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Pinnacle Online English Synonyms Antonyms For SSC CGL

Pinnacle Online English Synonyms Antonyms For SSC CGL

Pinnacle Online English Synonyms Antonyms For SSC CGL

Dear Readers,

Here we are providing some important idioms and phrases, which is BASED ON IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB/CHSL & SSC CGL EXAM and other competitive exams.So we have to prepare for the best in Nowadays competitive environment. To help you more we are providing study material for the SSC CGL exam.

Questionable  संदिग्ध

Synonyms – debatable, uncertain, ambiguous, dubious, improbable, shady

•Antonyms -certain, definite, acknowledged


Quixotic  अनोखा

Synonyms – idealistic, romantic, unrealistic, utopian, visionary, chimerical

•Antonyms -practical, unromantic, real


Quack  शेखी बघारना

Synonyms – fake, fraud, humbug, impostor, phony

•Antonyms -genuine, original, real


Queer  सनकी

Synonyms – bizarre, cranky, eccentric, freaky, idiosyncratic, odd

•Antonyms -regular, typical, usual

Pinnacle Online English
quick-witted  हाजिर जवाब

Synonyms – alert, clever, intelligent, keen, sharp, smart

•Antonyms -slow, stupid, dim


Quieten  शांत करना

Synonyms – hush, quiet, shush, shut upj silence, still

•Antonyms -agitate, excite, ruffle


Quandary  असमंजस

Synonyms – puzzle, perplexity, bewilderment, predicament, dilemma, bind

•Antonyms -certainty, solution, fix


Quarantine  अलग करना

Synonyms – detention, seclusion, segregation, separation, disjunction, estrangement

