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Phrasal Verbs Series for SSC CGL English : H 

Phrasal verbs series for SSC CGL English : H

Today, In this article we are providing Phrasal Verb which has its own importance in the exam. Attempt this quiz, learn effectively and impetus yourself for all the upcoming exams regarding English Section in just a needed time and prepare yourself flawlessly. We wish you good luck for the upcoming Exams.

Phrasal verbs beginning with H :

Part of the series (A-Z) By Neeru Madam

hammer out

It means to reach an agreement or solution after a lot of negotiation or discussion

The deal was to complicated to be hammered out.

Used with agreement, contract, settlement, deal, plan, policy, guidelines, regulations

hand around

It means to offer around things like drinks/tea/biscuits, you give one to each person in a group.

My mother handed out tea to everyone who was present there.

hand back

It means to give something back to someone by hand

I handed back the brochure to her after I saw it.

hand down

It means to pass knowledge or skills from one generation to the next

My grandmother handed down her pickle making skills to the younger females of the family.

phrasal verbs series for SSC CGL English : H
hand on

It means to pass something on, you pass it to somebody else.

He handed on the baton to the next runner

hand out

It means to distribute                                   phrasal verbs series by Pinnacle

The question papers were handed out on time.

Hand out: papers, booklets, brochures

hand over

It means to give something to someone who has demanded it.

After the thief had entered the bank, he pointed his gun at the teller and told her to hand over the money.

hang around

It means to spend time somewhere without doing anything useful

The local boys would hang around girls colleges in the evening.

hang on

It means to hold something tightly.

I hung on to the bar as I was travelling on the footboard.

hang on

It means to wait

Hang on a moment while I answer this call.

hang onto

If you hang onto something, you keep it instead of throwing it away, giving it away, or selling it.

People hang onto their old clothes rather than giving them away.

hang out

It means to spend time in a certain place, or with certain people

After school, most of the kids hang out in front of bakery.

have against

It means to have something against someone, you don’t like them because of something they’ve said or done in the past.

I don’t have anything against you now because I don’t believe in holding grudges.

head for

It means to go in a certain direction or towards a particular place.

I headed for home after work as it was my son’s birthday.

The company was heading for bankruptcy in the recession.

Used with: home, the office, the airport, the station; trouble, disaster, bankruptcy

head off

phrasal verbs series for SSC CGL English : H

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It means to leave a place

We’ll have to head off early if we want to get there by midday.

hear about

It means to hear about something, someone tells you about it or you find out about it from somewhere

I heard about my neighbour’s death from the gardener.

hear from

When you hear from someone, they call you, email you or contact you in some other way.                        phrasal verbs series by Pinnacle

I have not heard from him since he left the country

hear of

It means you know about someone who they are and what they do etc.

It is strange when the present day generation says that they have never heard of Shankaracharya and Swami Vivekananda.

help out

It means you do something to help someone/assist

The Indian Army is trained to help out people in trouble.

hide away

It means to go to a place where very few people can find you.

The hidden away soldiers could not be traced by the British police.

hit back

It means when someone is attacking you and you hit back, you fight to defend yourself.

He hit back his opponent with equal aggression.

hit on/upon

It means to have a idea or to think of something

When Maggie was making a comeback after all the controversies the management hit on the idea of marketing it online first to check out the response.

hold back

It means to stop someone or something from going forward, or from progressing in some way

I can’t hold back my feelings in front of my parents.

hold down

It means to stop something from rising by pressing down on it or putting a heavy object on it

I held the board down with my foot while I hammered it in place.

hold off

It means to delay doing something until a later time/delay

We should hold off our business expansion plans  until the end of the year.

hold out for

It means to wait until you get what you want, especially when negotiating

You must hold out for a better deal

hold up

It means to cause a delay, or make someone or something later than expected

The flight was held up due to the fog.

hunt down

It means to you hunt down someone, you try to find them and capture or kill them.

The police is responsible to hunt down the criminals in the society.

hurry up

It means to do something faster.

I told my family to hurry up or we’d miss the start of the movie.

hush up

It means to try to keep something secret, especially something that could damage the reputation of a person or an organization/cover up

Governments try to hush up anything that could damage their chances of being reelected, such as corruption charges. phrasal verbs series by Pinnacle

He tried to hush up his first marriage before his wife.

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