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Partnership Questions for SSC CGL Math 400 Questions

Partnership Questions for SSC CGL Math 400 Questions
Q1. A, B, C rent a pasture. A puts in 10 oxen for 7 months. B 12 oxen for 5 months and C 15 oxen for 3 months for grazing. If the rent of the pasture is Rs 175/-, how much must C pay as his share of rent?
(a) Rs 45/-
(b) Rs 50/-
(c) Rs 55/-
(d) Rs 60/-
Q2. A, B and C entered into a partnership. A invested Rs 2560 and B Rs 2000. At the end of the year, they gained Rs 1105, out of which A got RS 320. C’s capital was
(a) Rs 4280
(b) Rs 2840
(c) Rs 4820
(d) 4028
Q3. A, B, C enter into partnership. A contributes Rs 320,000 for 4 months, B contributes Rs 5,10,000 for 3 months and C contributes Rs 2,70,000 for 5 months. If the total profit be Rs 1,24,800 then A’s share in the profit is
(a) Rs 38,400
(b) Rs 45900
(c) Rs 40500
(d) 41,500
Q4. A started a business with a capital of Rs 1,00,000. One year later, B joined him with a capital of Rs 2,00,000. At the end of 3 years from the start of the business, the profit earned was 84,000. The share of B in the profit exceeded the share of A by
(a) Rs 10,000
(b) Rs 12000
(c) Rs 14000
(d) Rs 15000

Partnership questions
Q5. In a business partnership among A, B, C and D, the profit is shared as follows:

 A’s share      B’s Share          C’s share                              1
________ =__________ =  __________   =   ______
B’s share     C’s share             D’s share                              3
If the Total profit is Rs 4,00,000 the share of C is
(a) Rs 1,12,500
(b) Rs 1,37,500
(c) Rs 90,000
(d) Rs 2,70,000
Q6. A starts business with RS 3500 and after 5 months, B joins with A as his pertner. After a year, the profit is divided in the ratio 2:3. What is B’s contribution in the capital?
(a) Rs 8000/-
(b) Rs 8500/-
(c) Rs 9000/-
(d) Rs 7500/-
Q7. Rs 864 is divided among A, B and C’ such that 8 times A’s share is equal to 12 times B’s share and also equal to 6 times C’s share. How much did B get?
(a) Rs 399
(b) Rs 192
(c) Rs 288
(d) Rs 72

Partnership:: Answers Key

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