•Antonyms -freedom, liberation, release


Quarry  शिकार

Synonyms – aim, chase, game, objective, victim, prey

•Antonyms -attacker, subjective,-culprit


Quash  कुचल देना

Synonyms – crush, extinguish, quell, suppress, quench, squash

•Antonyms -aid, assist, help


Quench  दबाना

Synonyms – douse, choke, gag, muffle, repress, smother, throttle

•Antonyms -set, release, free


Random  अनियमित

Synonyms – desultory, haphazard, indiscriminate, spot, unplanned, chance

•Antonyms -definite, specific, systematic


Rash  अविवेकपूर्ण

Synonyms – brash, foolhardy, impetuous, impulsive, reckless, temerarious

•Antonyms -cautious, planned, thoughtful


Rational  तर्कसंगत

Synonyms – analytical, judicious, prudent, sagacious, sapient, logical

•Antonyms -ridiculous, unsound, illogical


Reasonable  विचारपूर्ण

Synonyms – consequent, levelheaded, sage, discreet, restrained, modest

•Antonyms -immoderate, irrational, rash


Rebuke  फटकारना

Synonyms – admonish, castigate, chastise, chide, reprimand, reprove

•Antonyms -applaud, commend, extol


Rectify  ठीक करना

Synonyms – amend, emend, redress, reform, reconcile, resolve

•Antonyms -damage, ruin, worsen


Rage  रोष व्यक्त करना

Synonyms – animosity, fury, ire, wrath, passion, frenzy

•Antonyms -glee, calm, happiness


Ragged  खुरखुरा

Synonyms – tattered, coarse, cragged, harsh, jagged, battered

•Antonyms -eve, kempt, smooth


Ratify  प्रमाणित करना

Synonyms – adopt, affirm, approve, sanction, confirm, pass

•Antonyms -renounce, revoke, veto


Ravage  बिनाश करना

Synonyms – desolate, devastate, pillage, plunder, ransack

•Antonyms -cultivate, protect, assist


Raze  तोड़ना

Synonyms – demolish, destroy, dismantle, pulverize, wreck, level

•Antonyms -build, construct, develop


Recede  पीछे हटाना

Synonyms – ebb, retract, retreat, retrocede, retrograde, retrogress

•Antonyms -forge, forward, advance


Reckless  लापरवाह

Synonyms – heedless, unconcerned, brash, foolhardy, impetuous, slapdash

•Antonyms -cautious, responsible, wary


Redundant  अतिरिक्त

Synonyms – verbose, prolix, inordinate, periphrastic, padded, wordy

•Antonyms -concise, essential, reasonable


Refrain  रोकना

Synonyms – abstain, forbear, keep, withhold, abjure, abnegate

•Antonyms -indulge, use, partake


Rejoice  आनन्दित होना

Synonyms – delight, exult, celebrate, revel, enjoy, make merry

•Antonyms -grieve, mourn, dislike


Relentless  निर्दयी

Synonyms – adamant, unbending, unyielding, ceaseless, perpetual, incessant

•Antonyms -sympathetic, fleeting, transient


Relinquish  त्यागना

Synonyms – abandon, cede, waive, forswear, forgo, yield

•Antonyms -hold, keep, claim


Relish  पसंद करना

Synonyms – enjoy, savour, adore, appreciate, devour, feast on

•Antonyms -dislike, hate, detest


Remit  माफ करना

Synonyms – condone, pardon, subside, abandon, relinquish, postpone

•Antonyms -remain, stay, hold


Render  बनाना , रूपांतरित करना

Synonyms – abdicate, demit, cede, portray, rephrase, construe

•Antonyms -assume, retain, guard


Renounce  त्याग करना

Synonyms – disown, reject, repudiate, relinquish, disavow, yield

•Antonyms -allow, approve, condone


Remonstrate  विरोध करना

Synonyms – challenge, demur, expostulate, object, protest, oppose

•Antonyms:   agree, concede, consent


Repeal  खण्डन करना

Synonyms – rescind, revoke, reverse, .nullify, annul, abrogate

•Antonyms:  enact, validate, enact


Repentant  पाप करने का पछतावा करने वाला

Synonyms – contrite, regretful, remorseful, sorry, apologetic, penitent

•Antonyms:  satisfied, content, happy


Reprimand  धमकी देना

Synonyms – admonish, castigate, chastise, chide, reprove, reproach

•Antonyms:   forgive, praise; reward


Resentment  अप्रसन्नता

Synonyms – acrimony

•Antonyms:  delight, pleasure, happiness


Resolute  कृतसंकल्प

Synonyms – decisive, determined, firm, steadfast, unflinching, unwavering

•Antonyms:  cautious, cowardly, infirm


Respite  स्थगित करना

Synonyms – reprieve, breather, break, adjournment, intermission, recess

•Antonyms:  continuation, blame, rest


Resurgence  पुनरुत्थान

Synonyms – resumption, revival, renewal, resurrection, continuation

•Antonyms:   exhaustion, cessation, halt


Retaliate  बदला लेना

Synonyms – counter, reciprocate, retort, settle, strike back, hit back

•Antonyms -forgive, pardon, surrender


Retard  देर करना

Synonyms – delay, detain, lag, stall, check, choke

•Antonyms -advance, push, unblock


Retreat  कम होना , निर्णय बदलना

Synonyms – recede, retrograde, backtrack, renege, retrogress

•Antonyms -advance, arrive, forward


Retrograde  पीछे हटना

Synonyms – ebb, decline, descend, backpedal, atrophy, sink

•Antonyms -push, forward, flourish


Revamp  मरम्मत करना

Synonyms – fix, mend, overhaul, patch, furbish, rejuvenate

•Antonyms -preserve, sustain, retain’


