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Preposition for SSC | Preposition Improvement Tips Part 2 For SSC CGL

Preposition for SSC | Preposition Improvement Tips Part 2 For SSC CGL

Preposition for SSC | Preposition Improvement Tips Part 2 For SSC CGL

In this article, we are sharing some important Prepositions: English Grammer for SSC CGL. It is very important to have an understanding of the “Usage of Prepositions” in English Grammar.

Preposition is the most confusing but interesting part of English grammar. So Here, we are trying to explain such confusing pairs among/between, amongst/among in/into etc. It will be helpful for the students preparing for any competitive exam like SSC CGL, CHSL & other competitive exam etc.

Preposition : In this article I am publishing examples and implementation Part. 

Tricky prepositions and their usage with different words.

1 Agree to a proposal

Agree with a person

2 Arrive at a conclusion

Arrive at a small place

Arrive in a bigger place

3 Attend to something

Attend upon a person

4 Apologise to a person

Apologise for something

5  Answer to a person

Anser for something

6  Appeal to a person

Appeal for help

Appeal against a se

Preposition for SSC
7 Apply to a person

Apply for a post

8 Argue with a person

Argue for/against a point

10 Annoyed at something

Annoyed with a person

11 Anxious for one’s safety

Anxious about the result

12 Angry with a person

Angry at something

13 Accountable to a person

Accountable for a thing

14 Access to a person/place

15 Accomplice with a person

Accomplice in a crime

16 Admission to a group

Admission into a place

17 Affinity with something

Affinity between two persons

Affinity to/for a person

18 Authority over a person

Authority on a subject

Authority for doing something

19 Buy from a person/shop

Buy for/at a price

20 Beg of a person

Beg for delay

21 Blame for something

Blame on a person

22 Break a news of ( what is the news)

Break the news to a person

23 Break with a person (in case of ending relations)

24 Blind to a person’s faults

Blind in one eye

25 Bargain with a person

Bargain for something

26 Compare with a person

Compare to a thing

27 Confine in a limit

Confine to the subject

28 Consult with one’s colleagues

Consult on/about some matter

29 Complain to/against a person

Complain of/about a thing

30 Communicate to/with a person

31 Concerned at/about something

Concerned about/for a person

Concerned for one’s welfare

32 Correspondence with a person

Correspondence to a thing

Correspondence between to objects

33 Contribution to fund

Contribution towards a project

34 Deal in a business

Deal with a person

35 Differ with a person

Differ from a thing

36 Depend on a person

Depend upon a thing

37 Divide in half

Divide into four parts

38 Deal with a subject

Deal out the cards(distribute something)

39 Depart to a place

Depart from old customs

40 Doubt of/about something

41 Dislike of/for a thing/person

42 Enter upon a career

Enter into an agreement

43 Enquire of a person.

Enquire about the train


44 Engaged in something

Engaged to a person

45 Furnish with a thing/book

Furnish to a person

46 Familiar with a person/some facts

47 False to a person

False of heart

48 Favourable for an action

Favourable to a person

49 Failure of a plan/person

Failure in something

50 Feeling towards a person

Feeling about something

51 Glance at a person/thing

Glance over a wide surface

52 Interfere with a person

Interfere in something

53 Inquire into a matter

Inquire of a person

Inquire about something

54 Interested in something/person

55 Impatient with a person

Impatient at/of something

56 Indebted to a person

Indebted for something

57 Invested with full powers

Invested in share market

58 Jump at a thing

Jump to a conclusion

59 Judge of a thing

Judge by his deeds

60 Lay out some money

Lay before a person

Lay down one’s life

61 Mistaken for/about a thing

Mistaken in a belief

62 Made for a person

Made of material

63 Neglect of duty

Neglect in doing something

64 Nomination to a post

Nomination of a person

65 Obliged to a person

Obliged for something

66 Protect from harm

Protect against something (cold,water,bad weather etc)

67 Prevail upon a person

Prevail over one’s enemy

68 Provide against a bad time,crisis etc

Provide with something

69 Play with a person

Play on a musical instrument

70 Prepare for an exam ,bad circumstances etc

Prepare against harm

71 Proceed with business/work etc

Proceed against a person

72 Pass by a place ( a doctor’s clinic)

Pass over something

73 Preference for one thing

Preference to/over other thing

74 Quarrel with a person

Quarrel over a matter

Preposition for SSC
75 Run after wealth, a thief ,a bus etc

Run in debt

Run into somebody(meet accidentally)

76 Reason with a person

Reason about a thing

77 Revenge on/upon a person

Revenge for the insult

78 Request for a thing

Request to a person

79 Speak of/on a subject

Speak to a friend

80 Stand against an enemy

Stand by a friend

Stand to one’s opinion

81 Share of something

Share in the property/a thing

Share ith a person

82 Think of/about something

Think over a matter

83 Talk with/to a person

Talk over a matter

Talk of/about an event

84 Take up something

Take on a person(Revenge)

Take on a task

85 Thankful for something

Thankful to a person

Now attempt an exercise given on the link below.

Exercise on Prepositions


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