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Pinnacle SSC CGL Test Series test Code 103 GK portion

Pinnacle SSC CGL Test Series test Code 103 GK portion 

Test Conducted on 15th Feb: Sunday Full Length test Test Code 103
Here providing GK Portion.
This is the pattern which SSC CGL follows, the same pattern followed by SSC in 2014 SSC CGL exam.

Try to attempt how much score you can do.

Q151 Which of the following condition does not favour formation of dew?
A) Cloudy sky B) Long Night C) No Wind D) High relative humidity
Q152 The ring of Fire lies in the-
A) Pacific Ocean B) Atlantic Ocean C) Indian Ocean D) Arctic Ocean
Q153 Of all the marine resources found in the oceans which is the most abundant?
A) Fish B) Petroleum C) Gas D) Common Salt
Q154 The Grand Banks off New Foundland are famous for-
A) Shipping B) Fishing C) Meat processing D) Natural gas
Q155 Which of the following is not a fold mountain?
A) Himalayas B) Andes C) Alps D) Vosges
Q156 Which of the following is not a local wind?
A) Harmattan B) Chinhook C) Mistral D) None of a,b,c
Q157 Dhariwal is famous for-
A) Woollen goods B) Coconut oil C) Publishing house D) silk
Q158 The national anthem of India was composed in which language for the first time-
A) Hindi B) Bengali C) Marathi D) Sindhi
Q159 The slogan for census 2011 was-
A) Our census, Our future. B) Our census, Our responsibility
C) Our census, our commitment D) Our census ,our need
Q160 Amravati and Nagarjunkonda are famous for-
A) Pillars B) Stupas C) caves D) temple architecture
Q161 Which of the following state has a bicameral legislature?
A) Jharkhand B) Karnataka C) Uttarakhand D) Rajasthan
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Q162 Which writ prohibits a lower court from performing a function that is outside its jurisdiction?
A) Prohibition B) Quo Warranto C) Mandamus D) Heabus corpus.
Q163 The governor holds office till the-
A) Pleasure of the president B) Pleasure of the Chief Minister
C) Pleasure of the Prime Minister D) Fixed five years
Q164 Who among the following can be a member of the House of parliament in the centre or in the state?
A) President B) Vice president C) Governor D) Attorney general of India
Q165 AntiPolio vaccine was invented by-
A) Joseph Lister B) Lyle Goodhue C) Jonas E Salk D) William Modrock
Q166 Ichthyology is the study of-
A) Amphibians B) Fishes C) Reptiles D) Insects
Q167 The function of which of the following is synthesis of proteins-
A) Plastids B) Ribosomes C) Glyoxysomes D) Golgi Bodies
Q168 The radish is which kind of modification of the root?
A) Napiform B) Fusiform C) Haustoria D) Beaded
Q169 Most of the water is absorbed in-
A) Stomach B) Small intestine C) Large intestine D) Oesophagus
Q170 The human heart beats 72 beats per minute in which condition?
A) Sitting B) Resting C) Walking D) Running
Q171 Which is the main organ in the body to excrete cholesterol?
A) Kidney B) Lungs C) Liver D) Small Intestine
Q 172) Pressure cooker reduces cooking time because-
A) The heat is more easily distributed. B) The high pressure softens the food
C) The boiling point of the water is elevated D) The food is cooked in a covered state.
Q173 The rate of a chemical reaction –
A) Increases as the reaction proceeds. B) Decreases as the reaction proceeds.
C) May increase or decrease during the reaction D) Remains constant as the reaction proceeds
Q174 Water is often treated with chlorine to-
A) Remove hardness B) Increase oxygen content
C) Kill germs D) Remove suspended particles
Q175 Sewage mostly constitutes-
A) Non biodegradable pollutants B) Biodegradable pollutants
C) Effluents D) Air pollutants
Q176 The important oxide ore of iron is-
A) Siderite B) Hematite C) Pyrites D) Bauxite
Q177 Blister copper is-
A) Impure Copper B) Cu alloy C) Pure Copper D) Cu having 1% impurity
Q178 If the radius of the earth is reduced-
A) Duration of the day reduces B) Earth rotates slower
C) Time period of the rotation of earth decreases D) Duration of the day increases
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Q179 To an astronaut in a space ship the sky appears black due to-