Revoke  रद्द करना

Synonyms – lift, recall, repeal,rescind, reverse, annul

•Antonyms -approve, enforce, authorize,


Rift  दरार

Synonyms – chink, fissure, cleft, crevice, alienation, rupture

•Antonyms -closure, joint, unity


Rot  सड़ना

Synonyms – decay, decompose, putrefy, taint, spoil, disintegrate

•Antonyms -germinate, improve, purify


Rouse  भड़काना

Synonyms – awaken, stir, kindle, raise, stimulate, excite

•Antonyms -deaden, bore, hypnotize


Rugged  खुरदरा

Synonyms – coarse, uneven, roiled, turbulent, stormy, strenuous

•Antonyms -flat, smooth, easy


Rustic  साधारण , देहाती

Synonyms – provincial, pastoral, bucolic, unadorned, artless, rural

•Antonyms -metropolitan, urban, liberal


Refute  खंडन करना   

Synonyms -disprove, rebut, abnegate, contravene, counter

•Antonyms -endorse, ratify, sanction


Regard  ध्यान देना

Synonyms – contemplation, concern, solicitude, caution, cognizance

•Antonyms -neglect, thoughtlessness, indifference


Relevant  उचित

Synonyms – applicable, pertinent, cognate, concerning, congruent

•Antonyms -inappropriate, inapplicable, unsuitable


Reliable  विश्वसनीय

Synonyms – dependable, responsible, trustworthy , loyal, decisive

•Antonyms -deceptive, undependable, disloyal


Relieve  सेवा से मुक्त करना

Synonyms – allay, alleviate, assuage, mitigate, lessen, palliate

•Antonyms -harm, hurt, incite


Reluctant  असन्तुष्ट

Synonyms – averse, indisposed, disinclined, loath, unwilling, diffident

•Antonyms -anxious, eager, enthusiastic


Rely  विश्वास करना

Synonyms – bank, depend, confide, entrust, commit, reckon

•Antonyms -distrust, doubt, disbelieve


Remarkable  उल्लेखनीय

Synonyms – arresting, marked, salient, preeminent, outstanding, singular

•Antonyms -ordinary, insignificant, common


Remedy  औषधी जो रोग या किसी हानि को दूर करे

Synonyms – cure, antidote, nostrum, medicament, countermeasure, medication

•Antonyms -disease, injury, pain


Renovate  नवीनीकरण करना

Synonyms – reinstate, rejuvenate, restitute, refurbish, restore, revamp

•Antonyms -demolish, destroy, ruin


Renowned  मशहूर

Synonyms – celebrated, eminent, distinguished, illustrious, prominent, noted

•Antonyms -unknown, inferior, unremarkable


Repel  विरोध करना

Synonyms – fend, repulse, keep off, ward off, cast aside, drive away

•Antonyms -attract, draw, lure


Resemblance  प्रतिरूप

Synonyms – affinity, alikeness, similarity, analogy, correspondence

•Antonyms -contrast, diversity, dissimilarity


Resist  का सामना करना

Synonyms – withstand, buck, challenge, contest, dispute, traverse

•Antonyms -conform, comply, harmonize


Resolve  हल करना

Synonyms – conclude, determine, analyze, decipher, unravel, reconcile

•Antonyms -encode, scramble, tangle


Resourceful  साधन-संपन्न

Synonyms – ingenious, inventive, venturesome, enterprising

•Antonyms -dull, unimaginative, inactive


Respect  सम्मान करना

Synonyms – admiration, appreciation, esteem, repute, prestige, regard

•Antonyms -disdain, dishonor, disrespect


Restrain  प्रतिरोध करना

Synonyms – bridle, constrain, curb, hold back, inhibit

•Antonyms -free, liberate, release


Restrict  सीमित करना

Synonyms – circumscribe, confine, limit, constrict, cramp, demarcate

•Antonyms -enlarge, extend, expand


Retain  कायम रखना

Synonyms – hold, recollect, reminisce, revive, engage, hire

•Antonyms -release, lose, spend


Reveal  प्रकट कर देना

Synonyms – betray, divulge, expose, unmask, manifest, evince

•Antonyms -conceal, hide, suppress


Revengeful  प्रतिहिंसक

Synonyms – spiteful, vengeful, vindictive, rancorous

•Antonyms: compassionate, merciful, considerate


Revive  फिर जीवित करना

Synonyms – restore, rekindle, reinstate, restore, revitalize, renew

•Antonyms -destroy, kill, suppress


Rewarding  प्रतिफल देना

Synonyms – advantageous, lucrative; profitable, remunerative, bountiful, beneficial

•Antonyms -ungratifying, inopportune, marginal


Riddle  रहस्य

Synonyms –  enigma, mystery, perplexity, puzzle

•Antonyms -solution, understanding, knowledge


Ridicule  उपहास करना

Synonyms – deride, gibe, jeer, jest, mock, scoff

•Antonyms -praise, regard, consider


Rigid  कठोर

Synonyms – inflexible, unyielding, adamant, incompliant, stubborn

•Antonyms -bending, pliant, yielding


Rival  प्रतिद्वंद्वी

Synonyms – competitor, contender, contestant, opponent, combatant

•Antonyms -associate, partner, aide


Ruthless  निर्दयी

Synonyms – -unscrupulous, merciless, unprincipled, fierce, callous ,implacable

•Antonyms -sympathetic, sparing, merciful


Radical  मौलिक

Synonyms – fundamental, primary, extremist, underlying, rabid, fanatic

•Antonyms -extrinsic, conservative, moderate


Ramble  भ्रमण करना

Synonyms – drift, meander, roam, stray, wander, saunter

•Antonyms -direct, guide, stay


Rancid  बासी

Synonyms – frowzy, fusty, moldy, musty, putrid, rotten

•Antonyms -perfumed, fresh, pleasant


Rankle  पकना

Synonyms – exasperate, bother, embitter, pester, rile

•Antonyms -delight, lease, placate


Rant  शेखी बघारना

Synonyms – bellow, harangue, rave, clamour, agitate, outrage

•Antonyms -calm soothe, forbear


Ravenous  भुखमरा , अति इच्छुक

Synonyms – famished, starving, voracious, edacious, rapacious, avid

•Antonyms -satisfied, indifferent, generous


Recalcitrant हठी

Synonyms – defiant, indocile, obstreperous, refractory, untoward, wild

•Antonyms -amenable, obedient, accommodating


Recapitulate  संक्षेप में दोहराना

Synonyms – abstract, epitomize, review, summarize, synopsize, outline .

