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Phrasal verbs beginning with “F”

Phrasal verbs beginning with “F”

In this article, we are sharing some important Phrasal verbs: English Grammer for SSC CGL. It is very important to have an understanding of the “Phrasal verbs” in English Grammar.

It will be helpful for the students preparing for any competitive exam like SSC CGL, CHSL & other competitive exam etc.

By Neeru Madam  (Part of the series from A-Z)

face up to

Usage: It is used when there is a difficult or challenging situation before us, we accept that we have to deal with it, and then do something about it.

Example-He had to face up to the fact that he needed to go to a rehabilitation centre to get rid of his alcohol problem.

Used with – challenge, fact, reality, truth

face with

Usage: It is used when there is a problem or a challenge before us, and we have to deal with it.

Example-We are faced with the challenge of meeting such a huge order within three days.

Used with: challenge, problem, difficulty, competition, decision

fade away

Usage:It means to slowly become weaker, softer or dimmer/vanish

Example-The stretch marks on his legs faded away after he applied the lotion.

fall apart

Usage:When something falls apart, it breaks into pieces or parts start falling off.

Example-The framers of the Indian constitution never wanted India to fall apart therefore they gave the states limited power.

fall behind

Usage:It is used when one has fallen behind other people, they have advanced faster.

Example-Most countries in Asia have fallen behind China in industrial development.

fall for

Usage:It means to be fooled or tricked by something.

Example-Don’t fall for schemes which promise to double your money in six months.

fall off

Usage:It means to become less in amount or lower in level. It means to drop off, decrease,decline

Example-The number of tourists visiting Kashmir has fallen off due to terrorism     Phrasal verb by Pinnacle Coaching

The sales of scooters has fallen off from the time scooty has entered the two wheeler market.

Phrasal verbs beginning with "F " by Neeru madam

fall out

Usage:It means one is no longer friendly because of a disagreement or a problem they hadExample-The two fell out over sharing of profits.

Used with Friends, relatives, partners, colleagues, lovers etc can fall out

fall through

Usage:It is used with a plan or a deal. It means it doesn’t work out and it’s dropped.

Example-All my plans for our baby fell through when my wife had a miscarriage.

Used with-plan, deal, arrangement, sale, purchase

feel for

Usage:When we feel for someone, we have sympathy for them or feel sad because they are suffering.

Example-I feel for the children who beg on the streets

fight back

Usage:It is used when one decides to do what’s needed to win a conflict or a battle after being attacked or threatened.

Example-Although people advised him to apologise to his boss as he was powerful but he decided to file a case and fight back

fight off

Usage:It is used to stop someone or something from attacking you or hurting you

Example- Girls should be trained in self defence so that they can fight off any molesters and eve teasers.

figure out

Usage:It means to understand something.

Example-Her mood swings are so frequent that I am unable to figure out what she wants.

I could figure out from his body language that he expected us to pay him.

fill out

Usage:It is used for filling a form etc.

Note: Both “fill in” and “fill out” can have this meaning, and both are correct.

Example-I filled out the form and gave it to the receptionist.

fill up

Usage:Fill up is used when something is made full

Example-By when will all the vacancies be filled up.

Used with container, glass, jar, bottle, tank, car, bag, suitcase,vacancy.

find out

Usage:It is used when a fact or information gets to be known about something

Example-The police soon found out the address of the accused. Phrasal verb by Pinnacle Coaching

Used with information, details, facts, news, answer

finish off

Usage:It means to complete something, or to eat the last piece of something

Example-I’ve want to finishes off his homework before he goes to play.

fire up

Usage:It is used to create enthusiasm or excitement, usually among a group of people or a crowd

Example-The coach fired up his players with his half-time talk, and they tried much harder in the second half.

He is all fired up to win the next bout.

fit in

Usage:It means to have enough space for something, or to have enough time for something

Example-I was thrilled to fit in my old clothes after the birth of my son.

I want to fit in a morning walk in my daily schedule.

fix up

Usage:It is used when one repairs something or to improve the condition of something, especially something old or second-hand

Example-The tap has been leaking all night and I called a plumber to fix it up. Phrasal verbs by Pinnacle Coaching

fix up

Usage:It is also used to arrange something for someone

Example-I need to fix up an appointment with the dentist as I have a tooth ache.

fizzle out

Usage:It is used when something slowly loses its power or strength, and then ends weakly.

Example-The TV serial was the most popular one on tv but it fizzled out after the main actor quit.

flood in

Usage:It means to be available in plenty and abundance

Example-Chinese goods are flooding the Indian markets.

focus on

Usage:It means to concentrate on something.

Example-These days the Delhi government is focusing on controlling the pollution levels in the city after the Supreme Court’s order.

fool around 

Usage:It is used when one takes his work lightly and is not serious about it.

Example-Most students fool around the whole year and study only before the exams.

force into   

Usage:It is used to make someone do something they don’t want to do

Example-Many kidnapped children are forced into begging.   Phrasal verb by Pinnacle Coaching

Phrasal verbs beginning with "F " by Neeru madam

freak out

Usage:When someone freaks out, it means they get very scared or upset by something.

Example-I freaked out when I realized that my purse was missing.

freshen up

Usage:When one washes his face and hands and makes himself look and feel better.

Example-After I wake up in the morning I freshen up and pray for 10 minutes.


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