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phrasal verbs J : Phrasal verbs series for SSC CGL English

Phrasal verbs series for SSC CGL English : J

phrasal verbs J : Phrasal verbs series for SSC CGL English

In this article, we are sharing some important Phrasal verbs: English Grammar for SSC CGL. It is very important to have an understanding of the “Phrasal verbs” in English Grammar.They prove to be very helpful in questions based on spot the error in the sentence, sentence improvement, fill in the blanks and cloze test

It will be helpful for the students preparing for SSC CGL, CHSL & other competitive exams.

jam into

It means to force too many things or people into a small space

The students were forcefully jammed into the auditorium although they were not interested in the speech.

jam up

If something jams up, it can’t work properly.

The door had been locked for a long time and it got jammed up.

Used with: printer, fax machine, lock, door, window, gears


join in

It means to  take part or participate in something

Used with: discussion, conversation, game, fight

jot down

It means to quickly write something down on a pad or piece of paper.

I jotted down your address in my address book.

Used with: name, number, address, note, message

juice up

It means to make something more exciting, more impressive, or more powerful

The actors of any movie juice up the movie with some controversies before it is released

Phrasal verbs beginning with G
jumble up

It means you mix things so that they are no longer in their proper order or formation.

The important dats of medieval Indian history got jumbled up in my mind during the exam.

Used with:times, dates, names, faces, numbers, files, papers

jump at

It means to accept an offer or an opportunity, with enthusiasm.

When I was offered the lead role in the movie, I jumped at it.

Used with: chance, opportunity, offer, idea, suggestion

jump in

It means to interrupt in a conversation

He jumped in our conversation with a very embarrassing question.

jump on

It means that someone is badly criticized.

National Commission for children jumped on the government for causing the deaths of so many girls.

To improve English it is important that you learn all phrasal verbs. We are publishing all important phrasal verbs. You can purchase in PDF format also.

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