•Antonyms -disperse, scatter, conceal


Reconcile  सामंजस्य स्थापित करना

Synonyms – reunite, resolve, acclimatize, conform, adapt, attune

•Antonyms -dissent, object, estrange


Redoubtable  भयानक

Synonyms – appalling, direful, scary, illustrious, formidable, prominent

•Antonyms -comforting, soothing, unremarkable


Redress  सुधारना

Synonyms – amend, rectify,reform, remedy, repay, vindicate

•Antonyms -accuse, damage, punish


Refractory दुर्दम्य

Synonyms – fractious, indocile, intractable, recalcitrant, disorderly, unruly

•Antonyms -manageable, obedient, amenable


Refurbish  नवीकरण करना

Synonyms – refresh, recreate, rejuvenate, renovate, revamp, renew

•Antonyms -demolish, destroy, ruin


Relegate  हस्तान्तरित करना

Synonyms – commend, commit, confide, consign, entrust, hand over

•Antonyms -assume, hold, keep


Remiss  लापरवाह

Synonyms – derelict, lax, neglectful, negligent, slack, careless

•Antonyms -mindful, scrupulous, thoughtful


Remorseful  पश्चातापी

Synonyms – compunctious, contrite, penitent, regretful, repentant, sorry

•Antonyms -callous, merciless, ruthless


Repercussion  प्रभाव

Synonyms – force, impact, impression, influence, echo, reverberation

•Antonyms -cause, question, ineffectuality


Replete  भरा हुआ

Synonyms – brimming, bursting, chockablock, full, packed, teeming

•Antonyms -empty, needy, wanting


Repress  रोकना

Synonyms – choke, gag, block, muffle, smother, stifle

•Antonyms -permit, allow, let go


Reprove  कटु आलोचना करना

Synonyms – admonish, castigate, chastise, reprimand, reproach, criticize

•Antonyms -applaud, commend, extol


Repulse  अस्वीकार करना

Synonyms – repel, parry, fend, beat off, keep off, rebuff

•Antonyms – attract, enchant, draw


Requisite  आवश्यक

Synonyms – essential, indispensable, necessary, mandatory/obligatory, compulsory

•Antonyms -optional, non-essential, voluntary


Restive  बेचैन

Synonyms – edgy, fidgety, jittery, nervous, restless, twitchy

•Antonyms -calm, patient, relaxed


Retort  प्रत्युत्तर देना

Synonyms – respond, counter, reciprocate, retaliate, reply

•Antonyms -question, request, corroborate


Retract  इनकार करना

Synonyms – abjure, recant, withdrawl, recede, retreat, retrogress

•Antonyms -emphasize, reaffirm, corroborate


Retrench  काटना

Synonyms – conserve, curtail, cut down, reduce, scrimp, trim

•Antonyms -extend, lengthen, prolong


Retrieve  वापस पा लेना

Synonyms – recoup, recover, regain, salvage, redeem, fetch

•Antonyms -give, offer, relinquish


Revel  मौज मनाना

Synonyms – bask, indulge, roll, rollick, wallow, rejoice

•Antonyms -disappoint, succeed, distress


Reverent  श्रद्धापूर्ण

Synonyms – admiring, deferential, reverential, upholding, worshipping, regardful

•Antonyms -insincere, immodest, inconsiderate


Rickety  सूखा रोग से ग्रस्त

Synonyms – precarious, shaky, tottering, unstable, wobbly, unsteady

•Antonyms -stable, steady, certain


Rivet  ध्यान आकर्षित करना

Synonyms – enthrall, fascinate, grip, mesmerize, spellbind, transfix

•Antonyms -distract, repel, disenchant,


Rout  पराजित करना

Synonyms – conquer, overcome, prevail, subdue, vanquish, surmount

•Antonyms -lose, surrender, fail

Pinnacle Online English
Rudimentary  प्राथमिक

Synonyms – basic, elementary, initial, primary, simple, undeveloped

•Antonyms -additional, derivative, nonessential


Ruffian  बदमाश

Synonyms – hoodlum, rowdy, delinquent, hooligan, thug, bully

•Antonyms -restrained, sophisticate, police


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