A) Absence of atmosphere in its neighbourhood
B) Light from the sky is absorbed by the medium surrounding it.
C) The fact that at height sky radiations are only in the infra red and the ultra violet region.
D) none of the above
Q180 Geo stationary satellite is one which-
A) Remains stationary at a fixed height from the earth’s surface.
B) Revolves like other satellites but in the opposite direction of earth’s rotation.
C) revolves round the earth at a suitable height with the same angular velocity and in the same direction as earth does about its own axis.
D) none of the above.
Q181 The fastest mode of transfer of heat is-
A) Conduction B) Convection C) Radiation D) None of the above
Q182 A perfectly black body when heated to a very high temperature appears-
A) Black B) Red C) White D) Blue
Q183 Infra Red radiation is detected by-
A) Spectrometer B) Pyrometer C) Nanometer D) Photometer
Q184 Dried papaya seeds are commonly used for adulterating-
A) Mustard seeds B) Dhania C) Dal D) Black Pepper
Q185 A child swinging on a swing in sitting position stands up. The time period of the swing will-
A) Increase B) Decrease
C) Remain the same D) Increase if the child is tall and decrease if the child is short.
Q186 Which of the following kings has not written a book?
A) Amogvarsha B) Harsha C) Hala D) Samudragupta
Q187 Kalhana’s Rajtarangini is the history of-
A) Bengal B) Assam C) Kashmir D) Ujjain
Q188 Which famous battle was fought in 1194?
A) Second battle of Tarain B) First Battle of Panipat
C) Battle of Chandawar D) Battle of Chausa
Q189 When was the East India Company established?
A) 1616 B) 1600 C) 1620 D) 1604
Q190 Mohan Singh is associated to the-
A) Indian National Army. B) Forward Bloc C) Individual Satyagraha D) August Offer
Q191 Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan started the voluntary brigade called-
A) Indian social conference B) Khudai Khidmatgaar
C) Self Respect Movement D) Temple entry movement
Q192 Which of the following newspapers was started by Gandhiji in South Africa?
A) Indian B) Indian gazette C) Indian Opinion D) Indian Crusade
Q193 Saloni Dalal, who became the youngest medallist at the 35th National Games in Kerala, is associated with which sports/events?
[A] Cycling [B] Swimming [C] Archery [D] Wrestling
Q194 Sergio Mattarella was elected as the President of which country?
A) Ireland B) Italy C) Iran D) Iraq
Q195 Kesava Reddy who passed away recently was a –
A) Singer B) Kathak dancer C) Writer D) Politician
Q196. When supply of a commodity remains constant and does not change whatever may be the change in price, it is said to be _______
a) Perfectly elastic supply
b) Perfectly inelastic supply
c) Relatively Elastic supply
d) Relatively Inelastic supply
Q197. Which of the following is not a feature of long run AC curves?
a) Tangent curve
b) Flatter U-shaped or dish-shaped curve
c) Planning curve
d) Minimum point of LAO curve should not always be lower than the minimum point of SAC curve
Q198. If price rises, quantity demanded falls in accordance with law of demand. This leads to _________________
a) Transfer of producers’ surplus to consumer’s surplus
b) Increase in consumers’ surplus
c) Reduction in producers’ surplus
d) Transfer of consumer’s surplus to producers’ surplus
Q199. ______ is a statistical device by which changes in prices of the same articles at different periods are calculated and computed.
a) GNP deflator
b) ReaIGNP
c) Index number
d) Nominal GNP
Q200. Investment expenditure depends on the marginal efficiency of capital and the ______
a) Size of income
b) Effective demand
c) Rate of interest
d) Consumers’ propensity to consume

Answer key

151 A
152 A
153 A
154 B
155 D
156 D
157 A
158 B
159 A
160 B
161 B
162 A
163 A
164 B
165 C
166 B
167 B
168 B
169 B
170 B
171 C
172 C
173 B
174 C
175 B
176 B
177 D
178 C
179 A
180 C
181 C
182 C
183 B
184 D
185 B
186 D
187 C
188 C
189 B
190 A
191 B
192 C
193 B
194 B
195 C
196 b
197 d
198 d
199 c
200 c

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