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Phrasal verb beginning with “C” by Neeru Madam : A- Z series

Phrasal verb beginning with  “C” by Neeru Madam : A- Z series

Phrasal verb beginning with  “C” by Neeru Madam : A- Z series

In this article, we are providing Phrasal Verb which has its own importance in the exam. It covers phrasal verbs starting with”C”. Learn them effectively and impetus yourself for all the upcoming exams regarding English Section in just a needed time and prepare yourself flawlessly.

We wish you good luck for the upcoming Exams.


Phrasal verbs beginning with “C”

By Neeru Madam (part of the series from A-Z)

Phrasal verb

Phrasal verbs beginning with C

call back

It is used when you call someone back/make a telephonic call

Example-I can’t talk to you now as I am busy so I will call back.

call for

It is used when someone demands  something, they state in public that it’s needed/It is publically demanded

Example-The opposition leader called for an enquiry into the matter

Used with-  investigation, ban, enquiry, laws, change, regulations, resignation, removal, reform

call off

It means to cancel an event that was planned or scheduled

The match was called off due to the rain.

Used with-meeting, deal, talks, wedding, match, game, concert, event

call on/upon

It means  to visit someone for a short time

On the way to the market I called on a school friend.

call out

It means to use a loud voice to tell something to someone who’s far away, or tell something to a large group.

The teacher called out all the roll numbers of all the students.

calm down

It means to become calmer and less excited or agitated.

The mob calmed down after they were assured of Justice being done in the matter

care for

Usage 1 : It simple means like

I care for him although he has told me clearly that he cant marry me.

Usage 2:  It means to look after/take care of something

Indian culture teaches us to care for the elderly.

carry on

It means to continue doing something

Inspite of the severe back ache she carried on with her work as she had to meet a deadline.

carry out

To carry out means to do something.

The police could not carry out the orders as the people became violent

catch on

Usage-It means to becomes popular.

Example-The fashion of faded jeans is catching on among the youth.

catch up

Phrasal verb
Usage 1-It is used when someone is there ahead of you, but you go faster than them until you reach them.

Example: Ravi was twenty metres ahead of me in the race but when my mother cheered for me I soon caught up with him.

Usage 2  catch up

Catch up means to update someone about what all was gone on in his absence.

When ever I visit my school I catch up with my old teachers

cater to

It means to provide people with what they need

Example: This store is catching up as it caters to women who are more than 80kgs in weight

change into

It means  to change from one state or form into another

Water changes into vapour at 100 degrees

change over

It means  to start using something else  instead of what one is already using.

It’s time you changed over to a new mobile.

charge with

It is used when one is officially accused of doing something (crime)

In India a lot of businessmen are charged with tax evasion.

One can be charged of trespass , crime, offence, theft, fraud, murder, assault

cheat out of

It means  to get something from somebody by cheating them

He cheated out of his life saving by investing in a bogus scheme.

check in

It is used when one gives one’s details at a hotel’s reception desk, or at an airline’s check-in counter, when one arrives.

check on

It means to look at someone or something to make sure that nothing is wrong

When I could not call my parents for a week they came over to check on if everything was fine.

check out

It means  to pay the bill and leave after staying at a hotel, a hospital or a rehabilitation centre

The time for the team to check out is 12 am sharp.

check out

It means to look at something or someone to see how it is.

For example: I went to check out my wedding venue in the morning to see if all was in place.

check through

It means to examine

The invigilator checked through all my documents before I could sit for the exam.

Used with bags, drawers, pockets, emails, accounts, files, essay, report

cheer on

Usage-It means to shout loudly to encourage someone, especially someone who’s playing sport or competing in a race

Example-We all cheered on our favourite athlete.

Nouns often used as objects with cheer on: player, team, athlete, runner, horse, competitor, performer

cheer up

It is used when one feels happier after being sad

Do you think that going to a concert would cheer up the children?

chop up

Meaning: to cut something into pieces with an axe or a knife

The murderer chopped up the body into many pieces and then threw them in the river.

clean out

It means to clean the inside of something

We needed to clean out the drains of any blockage before the monsoons. Phrasal verbs beginning with  “C” by Neeru madam

clean up

It means to make something clean and tidy

I asked my son to clean up his roome before he went to bed.

clear out

It is used to tidy a place by removing things that shouldn’t be there

On Diwali time in India people clear out their offices.

close down

It means to shut down something ,a business etc.

All the grinding machines operating in residential areas have been closed down by government orders. phrasal-verbs-beginning-c

come across

It means to meet someone by chance

I came across an old friend in the market.

Phrasal verbs beginning with  “C”

come along

It means  to make progress or to improve.

Our business is finally coming along after a lot of ups and downs

come along

It means to go with somebody when they’re going somewhere

I asked him to come along with us for the movie to cheer up his mood.

come apart

It means to separate into several pieces, or to break into several parts

Example: The house was so old that it’s roof was coming apart

Phrasal verb

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come down

It means to move to a lower level or a lower position

We’re all hoping the price of oil comes down again soon.

Phrasal verbs beginning with  “C”

come off

It is used when  something becomes separated from the thing it’s usually attached to.

Everybody was shock when a wing of the plane came off during the take off.

come out

It means to become available

The new date sheet for the exams will come out next month

come over

It means to visit a place, or to move from one place or country to another

My family decided to come over and settle in Australia in the 1950’s

come through

It means to survive a difficult or dangerous situation or time

They came through the economic crisis by reducing their staff to half.   Phrasal verbs beginning with  “C”

come up with

It means  to think of something like a plan, an idea or a solution to a problem

He came up with a bright idea to sort out the problem.

Medical researchers still haven’t come up with a cure for the common cold.

count on

It means  to depend on someone or something to do what is expected or needed/depend

Indian farmers  count on the rains to save their crops  from the drought.


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