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Phrasal Verbs list for SSC CGL / CHSL English Grammar beginning with I

Phrasal verbs list for SSC CGL / CHSL English Grammar

Phrasal verbs list for SSC CGL / CHSL English Grammar

In this article, we are sharing some important Phrasal verbs: English Grammar for SSC CGL. It is very important to have an understanding of  “Phrasal verbs” in English Grammar.

It will be helpful for the students preparing for SSC CGL and CHSL exam.

identify with

It means you have a connection with them and you can understand them and share their feelings.

I can identify with the problems of a young working mother

impact on

It means to have a significant effect on something

The wrong company leaves a lot of negative impact on teenaged children

Technology has left a great impact on very aspect of life.

impose on

It means you force someone to accept something  even if they don’t want to.

In a secular country religious beliefs can’t be imposed upon others.

Phrasal verbs

Phrasal verbs list
improve on/upon

It means to make something better than it was.

He has improved on his handwriting during the last summer vacations.

infer from

It means to believe something is true because you have some indirect evidence of it/It means to draw some conclusions from indirect evidence

It could be inferred from his behaviour and body language that he expected us to bribe him

insist on

It means that something must be done.

My mother insists on leaving and putting things back from where they are taken

interfere with

It means to prevent something from happening in the usual way or stop it from developing normally

The noise of the grinding machine in the next house is interfering in my day to day’s work

Phrasal verbs

invest in

It means to put your energy and resources into something that you think will help you to achieve your goal

She had invested a huge amount of time and work in setting up her business, and at last it is doing very well.

involve in

It means that one takes part in it.

His phone records show that he was involved in the deal

iron out

It means to sort out the final problems or issues.

If we have any differences or issues, we’ll have to iron them out before we sign a deal.

Used with: differences, disagreements, issues, problems, hitches, misunderstandings

itching for

It means you really want something.

He is itching for a chance in the film industry.

Used with: fight, drink, chance, opportunity

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