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Phrasal verbs beginning with B : Series A – Z 

Phrasal verbs beginning with B : Series A – Z

Phrasal Verbs beginning with “B” (Series A- Z)  

By Neeru Madam

Phrasal Verbs beginning with B

back down

Usage   It is used when one decides not to do something because of opposition, or because of pressure from authorities.

Example- CBSE had to back down on their decision of grading system due to stiff opposition from the students.

back out

Phrasal verbs beginning with B : Series A - Z

Phrasal verbs beginning with B : Series A – Z

Usage  It is used when one decides not to follow up something like an agreement or a deal.

Example-I decided to back out of the partnership after I got to know of my partner’s hidden motives.

back up

 Usage 1  It means to make an extra copy of something in case the original is lost.

Example- It is always good to have a back up of your important mails

Usage 2  It is used when one has evidence and support to show that what he is saying is true and correct.

Example-She produced the receipts before the consumer court to back up her case.

bail out

Usage 1  : It is used when help is given to someone or something that’s in serious trouble, especially financial trouble

Example-  The government had to bail out many financial institutions in the 2008 financial crisis.

Usage 2  : It is used when  money is given  to a court so that an accused person doesn’t have to stay in jail until their trial begins

Example- Not even his family members were willing to bail him out as he had become a habitual offender

Bank on

Usage  : It means  to depend on  something to happen or someone to  do something, you depend on it or count on it

Example : The State government is banking on the Supreme court to revoke President’s rule in the state.

bear on/upon

Usage:   It means to have an influence on something.

Example-In an interview grooming and appearance bears on the final selection

Become of

Usage   It is used when you want to know what happened to someone(curiosity)

Example- I am curious to know what has become of Urmila as she was the leading ladies of the industry in her days.

beef up

Usage  It is used when we wish to make something stronger or more powerful/to strengthen something

Example- The PM’s security has been beefed up in view of the recent terrorist attacks.

begin with

Usage  It is used for the first thing that happens/start with

Example-Most films begin with the names of the actors and actresses.

believe in

Usage  It is used when we really believe that something really exists.

Example- Buddhism believes in life after death

bet on

Usage  It is used when we are sure that something will happen

Example-I can bet on the actor receiving the best actor award for this movie.

bite off

Usage  It is used when something is separated from something to which it was attached by biting it with the mouth

Example-The greased cartridges were to be bitten off  before loading.

His finger was bitten off by the monkey when he tried to feed it.

black out

Usage  It means to lose consciousness/It means to faint

Example- Some students blacked out during the drill practice of Republic Day Parade.

blow away

Usage  It means to surprise or amaze someone in a good way

Example-I was blown away my feet when I saw the Taj in the moonlight.

blow outPhrasal verbs beginning with B : Series A - Z

Usage It is used when a flame blows out, it goes out because someone blows on it or because of the wind.

Example-The wind will blow the lamp out if you keep the lamp outside.

The following can be blown out-  lamp, lantern ,candle, flame, match

blow up

Usage 1 : It is used to blow up something, using explosives to damage or destroy something completely

Example- Dynamite was used to blow up the cave

Usage 2 It is used to fill something with air or gas in order to inflate something

Example: When I went to see her she was blowing up the balloons for the party

bow out

Usage  It is used by a person to end his career, usually after a long time

Example-The thirty year old captain has decided to bow out after the World cup.

break down

Usage 1  : It is used when a machine or a vehicle stops working because of a mechanical problem.

Example-Our bus broke down in the middle of the forest and the nearest village was twenty kms away

Usage 2 : If a person breaks down, it means he gets emotional and given vent to his feeling and begins to cry.

Example- He broke down when he was handed over his father’s dead body after the post mortem.

break into/in

Usage 1  : It is used  when someone forces  their way in, usually to steal something.

Example- The thief broke into the house from the rear.

break out

Usage  : It is used with reference to escaping  from somewhere like a jail or a detention centre

Example-The  prisoners tried to break  out by digging a tunnel

bring about

Usage   When we cause something  to happen or we make it happen.

Example- Everyone wants to free the society of corruption but who will bring about this change?

Bring about can be used with development, collapse, crisis, decline, demise, failure change, reform, recovery, improvement

bring back

Usage 1  –It means to bring something with you when you return from somewhere

Example- Whenever I visit Jammu I bring back almonds for all my friends.

Usage 2  It is used to make something from the past come back, such as a memory, a feeling, an idea, etc.

Example-  Visiting my grandmother’s house brings back many memories of childhood.

Phrasal verbs beginning with B  by Neeru madam 

bring down

Usage 1  – It means to cause a government or a leader to lose power/It means to topple

Example-People in power should realize that the the masses can bring them down anytime.

bring out

Usage 1  It means to release a new product.

Example- She’ll  bring out her latest range of clothes in the fashion show to be held this weekend.

Usage 2 – It means to make a quality in someone or something show itself

Example- The birth of my grandchild brought out the child in me.

bring up

Usage 1   –  It is used to raise someone  from childhood to young adulthood.

Example- It is not easy for a single working mother to bring up a child

Usage 2  – It is also used to raise a topic for discussion

Whenever my parents bring up the issue of my marriage I try to avoid it.

Bring up can be used with matter, point, topic, subject, issue.

Phrasal verbs beginning with B

brush up

Usage 1  – It means to revise your knowledge of something that you learned in the past

Example- You should brush up all the important points before you appear for the exam

build up

Usage 1  : It means to work at something and make it get stronger or bigger

Example- I began my weight loss programme with a 2 kms walk daily as I wanted to build up stamina

Usage 2 :It means  to gradually increase

Example-The anger in him against his manager kept building up and finally he stabbed him

burn down

Usage   It means to be completely destroyed by fire.

Example- Forest fires burn down hundreds of trees every year.

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