c) with pleasure

(d) no improvement

Q8. After several years of silent suffering he finally decided to put himself against the manipulations of his political rivals.

(a) stand

(b) fight

(c) set

(d) no improvement

Q9. It is raining heavily all through this week.

(a) has rained

(b) rains

(c) rained

(d) no improvement

Directions(10-11): Four words are given in each question out of which only one word is correctly spelt. Find the correctly spelt word and mark it in the answer sheet.











Directions(12-14): Sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word(s).Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four and indicate it .

Q12. Riya did not care ………………… me at all.




(d) about

Q13. The Manager realized that the clerk had forgotten to do his job and thus ……for the loss to the Company.

(a) knew about

(b) created

(c) hold guilty

(d) was responsible

Q14.………………….having worked really hard in office, Vilas did not get the much expected promotion.

(a) Inspite of

(b) On

(c) Since

(d) Despite of

Directions(15-19): You have  passage with questions . Read the passages carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives and mark it .


Every profession or trade, every art and every science has its technical vocabulary, the function of which is partly to designate things or processes which have no names in ordinary English and partly to secure greater exactness in nomenclature. Such special dialects or jargons are necessary in technical discussion of any kind. Being universally understood by the devotees of the particular science or art, they have the precision of a mathematical formula. Besides, they save time, for it is much more economical to name a process than to describe it. Thousands of these technical terms are very properly included in every large dictionary, yet, as a whole, they are rather on the outskirts of the English language than actually within its borders. Different occupations, however, differ widely in the character of their special vocabularies. In trades and handicrafts and other vocations like farming and Ashing that have occupied great numbers of men from remote times, the technical vocabulary is very old. An average man now uses these in his own vocabulary. The special dialects of law, medicine, divinity and philosophy have become familiar to cultivated persons.

Q15. Special words used in technical discussion

(a) may become part of common Speech

(b) never last long

(c) should resemble mathematical formula

(d) should be confined to scientific fields

Q16. The writer of this article is

(a) a scientist

(b) a politician

(c) a linguist

(d) a businessman

Q17. This passage is primarily concerned with

(a) various occupations and professions

(b) technical terminology

(c) scientific undertakings

(d) a new language

Q18. It is true that

(a) various professions and occupations often interchange words

(b) there is always a non-technical word that may be substituted for the technical word

(c) the average man often uses in his own vocabulary what was once technical language not meant for him

(d) everyone is interested in scientific findings

Q19. In recent years, there has been a marked increase in the number of technical terms in the nomenclature of

(a) Farming

(b) Fishing

(c) Sports

(d) Government

Directions(20-21): Out of the four alternatives choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentences

Q20. The state of being white or glowing with heat.

(a) incandescence

(b) Burn

(c) Light

(d) combustible

Q21. People with whom one works

(a) class mates

(b) subordinates

(c) Colleagues

(d)  staff

Directions(22-23): Out of the four alternatives choose the one which is opposite in meaning to  the given words.

Q22. cacophony

(a) euphony

(b) sonorous

(c) sorid

(d) harsh

Q23. Partially

(a) Haphazard

(b) entirely

(c) fraction


Directions(24-25): Out of the four alternatives choose the one which is closest in meaning to  the given words.

Q24. Augur

(a) predict

(b) plan

(c) dubious

(d) strategy

Q25. Abominable

(a) doubtful

(b) predictable

(c) Hateful

(d) surety


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