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Phrasal Verbs SSC CGL beginning with G

Phrasal Verbs SSC CGL beginning with “G”( Part of the series A-Z)

Phrasal Verbs SSC CGL

In this article, we are sharing some important Phrasal verbs: English Grammar for SSC CGL. It is very important to have an understanding of the “Phrasal verbs” in English Grammar.

It will be helpful for the students preparing for SSC CGL and CHSL exam.

gather around

It means people gather around, something or someone.

People gathered around the accident victim but no one took him to the hospital.

get across

It means to communicate something or make something understood by others

It is always easy to get across our ideas in our mother tongue

get ahead

It means to make progress in your career.

Honest hard work is the surest way to get ahead in life

get along

It means two people like each other and are friendly to one another.

I was able to get along well with my roommate although she was a Chinese

get away

It means to leave a place

I wanted to get away from the house of the highway so I shifted my house in the interiors

get away with

It means to do something illegal or immoral and not get caught or punished

It is not easy to get away with an offence in Dubai as they are very strict

Used with: cheating, stealing, lying, robbery, theft, fraud, corruption, murder   Phrasal verbs by Pinnacle Coaching

get back

It means to return to a place

When I got back from work I found the front door open.

get back

If you get something back, it means it is returned to you after you’ve lent it, lost it, or had it stolen.

If you leave something in a taxi, you might get it back if you call the taxi company.

get down

It means to move close to the ground, or to move from a higher position to a lower position

When my gold earring fell, we all got down and looked for it.

The man got down on his knees and begged for mercy before the judge.

get in

It means to enter a place or a vehicle

There were no signs of forced entry which made it clear that the robbers got in easily and probably they knew the victim.

Used with : car, taxi, house, apartment, office, tent

get off

It means to leave a means of transport such as a bus or a train

At 12 I got off the train and took an auto outside the station.

Don’t ever try to get off a moving vehicle.

Used with:  bicycle, motorbike, horse, cart, bus, train, plane, boat, rollercoaster, ride

get on

It means to step onto a bus, train, ship, etc.     Phrasal verbs by Pinnacle Coaching

She was an old lady so I helped her to get on the bus

Used with :  bus, train, plane, boat, ship, bicycle, motorbike

get over

It means to recover from something like an illness or a shock

How long did it take you to get over the illness?

It took him ages to get over his brother’s death.

Used with: illness, virus, cold, operation, accident, injury, shock, trauma, heartbreak

get through

It means to complete a task/clear something.

Within an hour I had got through all the mails.      Phrasal verbs by Pinnacle Coaching

get through

It means to reach the person you want to talk to when making a telephone call

It was difficult for me to get through during the peak hours as all lines were busy.

get together

It means to meet and spend time together

We wanted to arrange a get together after the exams.

give away

It means to give something to someone without expecting anything in return.

I gave away all my old clothes to charity on Diwali.

give back

If you give something back, you return it to whoever you got it from.

After we make our name in the education sector we plan to give back to the society.

give off

It means to produce something like a smell, a gas, heat or light/ to emit

Atomic power stations give off a lot of radiations.

Used with: smell, gas, fumes, odour, scent, aroma, stink, heat, light

give out

It means you distribute it to many people, usually by hand.

Promotional material was given out to all the guests at the trade fair.

give up

It means you stop trying to do something because it’s too hard or because it can’t be done/surrender

I did not give up trying for government jobs as long as I did not reach the age of 30.

give up

It means you give up something, you stop doing it because it’s bad for you/quit

If one wishes to lose weight one must give up fried and fatty food.

Used with: cigarettes, alcohol, smoking, drinking, meat, desserts, sweets

go after

It means to chase and try to catch someone or something/chase

I went after the chain snatcher but he was too fast for me.

Phrasal Verbs SSC CGL
go against

It means to oppose, or disagree with, something or somebody     Phrasal verbs by Pinnacle Coaching

His parents disinherited him as he had gone against their wishes and converted to another religion.

go ahead

It means to start doing something, or to continue doing something, usually after being given permission or encouragement to do so

We have got the go ahead signal from the environment ministry which was very crucial for our project.

go along with

It means to agree with someone or to support something

All the workers have decided to go along with the union leader and put forward their demands more forcefully

go down

It means to become less/decrease, fall

Petrol prices have gone down.

go down

It means to be received in a certain way, or to create a certain reaction

His decision to send his five year old son to the hostel did not go down well with his wife.

go down

It means to be remembered or recorded in some way

Alexander’s name will go down in History as an overambitious general.

go for

It means to try to get something or achieve something

Are you planning to go for that job?

go for

It means to be sold for a certain amount of money

At the auction the house went for 20 lacs only.

go off

It means to explode.

As the fireworks went off in the sky people cheered and clapped at the closing ceremony.

Used with: bomb, grenade, gun, land mine, fireworks, cracker

go on

It means to keep doing something.

If you go on with this kind of careless behavior we will have to terminate you.

go on

It means to talk for too long

Some old people go on and on about their health problems

go over

It means to look carefully at something like a report, essay, document, etc. to check for mistakes or to make improvements/check, scrutinize

The teacher asked the students to go over their answers before they submitted it.

Used with:report, essay, article, answers, accounts, figures, details

go through

It means to live through a bad time or a difficult situation

A lot of people go through a very bad time during recessions.

Used with: illness, depression, loss, heartbreak, bankruptcy, grief, pain, difficulty

go together

If two things go together, they harmonize/to match well

Do you think this dress goes together with this dress

go up

It means to become higher/rise, increase

Gold prices go up during the festive season.  Phrasal verbs by Pinnacle Coaching

grow up

It means to change from being a child to being an adult, or from being an immature adult to being a mature adult

I grew up in Jamshedpur.

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